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Superman #17
Cover date: January 2020
"The Truth" - Prologue
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Kevin Maguire
Inker: Kevin Maguire
Superman is helming interstellar trade negotiations between alien races. When he returns to Earth, he drops in on Lois Lane's hideout. Lois is annoyed that she can't report on the United Planets while in hiding and that Clark Kent was free to scoop her. Lois shows Clark the lead box given to her by Lex Luthor. She explains that besides herself, several villains also received a box. Clark asks if the contents of the box is something that needs 'super' attention, but when Lois declines Superman decides to find Luthor himself with his super senses. Lois asks Clark what he thought the contents were and why he thought she couldn't handle it herself. When Clark explains everything he's been through and why he's so concerned Lois explains it contains something that will lead to the biggest story in her career. Clark apologizes for not being around to support Lois during the death of Sam Lane but Lois explains the box is something Lex gave Lois that would catapult her career and end Superman's in one motion. As Lois and Clark fly for perhaps the last time Clark tells Lois that perhaps Clark and Superman are a luxury that they can no longer afford. Elsewhere Dr. Glory is addressing a mysterious board of directors from STAR Labs, called The Constellation. She explains to them that every time Superman is incapacitated or off planet their profits soar and that their recent discovery that the Earth of Multiverse they had previously believed they were the centre of was nothing of the sort. In fact every Earth in the Multiverse was part of its own multiverse. Meaning a seeming limitless area of research for them to plunder. Investigating a tip off from Conner and Young Justice, Superman shuts them down and Clark exposes their activities in a story for the Daily Planet. Not before, Dr Glory escapes through a dimensional portal. Later, Kara arrives at the Bermuda Triangle Fortress and Superman takes his cousin to see Zod, Ursa and Lor to see the construction on New Krypton. It is a thing of beauty and though Zod is cordial he points out that their animosities are something that won't disappear overnight. Superman tells Kara he wanted to show her that New Krypton was nearly fully realized and due to the United Planets formation he needs a favor from his cousin. The scene from the recent issue of Supergirl plays out once more but this time we see Lor Zod is watching Superman ask Kara to be Earth's protector.

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Superman #18
Cover date: February 2020
"The Truth"
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Ivan Reis
Last week, Superman was at the first ever summit of the United Planets with Adam Strange. As they watched the historic occasion Clark and Adam's conversation wandered onto the subject of secret identities. The conversation ultimately goes nowhere but a week later as Clark enters the Daily Planet, he decides he must make a few confessions. First Clark approaches Perry and then Jimmy. Remarkably they take it well and as Lois and Clark share a moment alone they admit that this story was one they'd been drafting in their heads since their wedding many years ago. At the press conference Superman reveals his secret. As it is transmitted all over America, Superman soars into the sky with a future uncertain but a weight lifted from his mind. As the Legion of Doom hears the news they turn on Lex Luthor and mock him from not blowing Clark's secret before now. Needless to say he is not happy.

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Superman #19
Cover date: March 2020
"The Truth" - Part 2
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado, Danny Miki, Julio Ferreira and Oclair Albert
The Daily Planet lawyers and insurance company are a bag of nerves. Perry has called a meeting with the closest related staff. Lois has temporarily given up running away from her assassin to browse social media. Jimmy has popped by on a break from his world to photograph his friend and Superman has given up his higher vocal tone, hunched stature and spectacles. Perry shows them a photo of an obliterated Daily Planet and tells them the legal department are worried now Superman has given up the Clark Kent identity this future is inevitable. Lois looks up from her phone and shrugs that Superman has always been associated with the Daily Planet because he was friends with them, but despite many close calls they are in just as much danger as they always were. Perry tells Superman that he must fire Clark Kent, but that he would like to hire Superman as a staff writer. With Superman as an official staffer in the bullpen, their sales will skyrocket as he will be able to narrate his adventures as exclusives. Superman agrees as Perry jokes about no more late deadlines and poor spelling and grammar now he doesn't have to fake being Clark. Superman reveals he used to do it so his work was on par with Lois. Superman enters the newsroom and is sheepishly greeted by his colleagues, who are unsure how to react. Former gossip columnist Trish Q approaches Superman and reveals that before Robinson Goode disappeared (in Action Comics) she had discovered his secret herself but didn't reveal it, because of all the good he did. The office slow claps as Superman begins embracing Trish and her friends. Later in costume, Superman performs some super feats and is cheered on by the public. Superman cannot hide his sheer happiness. He prepares himself for revealing the truth to the superhero community in the Hall of Justice. How will they react to him formerly having a private life? In space, the founders of the United Planets are scouting for a planetoid to create their new base. Upon hearing about the formation of their organisation, Mongul attacks them. Superman appears and attempts to save the day. With everything going so well for Superman, will this fight be a walk in the park? Or will he be brought down to earth in a rude awakening from a mocking Mongul?

