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Superman #5
Cover date: January 2019
"The Unity Saga" - Part 5
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
General Zod has been having visions of the future. A future where the last surviving Kryptonians have reached a point in their wars where forging New Krypton is their last option for survival. But like many times before just as the houses of Zod and El are about to come together, the villain Rogol Zaar arrives to wreak havoc and destruction. Zod struggles with the vision and his family worry for him too. Is it a prophetic dream or a nightmare? To clear his head Zod soars through space while in the Phantom Zone, Superman struggles to stay conscious. Rogol and Jax Ur are playing with their prey. Superman flees with the last of his strength while Rogol smirks that Superman is trapped with them no matter what he does. The symbol of hope has none in this dimensional prison. Adam Strange, meanwhile, encounters General Zod just as the Earth reappears and begins to return to its original size around them. As the planet's people reawaken Zod seeks out the Justice League. He finds Ray Palmer, but to everyone's surprise, he asks to be sent to the Phantom Zone. Clark, dazed, confused and filled with rage is calmed by a vision of Jonathan and Martha Kent. They offer him some sound advice and help him regain composure. Rogol, separates himself from his army to rest but while alone Superman returns to confront him. This time not for a fight, no matter how much Rogol tried to goad him. Superman offers a revelation just as a new contender arrives in the Zone hell bent on revenge for Krypton!

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Superman #6
Cover date: February 2019
"The Unity Saga" - Part 6
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Superman, General Zod and Rogol Zaar are in a fight to the finish with Clark literally wrestling with the outcome. Superman doesn't kill, but as a means to an end, should he let Zod? After all, Zod has no human scruples. The tide is just turning in their favor when suddenly Superman vanishes, he reappears in the real world, courtesy of The Atom. Superman asks to be sent back to the Phantom Zone but the natural disasters caused by the trip to the Phantom Zone means the heroes of Earth must try to restore balance. Superman decides to stay to help, an unfortunate choice for Zod, as Superman leaves him behind, Rogol wastes no time to beat him to a pulp and renews the resolve of the trapped prisoners. With Earth soon back to normal Clark basks in some much needed sunlight, a young man appears from nowhere and greets him. 'Hi Dad'.

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Superman #7
Cover date: March 2019
"The Unity Saga" - Part 7/The House of El" - Part 1
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis, Brandon Peterson & Jason Fabok
Inker: Brandon Peterson, Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Jon has returned but he is no longer a boy. Clark is both elated and confused by his son's return and Lois is equally stunned to find a seventeen year old in place of their little boy. This isn't the first time the Kents have dealt with the world of the bizarre and weird but Jon has a lot of explaining to do. Beginning with the departure of Jon, Lois and Jor-El and their arrival onto a gigantic Kryptonian ship. Almost immediately Jor and Jon find themselves in battle as they foil an invasion of Earth by the deadly alien race called the Dominators. Jon of course is enjoying every second of super heroics and as they return to the ship they decide to find something to eat. With Lois now wearing a Superwoman suit much like her counterpart did when she and Lana shared the mantle, they head to an intergalactic trading post. Lois is surprised how revered she is just for wearing the crest of the House of El as Jor explains Superman's exploits have made them galactic royalty. The trio also attract the attention of Lobo who has a few choice words to share with Jon before disappearing into the approaching crowd. It seems Superman's reputation also attracts people who want something from the El's. Lois experiences something Clark did when he saved the space shuttle years ago. Lois and Jon are torn by their requests but when they learn of a Khund slavery ring on Daxam, Jon and Jor intervene once more. The success of the rescue leads Lois to return home as she realized that Jon really could handle things now, perhaps Lobo was right? Jon reveals that as his mother left Jor began to change and that's why he has spent seven years trying to get back to Earth. Clark is still perplexed as Jon's tale showed nothing but his enjoyment at being with his grandfather. Jon turns to his parents and explains that he's discovered Jor-El is insane.

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Superman #8
Cover date: April 2019
"The House of El" - Part 2
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis & Brandon Peterson
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Jon relates what happened to him after Lois returned to Earth while Kelex runs a battery of tests on the young man. When Jor-El questions his grandson's motives for coming on the trip Jon explains that he was struggling with expectations of him as the son of the world's greatest hero. Jor reveals he too is challenged with his role as a grandfather. Both of them exist but in a logical scientific way, they really should not... almost like the stuff of comic books. Jor based his entire life to science and everything he has come to know and experience is detrimental to that. At this point Jon realizes that a journey into deep space was perhaps a mistake and longs to return home. He naively thought of space as a series of locations rather than the expanse it truly is and that he is stuck with Jor whether he likes it or not. Clark and Lois struggle with the error in their judgement and as Superman, the angry father takes his frustration out on a deadly villain. Jon continues his tale and we come to learn it is a co-dependent relationship that Jon and Jor have developed. The two Kryptonians fight villainous aliens across the galaxies and when Jon has the opportunity to return home with two Green Lantern's he realizes he must turn the offer down. For a long time after Jon and Jor continue to travel together but one night a broken Jor bursts into Jon's living quarters telling the boy he is deeply sorry. Before the boy can ask why, the ship is swallowed by a portal and transported to Earth-3. As Jon struggles to his feet he is greeted by the Crime Syndicate.

