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Superman #34
Cover date: January 2018
"Imperius Lex" - Part 2: "Fire and Furies"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artists: Ed Benes, Doug Mahnke & Jack Herbert
Lex is stunned when the citizens of Apokolips offer him the throne. When he appears hesitant he is given a choice, leave behind Earth, or face an eternity of torture for not fulfilling a promise to the people. When he tries to scheme his way out of things he unwittingly sentences himself to death and offers Superman up as his replacement. Lois meanwhile is discovered by the Female Furies and in a surprising turn of events is inducted into their ranks after her ingenuity helps save the lives of Darkseid's all female death squad. Meanwhile young Jon is discovered by the armed forces while desperately searching for his parents.

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Superman #35
Cover date: January 2018
"Imperius Lex" - Part 3: "World of Flame"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artists: Travis Moore, Stephen Segovia & Art Thibert
With Superman roped into his mess, Lex does his best to help them both escape the fanatical citizens of Apokolips. He reveals to Superman that by wearing his family crest he had brought hope to the people but now they believe him to be a false prophet and Superman is the true successor to Darkseid. Jon rescues a caged warhound pup and discovers that the planet may have more to it than death and destruction. As the Furies join the pursuit, Superman spies their new member is Lois and must figure out a way to get Lex and his family home. When Kalibak appears, a misfired weapon may have done some irreparable damage, the cavalry arrives just in time but could they make a bad situation worse?

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Superman #36
Cover date: February 2018
"Imperius Lex" - Part 4: "Liberation"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artists: Doug Mahnke & Jaime Mendoza
A war breaks out amongst the people of Apokolips as Kalibak wants the life of Lex, the false prophet. Lois leaves the side of the Furies to aid Superman while Jon uses the dogs to try and drive all the warring parties apart. As pandemonium ensues Superman protects an unconscious Lex and convinces everyone to take a breather while he addresses the 'prophecy,' saving the lives of the people. He makes Ardora, a former soldier, a leader of the people in his absence and promises to aid the new hopeful Apokolips whenever they need him. The Kent family return to Earth with Lex while the last of Darkseid's forces are imprisoned. For the first time ever, the people are free from a dictator's rule, to enjoy freedom and the prospect of peace. Superman has always suspected Lex was not what he appeared to be. The experiences on Apokolips and witnessing the manipulations perpetrated by Lex to serve his own agenda have given Clark a new perspective. He accuses Lex of being a hypocrite and in retaliation the billionaire makes a vow that changes things forever. Has Superman turned Lex from an ally to a nemesis? Is history about to repeat itself?

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Superman #37
Cover date: February 2018
"Super Sons of Tomorrow" - Part 2: "Dark of the Son"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Tim Drake is back. He has returned from Hypertime but considering his recent battles with Batwoman, Bruce is suspicious and a brutal, visceral fight crashes through the Manor. Tim resorts to extreme measures to best his former mentor but defeating Bruce is not the reason he has returned. Superman is repairing the recent damage to the Fortress as 'Batman' attacks but Superman is not fooled by the intruder. However this Tim Drake has many other tricks up his sleeve and reveals the Superman of his world taught him Kryptonian and how to activate the Fortress Battlesuit. A fight ensues but remarkably the victor is not who you'd think. [Continued in Super Sons #11]

Notable Issue: Super Sons #11 ["Super Sons of Tomorrow" - Part 2: "Son Down"]

Notable Issue: Teen Titans #15 ["Super Sons of Tomorrow" - Part 3]

