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  • Young Justice #22 (January)
    Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    In a base in Taos Nightwing and Wonder Girl tell Blue Beetle he's now part of the team, and they leap into action with Sphere. Meanwhile the kidnapped teammates realize they are on the moon. Back on Earth, Nightwing arrives with his small team to meet Zatanna, the Flash, Atom, Plastic Man and Martian Manhunter who are trying hard to break into the bubble surrounding Metropolis. Inside the city, Bee and Garth have hidden Ms. Harjavti in an understated bar, owned by a friend of Superman... Bibbo! Lex Luthor's facility was literally sliced in half by the bubble and in doing released Project Match, a bizarro clone of Superboy. Back on the moon, Kylstar arrives and teleports the heroes into a small prison cell, which takes off into space. M'Gann sees this and prays that she can catch them before they enter light speed. Back on Earth, Brainiac's ship places itself directly above the force bubble around Metropolis and fires a beam of energy at it. Atom realizes the force shield is being activated by tech inside the city. Martian Manhunter tries to contac Brainiac to reason with him.

  • Young Justice #23 (February)
    Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    Five years ago Dick Grayson is pleasantly surprised when Bruce Wayne actually comes home for Dick's birthday. At the same time, over in Dhabar, M'Gann telepathically informs Clark Kent she knows he's Superman, but puts his mind at ease about Superboy having no idea. Five years later, in current time, heroes are still stuck, both within the bubble surrounding Metropolis, and aboard Kylstar's vessel. Patch, Superboy's villainous replica attacks Batgirl within the bubble, while Superman and Superboy are unable to reason to Kylstar. They try to escape, but to no avail. Martian Manhunter, Flash and Atom Man have no luck reasoning with Brainiac either. Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian almost kiss, but they're interrupted by a proximity alert. Bee and Beast Boy leave Ms. Harjavti in Bibbo's care as they go off to see if they can be of any assistance.

  • Young Justice #24 (March)
    Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    In the past, Superman and M'Gann tries to stop Deadshot before he can kill the Senator. Back in the present Gar and Bee race down the hole in Metropolis in hopes of deactivating the shield generator. Batgirl battles with Match. Black Lighting is trying his best to calm the city and up in the atmosphere, Martian Manhunter, Flash and Atom crash onto the force shield's surface. M'Gann and La'Gaan try to sneak aboard Kylstar's ship. Wonder Woman orders her fellow captives to combine their efforts and fight as a League against Kylstar. Dick's team of heroes successfully board Brainiac's ship where they discover bottled cities. Plastic Man watches as a beam emanates from Brainiac's craft and slowly begins the shrinking process on Metropolis. Batgirl defeats Match. On Kylstar's ship, the heroes successfully defeat Kylstar. But their victory is short-lived. Brainiac arrives and thwarts any attempt at reversing the shrinkage of Metropolis.

  • Young Justice #25 [Final Issue] (April)
    Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    Five years ago a game of Spin the Bottle results in a special kiss for Dick Grayson. In current time the teams aren't fairing too well against both Kylstar and Brainiac. The heroes surprise both Brainiac and Kylstar with their abilities and endurance. Kylstar explains his true motives to get heroes to help him save his home world. While some are suspicious, others agree to help. When Superman arrives Brainiac is surprised to find a real Kryptonian alive. When the force field on Earth (around Metropolis) is about to be deactivated by the heroes, Brainiac realizes that the shrinking beam will destory the entire Earth, and agrees to shut it down. Queen Bee's real plan is revealed. Superman accepts Superboy into the House of El. Metropolis is saved. Dick Grayson receives a visit from Barbara Gordon for another kiss on his birthday. The End.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Young Justice Vol. 4: Invasion [Paperback] reprints Young Justice #20-25]

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