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Superman #9
Cover date: May 2019
"The House of El" - Part 3
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Brandon Peterson with Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Clark's mind wanders to a possible future. One where Lois is Superwoman once more, Jon has lost an eye and he now has a younger sister. During a ceremony seemingly bringing peace to the universe an attack happens that ends in destruction. Clark ponders as to whether it is a waking dream, but Lois gets him to focus and Jon continues his story. Jon has been transported to Earth 3 and, for reasons known only to Ultraman, he was kept alive imprisoned in the mouth of a volcano. He reveals to Jon that Superman as a youth was 'sent to another place' to 'reach his true potential' and perhaps this is exactly why Jon appeared to him. Ultraman visited the prison sporadically dishing out physical and mental punishment, which became less about Jon and more like therapy for the villain. After enduring the visits Jon carefully watched how Ultraman entered and exited the prison and used the same method to sneak away and hide amongst the local populace. Jon theorizes that the base of the Crime Syndicate may have a way back to his Earth... or at least a way to send a signal. However, sneaking into the base forces Superboy to come face to face with his doppelgänger mother.

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Superman #10
Cover date: June 2019
"The House of El" - Part 4
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Brandon Peterson with Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
After almost a decade living in a volcano, Jon explains he decided to sneak into the Crime Syndicate headquarters to see if they had a dimensional portal. There he meets his mother who of course wants to kill him. Enter Jor-El who uses his technology to rescue his grandson and transport them back to our universe. Jor has his science head on and tries his best to run medical tests on his overly excited grandson. Jor begins to lose patients with the boy and demands an explanation to where he vanished to and why. Jor accuses Jon of running away and explains he'd been searching the dimensions frantically to find the boy. He reveals he had to make unscrupulous deals to find him, things he deeply regrets. He also drops the bombshell that he never told Lois and Clark of Jon's disappearance. For Jon, he's been trapped in the past, across dimensions for years but to everyone else he has been missing for just twenty two days. The ship suddenly comes under attack and Jon is terrified to see the villains Jax Ur, General Zod and Rogol Zaar. They try to kill Jon but Jor uses a strange weapon to teleport Jon to safety. Jon appears in a shopping mall in Wisconsin but it is then that he realizes something is terribly wrong. Flash forward to today and Clark asks Lois to handle Leviathan while he and Jon head out to find Jor's ship. They use Jon's new suit circuitry to activate a return trip but are unprepared for what they find when they get there.

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Superman #11
Cover date: July 2019
"The House of El" - Part 5
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Clark and Jon stare in horror at the ambush of Jor-El's ship. The attack is being helmed by the Thanagarian Black Order Squad, Gandelo's Trilium Collective and the Khunds. Amongst them Clark spots Rogol Zara escaping in a small craft and decides to use the opportunity to orchestrate a truce. They agree to stand down temporarily for the mighty Man of Steel to use his sway with his own father. Jor evades every question Clark asks and the truce is at an end. As conflict begins anew Clark realizes Rogol wasn't escaping but bringing an ally to the fray. Jor-El's craft needs time to self repair so Clark and Jon try to buy him time. Clark attacks Zaar while Jon takes the fight to Dru Zod. The Triliums, Thanagarians & Khunds join the attack but neither side seems to be able to gain the upper hand. What the House of El needs now is a miracle... luckily one is just about to arrive.