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Superman #38
Cover date: March 2018
"Super Sons of Tomorrow" - Part 4: "Into The Light"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Penciller: Sergio Davila
Inker: Vincentes Cifuentes
As the Titans of Tomorrow, Superman (Conner Kent), Wonder Woman (Cassie Sandsmark), and The Flash (Bart Allen) are being led through Hypertime in a race to save Superboy and Robin, the Titans of Today: Aqualad, Starfire and Kid Flash are desperately trying to beat 'BatDrake', Raven and Beast Boy from hurting their friends. It turns out in Tim Drake's future Superboy's solar flare goes out of control causing a devastating event that very few survive. His half human DNA means his solar flare is uncontrollable when manifested unlike a 'purebred' Kryptonian, but this future event has caused conflicting emotions amongst the young heroes. Jon and Damian find themselves on the run conflicted by their friends' differing views on 'helping' them and try to get to the Fortress as a safe haven. When Jon discovers the damage there and his father trapped in a prison of red sun energy, his solar flare manifests and his emotions get the better of him. As Superman is freed, he and the heroes try to find a solution where nobody dies. Seeing everyone cast aside their differences and the lengths they go to to save Superboy makes 'BatDrake' resort to something nobody expects, perhaps not even himself...

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Superman #39
Cover date: March 2018
"Goodnight Moon"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artists: Barry Kitson & Scott Hanna
The villainous gang Demolition Team are causing havoc in Metropolis and cause problems for Superman as he tries to protect the city. Children in a nearby cancer ward area watching the action unfold, catch a glimpse of the Man of Steel as he apprehends the criminals. Superman sees the young spectators and once the criminals are taken away he makes a startling offer to the hospital. The children are about to enjoy the trip of a lifetime and meet their heroes in the Justice League Watchtower! The heroes take time out of crime fighting to make their visit extra special setting them challenges and games, and as a final treat Superman takes the children to leave a souvenir on the surface of the moon so that they will be remembered forever.

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Superman #40
Cover date: April 2018
"The Last Days" - Part 1
Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Doug Manhke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza & Scott Hanna
Clark and Jon are visiting the Fortress for a very special anniversary. Krypton died this day and the men of the Kent family wish to honor those that passed away by watching a holographic representation. An alert in the Fortress reveals another planet is suffering a chain reaction so Superman and son race to save it. The reception they receive on planet, Galymayne, take them by surprise. A battle of wills and a conflict of science and religious faith mean history may be about to repeat itself. Clark and Jon find themselves begin to weaken but despite the odds they refuse to give up. Will it be deja vu or the beginning of a new age?

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Superman #41
Cover date: April 2018
"The Last Days" - Part 2
Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Ed Benes
Inker: Ed Benes
Clark and Jon are on the run with the scientific community of Galymayne. The religious community of the planet have accepted their fate; they are going to die. Superman is determined that on the anniversary of Krypton's death another civilisation will not share its fate, but only the scientists share his hope to save them. Klain tells them that Galymayne is facing certain death, nothing and no one can save it, but the species can survive, even if religious euthanasia is what they want. Klain reveals to Clark that he has a genetic and knowledge codex encased in an orb and if they can escort him to a nearby solar system he can unlock it and their species will live anew. Prophecy however is against them and the religious faction is determined they die today, and led by Lord Dhermet they succeed in killing Klain. As Galymayne begins to die their energy dampening tech begins failing, meaning Clark and Jon are super powered once more but now that Superman has heard the argument for science he must hear out Dhermet. Ultimately Clark and Jon are given a second chance with the Codex surviving and both father and son are faced with a dilemma that leaves them changed forever. Their ideals remain unchanged but their faith is shaken, hope, it seems might not always be the right choice.

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman Vol. 6: Imperius Lex (Rebirth) [Paperback] reprints Superman #33-36 and #39-41]

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Superman #42
Cover date: May 2018
"Bizarroverse" - Part 1: "Father of Boyzarro"
Writer: Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Patrick Gleason & Alejandro Sanchez
On Htrae, Bizarro, Loiz and Boyzarro have made a life for themselves in Bizarranch. In their own way their lives mirror that of Clark, Lois and Jon in Hamilton County with events of Clark's earliest days as playing out in a twisted fashion as only they could in Bizarro's world. When Boyzarro's powers manifest with the attack of a vicious hawk, instead of the events playing out as they did for Superboy, a portal from Earth opens and appearing in the swirl of energy are Kathy and Jon. As the twins discover one another and attempt to touch, the portal shuts down in an explosion of energy. Jon and Kathy think little of their visit to another dimension and catch up with each other after their time apart. When Jon gets back to Metropolis his secret visits to Kathy are exposed by his parents and when they pry a little into his relationship with the young girl Jon races to bed. It's a lonely night, but not for long as it turns out Jon's visit to Bizarro World accidentally brought back a passenger, and he's not very happy!

