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Superman #1
Cover date: April 2023
"Chapter One: Voices in Your Head"
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Superman is back in action and unburdened by all the recent chaos that came with the loss of his secret identity. The restoring of it, however, came at a price. An uneasy alliance with Lex Luthor who is still trying to control Superman's actions from prison. Superman and Lex bicker constantly, but Clark still finds time to capture Livewire, officiate a wedding and get to work at the Daily Planet. Lex has one more surprise up his sleeve, manifesting in the Lexcorp building altered to have Superman's shield replace the L. Mercy Graves greets Superman upon his inevitable arrival and explains that Lex has given him all the resources he needs to build a better tomorrow with... SuperCorp. Superman has had enough of the manipulation and races to confront Lex, however, fate has other plans and an attack on Metropolis may mean the end of Superman.

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Superman #2
Cover date: May 2023
"Chapter Two: The Night of The Parasite"
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Superman barely escapes from the swarm of Parasites, seemingly a dozen slender clones of the original. Superman sees that the city has suffered a blackout and scans the city with what's left of his telescopic vision. He's horrified to see thousands of parasites swarming the city and draining it of any energy source. Elsewhere we discover the Secret Order of Mad Scientists. They bicker amongst themselves over the recent experiments on the villains of Metropolis. They were the greatest minds in the field before Lex Luthor sidelined them, or at least that's their viewpoint. Their leader Dr. Pharm eludes to much bigger threats ahead. Back in the city the Parasites have somehow invaded Supercorp. Mercy barely survives by using her own nanotech before Superman intervenes with his arctic breath. When Clark quizzes Mercy over who could have altered Rudy's powers, Mercy lies that she has no clue. Lex interrupts asking Superman to break him out of prison, Superman refuses and asks Mercy to restore power to the building in hopes that Parasite Zero will be drawn to it. Jon and Kara, the Steels, Super-Man, and the Super Twins are working hard to contain Metropolis inside a wall of ice, seemingly the only way to slow down the swarm. Jon tells his dad that he hasn't been able to locate his mother and Superman races to rescue his wife. Instead he is met my Marilyn Moonlight, a mysterious cowgirl with supernatural powers. She supercharges Superman with moonlight as a favor and vanishes. It's then Clark is met by Lois and the other Planeteers... only they've been infected. The Superman family warn Clark that the ice walls are crumbling but Superman has his own problems... the Parasites infect with an airborne virus... ...and he has succumbed to it!

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Superman #3
Cover date: June 2023
"Chapter Three: A Leap of Faith"
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Jamal Campbell
A parasite-infected Superman breaks into Lex Luthor's prison. Lex mistakenly believes Superman is there to break him out due to the Parasite outbreak, instead a barely in control Superman pulls Leslie Willis out of her cell and takes the two to the now abandoned SuperCorp building. Superman puts on a containment suit while Mercy & Lex put the Man of Steel's plan into action... turning the SuperCorp building into an energy beacon. Every microscopic particle of the Parasite virus will be drawn to the beacon while Superman is masked from detection by the suit, from everyone but Rudy. Although Parasite Zero/Rudy is drawn to Superman's power, Clark reminds him that all of his mini clones have the power of Metropolis coursing through them and if he really wants power all he need do is reabsorb the particles. Lex of course is ready to neutralize Parasite while he inadvertently cures the city and its populace. Is it over? For Parasite his transformation has been reversed. Later, Superman pays a visit to a reincarcerated Lex and asks him why he and Leslie didn't escape. Lex repeats his promise that he wants to help Superman in return for his protection against an impending threat. Superman gives Lex a parting gift before returning to reopen SuperCorp while the villainous scientists set up the next part of their plan.

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Superman #4
Cover date: July 2023
"Chapter Four: Screams From The Past"
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Jamal Campbell and Nick Dragotta
A loved up Siobhan McDougal is making breakfast for her boyfriend when Graft and a group of pharmhand underlings kidnap her. Graft promises not to kill Siobhan's loved ones if she agrees to a procedure. Superman visits Stryker's Island and demands the full story behind Luthor's animosity with Dr Pharm and Graft. Over the past few weeks since Parasite's attack Lex and Superman have done some great work together, but Superman is fed up with being used and Luthor holding back. Lex refuses to budge until Superman reveals that Dr. Pharm has been experimenting with kryptonite and using the variations to alter supervillain's abilities by force. This information prompts Lex to reveal what happened when he left Smallville. There was no superhero community when a young Lex arrived in the Big Apricot but he did stumble upon a similar case. The homeless people of the city were being kidnapped. Lex used his skills and scientific knowledge to track down the teenaged Dr. Pharm and Graft and put a stop to their experimenting, rescuing hundreds of homeless people. He learned that this was just one of many lairs and decided he would be Metropolis' champion. Superman is skeptical of the story and demands to see where this lab was so he can investigate it for himself. Superman investigates the underground tunnels and scans the rubble. He is shocked to discover the schematics for a Phantom Zone projector. Lex realizes too late that Dr. Pharm and Graft had anticipated this and had set this up as a trap. Siobhan has been forcibly transformed back to her Silver Banshee identity and has been laying in wait for Superman. She begs his forgiveness before attacking, telling Superman that Dr. Pharm has used Phantom Zone tech on her. Their battle explodes from the streets below the city causing carnage. Before Superman can incapacitate Siobhan he hears a shocking revelation that neither he nor Luthor were prepared for.

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Here is a listing of the regular Superman title since the 2016 Rebirth saga that started a new era for the DC Universe of comic books. The title ended in 2021, and then was relaunched in 2023. For accuracy almost every entry is based upon actually looking in the issue, and not memory or another source.

This listing is done in the order for when a comic book issue was published.

Note: Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.

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