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Superman: Leviathan Rising Special #1
Cover date: July 2019
"Leviathan Rising"
Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Greg Rucka, Matt Fraction & Marc Andreyko
Artists: Yanick Paquette, Mike Perkins, Steve Lieber, Eduardo Pansica & Julio Ferreira
"Act One: Leone" Daily Planet owner, Leone is visiting Magnus Books and perusing rare editions when a member of staff approaches her. The staff member reveals himself to be using former DEO technology to hide his true face. He proposes a collaboration given Leone prefers secrecy and he knows many secrets himself. He is Leviathan. Leviathan offers to help Leone with her Man of Steel problem. Not by battling Superman himself but through his 'soft target' of his allies such as... Lois Lane and Clark Kent. They have both come to realize that you cannot confront Superman head on and so an alliance is born. "Act Two: Lois & Clark" After another fist fight with Mongul, Superman heads to Chicago to see Lois. While there he realizes that some strange men are in his apartment at home intent on kidnapping him. Lois wonders whether he should notify Maggie Sawyer. Curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to get himself kidnapped for the potential story. When Clark awakens he finds himself face to face with Talia Al Ghul who interrogates him over Superman. She also has him fitted with a Kryptonite corset so Superman can be caught. Her aim? The fall of the age of heroes and the rise of Leviathan but things will be set in motion with his 'rescue'. "Act Three: Lois Lane" Back at The Drake, Chicago, Lois begins to realize things haven't gone to plan. Clark's kidnapping has led to radio silence to his wife and best friend but there has been no ransom, no demands and that leads Lois back to Metropolis, seeking the aid of the trinity. Wonder Woman and Batman swear to use all the League resources to find Superman and that is when it dawns on her... They are looking for Superman but they really should be looking for Clark Kent... "Act Four: Jix" Jimmy is on a book tour, but wakes up in the honeymoon suite of the Gorillton Grande Hotel, Gorilla City, hung over, in nothing but a bow tie and with a new wife, Jix. Jix reveals herself to be a multiversal jewel thief on a mission to retrieve rare gems stolen from her family centuries ago. "Act Five: Jimmy Olsen-Jix" Jix advises her new husband to seek an annulment as soon as possible to avoid any ramifications and tells him about a strange cat in the bathroom. Jimmy tries to greet the strange cat but it surprises him in a few ways! Jimmy sees a danger alert on his signal watch and realizes its GPS tracker and Kryptonite detection has activated. Forget the madness, Superman needs the help of his best friend! "Act Six: Supergirl" Kara finally returns home, but after six months in space the Danvers house is nothing but rubble. The DEO is also rubble, a casualty of Leviathan. Jeremiah and Eliza mourn the loss of their friends and colleagues but their opinions of the DEO differ greatly. Kara finds Jeremiah's wedding ring and we discover in flashbacks what happened to the Danvers... "Act Seven: Clark Kent" Leviathan appears to Clark and removes the corset and apologizes. A perplexed Clark tries to escape his bonds and wonders if it is Kryptonite poisoning delirium as he is greeted by a new Firestorm, Lois disguised as Talia, Jimmy in a gorilla suit and Dex-Starr. With the Justice League fighting off Leviathan's minions, Clark races to stop Leviathan's escape craft. "Act Eight: Leviathan" Leviathan questions Talia's motives for the kidnapping so close to the Rising event and it is revealed that he stole the organization out from under her control. Leviathan decides to kill Talia and hurls her from the craft but unknown to him, Superman has been silently in pursuit and rescues the falling woman. When he questions her she opts for prison over the truth. "Act Nine: Robinson Goode" Robinson Goode transforms into Red Mist and promptly dispatches Leone's security officer. Leviathan being able to gain audience with Leone means a leak and one that's promptly closed by Goode. Leone and Goode go from mentor and protégé to partners and they aim to expose Leviathan. Meanwhile, Lois & Clark are also on the case!

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Superman #12
Cover date: August 2019
"The House of El" - Part 6
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado & Oclair Albert
Rogol Zaar sees Kara with his staff and attempts to take it back. This is a mistake as Supergirl has unlocked its power. Amid the chaos Clark sees Krypto race to greet Jon and for a moment he is filled with joy, but a battle doesn't wait and General Zod grabs the Man of Steel and they blur into super speed. Jor-El calls out that the ship has fully repaired and they must leave and with that the El family is whisked to safety galaxies away and reunited after so long apart. Supergirl reveals everything she has discovered on her quest which shakes them to their core. Including the revelations that Jor was a founding member. Jor reveals his motivation for sending Kal to Earth and Kara takes the opportunity to ask Jon to help her take on Gandelo once and for all. Though Clark is reluctant, Jor backs up Jon's story that he has grown into a young Superman himself and has a suit that can teleport him anywhere he wants to go and back again. Clark agrees reluctantly but sends Krypto with them as back up. With the others gone Jor breaks down and reveals The Circle began with noble intentions but decended into madness. Jor asks Clark what Zod whispered to him on the battlefield and Clark reveals Zod's secret plan. Jor promises to deliver the truth as his ship arrives at its destination...