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Superman #43
Cover date: May 2018
"Bizarroverse" - Part 2: "Black Mirrors"
Writer: Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Patrick Gleason & Joe Prado
Flashing back a few hours we discover Maya (aka Nobody) has been assigned by Superman to keep watch on Kathy and Jon. As he leaves Kathy reveals she knows Maya is monitoring her and her new identity as Beacon, though keeping her reasons for creating a lab on her farm a secret. As the girls bicker, events play out as last issue and Boyzarro appears chasing his doppelgänger. As Jon and Boyzarro bond in their own way, Clark receives an update from Maya and races in and takes their confrontation outside. After a little confusion and some property damage everyone seems to be getting along but unbeknownst to them Robzarro and Tiny (Robin & Goliath) have come through the portal searching for their friend and find themselves face to face with Beacon and Nobody! When Superman arrives, everyone stops roughhousing and it is revealed that something is going wrong on Htrae and their versions of our heroes have begun disappearing. Even more shocking is Boyzarro's revelation that his home life is as opposite to Jonathan's as can be and he is reluctant to return. Superman vows to protect the boy and the ragtag band all go through to support him. Loiz is aggressive to Jon and enamored by Superman but things really go awry when Bizarro appears. Elsewhere the fate of Htrae's missing is revealed as the Legion of Fun set a maniacal plan in motion.

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Superman #44
Cover date: June 2018
"Bizarroverse" - Part 3: "As a Family We Go"
Writer: Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza & Doug Mahnke
Superman and Bizarro are battling on Htrae's moon. Superman is desperately trying to reach out to his double as one parent to another. Jon, Maya and Kathy meanwhile are on Htrae's surface trying to protect an emotional Boyzarro as the planet begins to collapse in on itself. Kathy tries to use technology to keep the planet alive long enough for Superman to save Bizarro, Loiz and Boyzarro but it proves an impossible task as the Legion of Fun tries to stop them. When Superman and Bizarro finally arrive to save the day, Loiz proves to be a villainess with a rocket ready to escape her planet's fate. Bizarro does something unthinkable to Loiz and climbs into the rocket himself leaving his son behind to die (in our logic). Superman and the children (including Bizarro Robin) refuse to allow Boyzarro to die and pull him back through the portal to Hamilton County. Htrae dies in a furious explosion but now a strange new destiny awaits Maya, Kathy and the Bizarro Super Sons!

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Superman #45 [Final Issue]
Cover date: June 2018
"Truth, Justice, Family"
Writer: Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Patrick Gleason
Inker: Patrick Gleason
Ever since 'Rebirth', despite the relocation to Metropolis, Hamilton County has been a real home but after recent events and the arrival of Boyzarro it is time to move on to pastures new. Once upon a time Clark had to leave Smallville and now Jonathan must follow in his footsteps. As father and son share memories of Clark's past and Jon's namesake, they learn more about one another and perhaps how similar they are deep down. The sapling Swamp Thing had given Clark proves a fitting legacy for the Kents to leave behind and they plant it on Kathy's land. Lois meanwhile looks at the dream home they shared for so long and realizes this really is goodbye, but as Clark swore to take the day off superheroing it falls to a whistle stop visit by the Flash to do the packing in his own unique way. Of course there is a small matter of ensuring Kathy, Maya, Boyzarro and Robzarro are settled in their new home and what better way to find that out than to see them integrating at the County Fair. As Superman sightings went up in Hamilton and Superboy debuted there, the town uses the fair to unveil an amazing surprise. Of course the never-ending battle doesn't stop, and the Justice League ask for Superman and Superboy's help, the new era has truly begun... THE END.