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Superman #20
Cover date: April 2020
"The Truth" - Part 3
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Journalists are arguing over Superman's new role as a reporter on himself. Elsewhere Mongul is mocking the United Planets coalition and Superman is struggling to protect them from harm. As the Daily Star bullpen debate ethics and Superman's duplicitous nature as a writer who used his own heroics to further his own career over his colleagues and competitors, someone in space begins transmitting the declaration by Superman that he will represent Earth in the United Planets parliament. A close personal friend of Superman offers to get the exclusive on Clark and the United Planets for the Daily Star and that revelation will shatter Superman's past. Meanwhile Mongul's plot to divide the United Planets before they start has become an all out war that has terrible losses for all sides. Whoever survives will be under Mongul's rule if Superman cannot stop them. The Daily Star's plan to get the exclusives on Superman is in full effect and a reporter who was always a few seconds too late to get that Superman story has tracked down Lois Lane in her hiding place. Her name is Bethany Snow and she has questions for Mrs. Superman...

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Superman: Heroes #1
Cover date: April 2020
"Superman: Heroes"
Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Jody Houser, Greg Rucka
Artists: Kevin Maguire, Mike Perkins, Steve Lieberman, Mike Norton and Scott Godlewski
Martha is working on her motorcycle as a troubled Clark comes home from school. Jonathan has a heart to heart with Clark about his struggles to fit in. Years later, Clark has decided to give up his life as Clark Kent. Lois offers to support her husband not matter what but shows him the Dark Gift given to her by Lex Luthor. Whatever is inside the box, if Clark Kent is to disappear, must be dealt with. Superman flashes back over the events of the past few months up until the confrontation with the League. His recollection is very different to what we've seen. Where they were all grinning and all chummy with Harley Quinn and friends, now we see a real glimpse into their opinions and the reactions are definitely mixed. Elsewhere Booster Gold celebrates 'Miracle Monday' and reveals he's known this day would come and was almost bursting at the seams to keep it secret. He doesn't want to give too much away to the Man of Steel but assures him the future is going to be amazing. Later, Bruce and Diana meet by the Wayne Family burial plot. Bruce invites Diana inside and finally reveals his opinion. He points out the ramifications on Superman has a wider affect on all superheroes and vigilantes. Diana discovers the real reason behind Bruce's opinion and finally they both share a deeper understanding. Superman takes time out to visit Mr McKay, a former teacher of Clark Kent. The two share a heartfelt look back at his life as Clark Kent and how it shaped him into the man Superman is today. Lois meanwhile is in the warehouse where mail is forwarded. Three piles: FAN MAIL, LIAR HATE MAIL & PLEASE HELP MAIL. Superman assumes the mail is for him but Lois reveals they aren't for him... they are hers and he suddenly realizes his effect on those around him following his decision. This leads Clark to Jimmy and a second, overdue private meeting after the grandiose reveal. Jimmy tells Superman he has always known the truth and that their friendship is unaffected by the revelation. Superman and Lois head to the Fortress and finally open Lex Luthor's box. Inside is all the proof they need to expose Marisol Leone as the head of the Invisible Mafia. Lois and Superman realize if they publish the story, they do Luthor two massive favors. They take out Leone as Lex's rival and in doing so shut down the Daily Planet forever. What will they do with Luthor's Dark Gift?