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Superman #13
Cover date: September 2019
"The House of El" - Part 7
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Brandon Peterson & Ivan Reis
Inker: Brandon Peterson & Joe Prado
The Science Council has rejected Jor-El's claims that Krypton will explode. Turning to The Circle he is doubly disappointed when they too reject to assist him in saving the planet, instead corroborating the Science Council's findings that Krypton is in no danger. When Jor tries to force their assistance his actions make The Circle aggressive. Ali Apsa name drops their assassin, Rogol Zaar as a warning. When Jor leaves the meeting Thanagarian soldiers soar into Kryptonopolis and try to kill Jor-El. Barely escaping with his life he realizes The Circle has betrayed him. He races home and tells Lara that they have to send Kal off planet. The quakes begin and they realize Krypton is beginning to die. Jor makes a last ditch attempt to beg Gandelo and the Tamarans for refuge. Gandelo offers only assistance to the El family but insists that the planet and its population cannot be moved and despite the quakes, the planet is still safe. In the present day, Jor and Kal arrive in Krypton's ruins and a broken Jor insists the truth will finally be revealed. Back on Earth, a drone locates Lois Lane in her hideaway hotel room and projects a transmission from Lex Luthor along with a mysterious box. Lois opens the box and is shocked by what she finds.

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Superman #14
Cover date: October 2019
"The House of El" - The Conclusion: Part One
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Oclair Albert & Joe Prado
Jor and Kal have finally arrived in the ruins of Krypton, surrounded by asteroids of dangerous radioactive matter. Rogol Zaar, along with Jax Ur, General Zod and his army follow close behind. When Zod realizes where they are his rage erupts and he breaks his partnership with Zaar. Overestimating his leadership Zaar is shocked when all his allies side with Zod. Jor advises Kal to stay out of the conflict as one by one the ships begin exploding and the armies succumb to radiation and the cold grip of space. Kal refuses, so Jor equips him with a radiation limiter so he can get close. Jor advises him it is fragile and to stay out of the fight. Superman rescues many of the casualties, including Zod but is shocked to discover that Rogol Zaar is Kryptonian too. This was the secret Jor-El and The Circle had kept for so long. Zaar uses their moment of surprise to attempt an attack on Kal and Zod but Supergirl, Jon and Krypto arrive. Kara is able to disarm Zaar because of her bond with his axe leaving the beast open to the full force of Zod and Kal's rage. The combined might of the El family and Zod is too much for Zaar but before he can succumb, the Thanagarian Black Guard arrive to take both Zaar and Jor-El into custody. When the Guard reveals that the The Circle's actions have caused a war across the universe, Jon steps forward and suggests a truce so each side can have their say. Amazingly all the attacking forces agree to hear out Superman and his proposal for the United Planets. Bizarrely time freezes but there is a good reason... Today is Unity Day when the universe forged the United Planets on the whim of a teenager... and the Legion of Superheroes have arrived to offer him membership!

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Superman #15
Cover date: November 2019
"The House of El" - The Conclusion: Part Two
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado
Rogol Zaar is in a stasis prison. Adam Strange arrives to meet Superman and delivers the heartbreaking news that Jor El has been sentenced to death. Clark's mind wanders to the arrival of the Legion and the announcement of Unity Day. Zod and his family vow to ensure Krypton's legacy lived on a new planet as part of the United Planets negotiations. The Zod and El family finally make peace. Jon vows to respond to the invitation offered by the Legion but for the moment, the El's travel home. Jor El is an anomaly of time, he was never meant to live beyond Krypton's final moments. His sentence was to be transported back to to Krypton to die as he should have. As Krypton crumbles he sees his past self and as they both die he reassures him that Kal El did fulfil his destiny...

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman Vol. 2: The Unity Saga: The House of El (Superman: the Unity Saga) [Paperback] reprints Superman #7-15]

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Superman #16
Cover date: December 2019
"Superman Featuring Super Sons"
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: David Lafuente
Inker: David Lafuente
Robin is fighting a horde of Leviathan's soldiers in a shipping yard. As he gets the upper hand they escape using a ship's explosion as cover. Damian is shocked to find an older Jon Kent has arrived. Shocked by the arrival of his former best friend as a young man Damian surmises it is the trickery of Leviathan or perhaps even Leviathan himself. Jon explains his disappearance as basically as he can. Damian points out that Jon has only been gone for three weeks and now he's seventeen so his distrust is warranted. Jon is as stubborn as ever and they are soon bonding over a love of hot dogs. A siren interrupts and the Super Sons are soon in action. As they foil crime after crime Jon opens up about his offer to join the Legion and as the sun rises Damian gives his friend the thumbs up to chase his dreams that Jon was after. As Jon arrives in the Fortress to meet his father Saturn Girl arrives from the future. She performs a psychic link to copy her knowledge of the 31st century into Jon's so he isn't such a strange visitor when they arrive. Saturn Girl gives Clark a special device to contact Jon in the event of an emergency and with that they vanish and Superman is alone.

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