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Superman Special #1
Cover date: July 2018
"For Those Who Serve"/"Strays and Strangers"/"Split Decision"
Writers: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason/Mark Russell/Ian Flynn
Artists: Scott Godlewski/Bryan Hitch/Kaare Andrews
Jon is unsettled when he wakes from a troubled night's sleep to see Captain Storm's wooden leg. When Clark returns home, Jon expresses his dismay that they may have made a mistake leaving the Captain on Dinosaur Island. Entering the Fortress they activate Manchester Black's energy cube. On Dinosaur Island Captain Storm has grown tired of fighting for his life against the endless hordes of monsters, when Clark and Jon arrive, literally in the belly of a beast he is more than happy to leave, but not before Storm makes one last trip to the Loser's Cave. First stop in the present day is a visit to Victor Stone aka Cyborg at S.T.A.R. Labs to replace Storm's leg with a new cybernetic one. Storm reveals what he retrieved from the cave to Jon and Clark; the dog tags of his fallen team. They need to be returned to the soldier's families so they may finally rest in peace. Storm bids them farewell and tries to adjust to the modern world as he begins his quest. Jon looks proudly at the wooden leg as his first trophy rather than a broken promise, while Clark has some explaining to do about sneaking off to the past without telling Lois./A giant bug has found its way into Metropolis attracting the attention of a weakened Superman, returning from a mission in space. The public urge him to kill the creature but Superman refuses, his mind wanders to when he asked his father to do the very same to a stray dog that had snuck onto the Kent Farm in Smallville. Jonathan reminded Clark that all life is precious and Superman decides to investigate the 'monster' more closely. The poor creature is from Atlantis and panicked by losing its way. Clark helps it return to the ocean but discovers it caused a building to become structurally unsound. Everyone has evacuated except an elderly man trapped inside. Superman races to the rescue of course but the old man begs for his photographs of his wife to be retrieved before they are lost forever. The building begins to fall but still Superman goes in. He is shocked to see a frightened puppy desperate to escape. With Clark not back to full strength he has to make a choice.../Since Lena Luthor's attack on Metropolis (in the pages of Superwoman) the Atomic Skull has become an invaluable asset to the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit under the mentoring of Maggie Sawyer. When Skull escaped Stryker's Island he did so with the help of the villain named Shockwave and the MSCU has finally tracked him down. Skull is shocked to find he must team-up with his only nemesis, Superman, to complete the mission. His memories of humiliation at the hands of the Man of Steel resurface, but after building a new life Albert tries his best to keep them at bay. When they confront Shockwave, Superman is dealt a punishing blow of energy. The villain has fine tuned his power enough to kill Superman and it is up to Atomic Skull to save him. As Skull watches Superman weaken more and more he finds himself able to absorb Shockwave's power and turns it on his former friend. Superman gets a second wind and defeats Shockwave and as he takes the criminal into custody he thanks Skull. Albert struggles with the new status quo with Superman and as he watches the hero fly away he looks down at his hands as they crackle with his new powers. What could this mean for the future?

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Superman #1
Cover date: September 2018
"The Unity Saga"
Writers: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado
After the events of Man of Steel, Superman swears to find his family but as he leaves Earth's atmosphere he happens upon an invasion of Dominators purely by chance and the distraction makes him realize he has no idea where to begin in his search. Returning home Clark's mind wanders and he begins to feel the loneliness creeping in. Superman retrieves the sunstone crystal that terraformed the Fortress from its shattered remains and decides on a new location to rebuild. Somewhere much harder to find than ever before. Later at the Daily Planet Clark kicks himself for missing more of the mysterious fires due to his wallowing and his investigative skills kick in. The story has to wait as J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, has arrived for a heart to heart. J'onn tells his teammate that due to Rogol Zaar's revelations he feels closer to Clark and advises Superman to become more than a symbol of hope. As Superman ponders the advice he notices something strange. Clark makes a terrifying discovery, planet Earth is in the Phantom Zone!