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Superman: Villains #1
Cover date: May 2020
"Clark Kent Told the World He is Superman"
Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction & Jody Houser
Artists: Michael Gaydos, Riley Rossmo, Scott Godlewski, Bryan Hitch, Cully Hammer, Steve Lieberman & Jim Mahfouz
Superman heads to the Kent Farm after what seems like forever. Jonathan jokes about being kidnapped by one of Superman's bizarre enemies but Superman smiles. He tells Jonathan and Martha he has kitted out the farm with cloaking technology that the Bat Cave uses. Jonathan then asks one final question that puts the Man of Steel on the spot. Superman, Lois & Perry meet with Daily Planet publisher Marisol Leone. Superman asks that his reporters salary is donated to the Firefighters Association of Metropolis. Leone refuses and instead offers to make a larger one time donation from the Daily Planet. Lois realizes it's a move to hide the fact Leone pays a paltry salary to her journalists and asks Perry to intervene. In the newsroom Superman tries to apologize and reach out to his colleagues about the new status quo. Trish Q quashes the conversation by offering the support of the Planeteers. Firefly chooses this exact moment to attack Metropolis and Superman readies to stop his attack. In Lexcorp, Lex activates his smart speaker assistant O.T.I.S. and is tortured by message after message from the Joker. As he stares at the morning edition of the Daily Planet the headline is the absolute last straw. Toyman remembers when he used a giant cat bot robo suit to attack Metropolis. Winslows mulls over why Superman revealing he was formerly Clark Kent is torturing him. The villain reveals that he had always thought Superman was condescending but now he realizes he was reaching out to him to be better as just another guy. The fact he had a secret identity was something he had never considered. Now sitting in prison he is contacted by Checkmate who recruit him to take down Leviathan. Thinking back to Superman's coming out speech, Winslow accepts. Perry meets Lois and Superman on the roof of the Daily Planet building and Perry reveals Leone's offer of a raise when she bought the paper suckered him in. He never suspected it was part of a plan, thinking she was rewarding him for his years of service to the paper. Lois surprises Perry by handing over Luthor's Dark Gift. The evidence to expose Marisol Leone as a crime boss and suggests he publish it before the Daily Star does. Steve Lombard meanwhile struggles with the fact Superman was Clark Kent and how it affected him. Elsewhere Perry stares out over the city and realizes there is only one choice and with it, Lex Luthor wins. On Warworld Mongul intercepts an Earth broadcast and asks one of his minions to explain it. When told that Superman had chosen to live as a human but was now coming out as Superman full time, Mongul is enraged, a being with the power of a god, who is one of the few to ever have defeated him had chosen to live his life as a mortal. Why would he want to be one of them when he could have ruled them? While enraged he is distracted and murdered by his own son who promptly declares himself the new ruler of Warworld. He then decides to defeate the man who caused his father distress... Superman! In National City, Supergirl watches Superman's coming out speech and is enraged. She felt Superman forced her to become Kara Danvers when all she wanted to be was Supergirl full time. After forcing her to live a life she never wanted he comes out as Clark Kent? As Kara hovers over National City she overhears Ben Rubel lamenting the loss of Kara Danvers and his feelings of betrayal that she was not dead all this time. He feels that he didn't matter to her and Kara's realizes this is actually true. She's no more Kara Danvers as much as Superman is no more Clark Kent. Living life as a human, living by their values, morals and rules makes Kryptonians weak. Kara, under The Batman Who Laughs' infection swears a terrible revenge and decides to begin where Clark Kent was 'born'. In space, Bizarro World airs Superman's speech and in warped logic, Bizarro struggles with his own identity. Lois approaches Leone with her story as one last attempt to reach out to the publisher. Leone is uncooperative and uninterested, her attitude proves to be her downfall as Lois publishes the exposé. Within seconds it goes viral and nothing will be the same again...

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Superman #21
Cover date: May 2020
"The Truth" - Part 4
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Superman has saved Mongul from certain death. The warlord impetuously challenged the United Planets and if it not for Superman he would be dead. Bethany Snow from the Daily Star has tracked Lois down to her hideout in the Drake Hotel and tries forcing an interview. When Lois asks for professional courtesy Snow is understandably furious given how Lois and Clark have seemingly abused the journalism genre. Snow's cameraman reveals to Lois that the video footage was delivered anonymously and seemingly untraceable. In it Superman proclaims himself King of Earth. Lois is now Queen of Earth, a title she thinks Superman might have discussed with her first. Back in space Mongul mocks Superman for having the United Planets fight him and in turn, fight amongst themselves. Mongul makes a quick exit while Superman fights to keep the United Planet founders apart. Almost admitting defeat, Superman is surprised when some long term allies appear and help him calm things down to a point where negotiations can begin again. As Superman prepares to return to Metropolis he sees Warworld appear far above the Earth. He realizes Mongul was counting on the United Planets to be a distraction for the Man of Steel while he attacked Earth! Lois is being tailed by paparazzi and tries to head back to the Daily Planet. An FBI Agent, Cameron Chase, has other ideas and wants to speak to the self appointed Royals of Earth.

