Henry Cavill Says the Prospect of Returning to Superman is Personal


In a new interview with Collider.com, Henry Cavill says that the idea of continuing the story of Superman is personal.

When asked what he thinks he can gain from playing Superman again, Cavill says, “I wouldn’t say it’s about the craft or me as an actor. It is personal to a degree.”

“I felt like Man of Steel was a wonderful opening story, an origin story to Superman. It left a lot of space for him to grow beyond that and become the hero that we recognize. Batman v Superman took a hard turn down a darker route and it was a Batman perspective story and so it didn’t really show the aspects of Superman which I was very, very keen to show. Justice League Snyder Cut definitely leant into that a bit more. I had a bit more of a gentleness to the tone of the thing, but I would love to have the opportunity to play the Superman that we all know and love from the comics, as a continuation of his development and we see the hero. That would be really, really exciting for me because there is an opportunity to tell a lot of interesting story there. It’s just about finding the right hooks to have a character that is as good and idealistic as Superman, that there are wonderful opportunities to delve into what it’s like to exist as him and those hardships that come with that. When you have to save everyone, how hard is that on you? That could be an interesting line to run.”

Source: Collider.com

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December 22, 2021 8:14 pm

Henry is basically saying I never got to play Superman the way I wanted to play him after Man of Steel. Henry was never the problem with his version of Superman he did the best he could the issues where WB’s mishandling of the character and some of the writing choices also we never got to see more of him as Clark Kent.

December 24, 2021 9:06 pm

I really want another Henry Cavill Superman movie. I don’t mind if a few other heroes show up, but I want a movie that focuses on him.