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Superman #2
Cover date: October 2018
"The Unity Saga" - Part 2
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Rogol Zaar has a reputation for destruction on par with Lobo spanning as far back as the wars of the Thanagarians and the Tamaran but with Earth now in the Phantom Zone he may yet have his revenge against the Kryptonians. The events of the fight with Rogol replay in Clark's mind and we see what happened directly after his imprisonment. Rogol encounters and defeats a fellow Phantom Zone prisoner just as Earth suddenly appears in the Zone. The warriors rage turns to glee as he realizes he has another chance to kill Kal and Kara. Superman invites The Flash to inspect the Phantom Zone projector hoping to find how they've become trapped in the Zone but Barry surmises that Clark's device is too small to send a planet through. This is all part of someone's sinister plan but it's too early to tell whom. Suddenly the League's psychic link pulses with a flurry of messages. The League is taken ill and this means the Man of Steel is the Earth's last line of defense against the prisoners of the Zone!

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Superman #3
Cover date: November 2018
"The Unity Saga" - Part 3
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
S.T.A.R. Labs is in chaos and an attack by Livewire isn't helping. Superman arrives and puts a stop to it, quickly discovering that it was an accident in the laboratory that sent Earth to the Phantom Zone. The scientists are horrified when Superman reveals the magnitude of their error but the damage is done. Reversing the mistake is all that matters now, except on a planetoid surface miles below Rogol Zaar has already seen its arrival. A mysterious stranger approaches the warrior and warns him off wearing the House of El shield and revels himself to be Jax-Ur. Of course Rogol is well versed on Kryptonian history and is far from surprised to be ambushed by Jax and his prison comrades. On Earth the toll of the planet being in a dimension it was never meant to be in begins taking its toll. All life on Earth is being slowly poisoned. Even the League aren't immune to the toxic atmosphere. Rogol reaches out to Jax-Ur and his cohorts and points out he could have easily killed them, but didn't. Instead Rogol proposes a partnership to take out Kal-El and his beloved new home, a war is coming and he intends to win it. At the Hall of Justice Superman is in a race against time. He summons all the scientific minds that are still physically able and begs them to help S.T.A.R. to save the Earth before the planet dies. In the meantime as Superman soars into the Zone's atmosphere he sees something that could make things a million times worse.

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Superman #4
Cover date: December 2018
"The Unity Saga" - Part 4
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Superman attempts to force back the combined might of Rogol Zaar, Jax Ur and their armed forces. It is a valiant fight but ultimately a failure as a barrage of blows sends Clark soaring back to Earth unconscious. Superman's mind begins to wander to a time with Jon when he taught him about taking time to get perspective and not rushing headfirst into conflict. The memory strikes a chord in his current conflict and he begins to hatch a plan. Superman separates Jax Ur from the rebels and reaches out to the former Phantom Zone prisoner explaining he knows Jax's crimes rose from his love of Krypton and his desire to preserve it. He then points out Rogol is out to do the opposite, but will sowing the seeds of doubt corrupt their partnership? As Rogol returns to the fight Superman reaches out to the surviving League members and tells The Atom to carry it out as soon as possible. A weak, but determined Ray enlists The Flash to use a Phantom Zone projector as Superman begins creating a tornado that sucks in all the rebels inside it. Ray's plan is to use his technology augmented by the tech in S.T.A.R. to shrink the Earth small enough to send the planet through the projector back to its place in space at the precise moment Superman slingshots the rebels back to the Zone. Superman's part of the plan works too well and he finds himself in the Zone with Rogol and the other villains. Clark may be staring death in the face but at least Earth is safe; except it isn't. Earth hasn't rematerialized as planned. Was it all for nothing?

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