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Superman #22
Cover date: August 2020
"The Truth" - Finale
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Kevin Maguire
Inker: Kevin Maguire
An angry Superman soars into space to intercept Warworld and the new Mongul from destroying Earth. Remembering how Kara was able to change the path of Rogol Zaar's axe, Superman uses a similar technique to force Warworld from its collision course with Earth. With all his might Superman is able to crash Mongul's vessel into Venus where the two go toe to toe in combat. Almost pushed to his limit Clark is able to beat Mongul and with revenge on his mind Superman sentences his foe to a fate worse than death. Later with the help of the Justice League, Superman is able to round up the surviving United Planet founders and gives them a promise that Mongul and his ilk will never break them. On Earth, Lois is reeling from the the paparazzi ambush, the announcement Superman is 'King of Earth' and FBI Cameron Chase forcing her way into Lois' room. Chase is in fact there to speak to both Lois & Clark. She reveals the United Nations has agreed to honour the new title for Superman, albeit it as 'Sanctioned Intergalactic Representational Authority' on the condition Superman tows the line from now on and makes no mistakes - unaware of his vicious decision with Mongul. In the late hours Clark returns home and exhausted, he and his wife finally fall into a well deserved sleep.

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Superman #23
Cover date: September 2020
"Chaos" - Part One
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Kevin Maguire & John Timms
Agent Bisette is racing to DEO headquarters with an ancient artifact. As she approaches she sees Adam Strange arrive on earth and rescue Director Bones and several DEO staffers from a monstrous being. Agent Bisette rushes back to her car and is horrified as the artifact begins to react to the attack. That was three weeks ago. Today, Superman arrives at Justice League headquarters, greeted by Zan and Jayna. They tell him the Pulitzer committee have agreed Clark is allowed to keep his accolades despite the fraud committed. Civilians visiting the Hall of Justice race to meet the now 'unmasked' Clark Kent. Dr. Fate, however, arrives to interrupt the photo opportunities. Several Justice Leaguers greet Superman in the library. Amongst them, Detective Chimp, Zatanna, Man Bat, Swamp Thing and John Constantine. Zatanna is friendly but tells Clark there is no way magic can reverse his secret identity problem. Clark assures her that his reason for visiting is not to erase his decision but to have a private consultation with Dr. Fate. A portal opens and whisks Clark away. Superman finds himself in the Tower of Fate for a mystical 'check-up' mostly at the behest of his wife Lois. Lois and several other League members are concerned his actions since Rogol Zaar arrived have been a chain reaction caused by magical means. Dr. Fate reveals his current identity as former Pre-Med, Khalid Nassour and that he finds no mystical nor physical reason for Superman's bizarre decisions. Khalid is stunned to hear the recent events and finally, the Man of Steel breaks down and admits Jon's aging up broke him. Superman struggles with why he made the decision to reveal his identity. Khalid attempts to make sense of the strange goings on in Superman's life. Agent Bisette has arrived at the Hall of Justice. Having defeated Madame Xanadu and stolen another artifact, possessed by evil magic the Agent knocks out everyone in the Hall and opens the portal to the Tower of Fate. A magical being appears before Khalid and Clark, professing to be Xanadoth, the Lord of the Lords of Chaos and the original owner of the helmet of Fate.

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Superman #24
Cover date: October 2020
"Chaos" - Part Two
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Kevin Maguire & John Timms
Xanadoth has invaded the Tower of Fate, stating that he was its original owner, and tries to take the helmet by force. Despite his vulnerability to magic Superman steps in to prevent Khalid losing his new mantle. Xanadoth uses several summoning spells to fight Khalid and Superman. The helmet uses his connection to Khalid to give him the history of their new foe. The helmet teleports Khalid away leaving Superman to fight alone. With both Superman and the newly merged Xanadoth inexperienced in magic they can only match each other as equals. Fate reappears and reminds Superman that the most powerful mystics are in the Hall of Justice, and they only need to open the door to have their assistance. Superman dons the helmet and is able to break open the tower's door and they exorcise Xanadoth from his human host. Later Superman and Dr Fate arrange for a continued counselling after the revelation Superman had been previously bottling up. Agent Bisette meanwhile is recovering in hospital, with no knowledge of Event Leviathan and the fall of the DEO, which she still believes exists. Weak, barely noticeable mystic energy emanates from Bisette, perhaps Xanadoth isn't as beaten as they thought...

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Superman #25
Cover date: November 2020
"Mythological" - Part One
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Julio Ferreira & Danny Miki
The Synmar race have never witnessed the death of a planet and stare in horror as Krypton explodes. While they panic over the strange occurrence they are shocked to to see a rocket ship soar towards planet Earth. Whoever is on board will become a 'Light God' powered by the planet's yellow sun. The Synmar are inspired by the concept of a super powered being and make one of their own, a soldier named Eisno Alkor into their own Light God. As the child grows, the Kryptonian surprises the Synmar even further by not becoming the leader of the primitive planet but instead their guardian. The decision to become Superman, they feel, is a mistake and they discuss sending Eisno to become their 'Synmar Utopica' a superior Superman who may one day even have to defeat Superman to become the sole Light God. As the years go by Eisno is forced into mission after mission against other races increasing the Synmar's grip on the galaxies. Reduced to a weapon Eisno is forced into a life of aggression that he doesn't want but due to the symbiotic nature of the Synmar race, he is powerless against their dictatorship. When a distress call comes from his people Eisno races to help but arrives too late. Many of his population have been slaughtered and the words of his President echo in his ears. "You should have been our Superman, you were not..." Eisno is puzzled as to the message but discovers an archive video of his inspiration and now, nemesis. Elsewhere, now that the Daily Planet is under scrutiny for being a mafia controlled media outlet, Clark has made the decision to reach out to his oldest friend, Lana Lang. He hopes that the Daily Star will cover his recent actions. It helps that Lana now works there. Lana is perplexed by Clark's life. He says he's content with his life but he has no identity except 'Superman', an absentee son, parents forced into hiding and a workaholic wife. Lana thinks back to when she was Superwoman and a rescue mission involving a sinking ocean liner. A young child comments that Superman and Superwoman would be the perfect couple, especially if they had super children. Awkward. Lana mentions that though her powers burnt out in the battle with Lena Luthor she still feels them inside her, though they haven't manifested. Lana notices a yearbook and thumbs through it. She sees a photo of herself and in the background a forlorn Clark. Was he a missed opportunity?

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Superman #26
Cover date: December 2020
"Mythological" - Part Two
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Danny Miki
Synmar has attacked Superman and the unprovoked attack has left Superman unprepared. The strange attacker seems to match Superman in power but seemingly the energy Synmar exudes drains Superman of his own superpowers. Jumping back one day, Lois and Superman are enjoying some well earned downtime. Superman wonders whether the stress they've taken on was the catalyst for him devastating their private life. He tells Lois that the only way he can deal with his never-ending battle is because she is at his side. They embrace but he doesn't give her a chance to reply, does she agree with his decision? How is she coping without her son and husband? An alert from Kelex tells Superman of an imminent threat to the Fortress of Solitude. Quick as a flash he's gone leaving Lois in the apartment to be alone with her thoughts. Superman arrives at the Fortress and Kelex tells him a powerful unidentified flying object is heading direct to the Fortress and in fourteen hours there could be a deadly threat. Superman is pragmatic and asks for regular updates while he returns to work at the Daily Planet. Because of the Daily Planet's recent dealings as a mafia linked organisation, the FBI has raided their offices warning staff to stay away while they do. Cue Jimmy Olsen who has been living at the Fortress. The two friends get ready to return to Metropolis cautious as to what will be the aftermath of the raid. Superman is greeted by a very sickly looking Steve Lombard. Steve is surprised to see Superman back in his civilian clothes and even more so to discover Clark has always thought of them as friends. Steve points out that Superman has made the Daily Planet unsafe. It was always a target because of its association with Superman but now people know he is actually there. Steve's point hits Clark hard. The whole point of him being Superman was to protect his friends and loved ones. Could this have put all their lives on the line? Kelex interrupts once more with news that the threat has redirected its trajectory to the Daily Planet. Clark sheds his clothes and races to intercept the threat and he is stunned to meet Synmar. A species he's never encountered and has no idea why it is hunting him down. Synmar attacks but before they collide with the Daily Planet building, Superman instructs Kelex to open a door to the Phantom Zone. Undeterred by the sudden location change Synmar escalates his attack. As Superman fends off the onslaught of blows he begs Synmar, "Why?".

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