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  • Young Justice #10 (January)
    Greg Weisman & Kevin Hopps, Christopher Jones, Dan Davis
    Superboyis stunned by the cut across his chest. Kid Flash's attack on Rako is futile as is Robin's. The lights are turned out for a moment, and the Young Justice team find Trang has been killed. Later, at Bibbo's bar, the team take stock of what they know. They hunt down the remaining survivors of the 1968 photo but when they arrive at Las Vegas the house Yarrow lives in is blown up. In St. George they enter a hangar and find Rako with Yarrow and Rois. The team foil the trap the trio had set for them, but Yarrow is killed in the crossfire. Back at their HQ, the team tell Captain Atom everything they'd discovered. The team don't know that Nathaniel Adams and Captain Atom are one and the same. However Captain Atom doesn't realize that General Eiling isn't really his friend, and was in fact not only in league with Yarrow and his crew, but their boss.

  • Young Justice #11 (February)
    Greg Weisman, Christopher A. Jones, Dan Davis
    Robin helps Batman fight off Ra's Al Ghul's Shadow goons at a rocket launch in Cape Canaveral. With less than 6 minutes left on the countdown the launch crew realize their systems have been hacked into. Talia gets the drop on Batman but her feelings for him prevent her from shooting him. At the nose of the rocket Batman is confronted by Ra's himself. Ra's planned to send a sattelite into orbit, a satellite that would wipe out humankind, leaving nature to flourish. Ra's didn't count on Robin, and his plan is thwarted. Ra's falls to his death, but Talia takes him back to the Lazarus Pit where he is brought back to life. Meanwhile the JLA, JSA and Young Justice mourn the death of Kent Nelson, aka Dr. Fate, and Artemis is arrested. As Ra's leaves the Lazarus Pit, something else comes out after him... a mess of mud and clay.

  • Young Justice #12 (March)
    Greg Weisman, Luciano Vecchio, Luciano Vecchio
    As Caldur daydreams about Tula he's brought back to reality by Miss Martian as he leads her, Robin, Kid Flash and Superboy through the sewers of Gotham. They're on the look out for a Clay/Mud creature who earlier defeated Batman and Robin. Ra's Al Ghul had sent a container filled with mud to Bruce Wayne. The mud was the animated muddy/clay remains of her boyfriend Matthew Hagen, one of Ra's shadows. However it seems Hagen was only after Talia to use the Lazarus Pit to cure him of his cancer. Talia, on the rebound from Batman, fell for his ploy, but got revenge by locking him in the pit, turning him in to a clay monstrosity.

  • Young Justice #13 (April)
    Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Dan Davis
    Aqualads's mind has been wandering, thinking about Atlantis and Tula, and therefore he hasn't been focused on the matter at hand... leading the Young Justice team in their fight with Clayface. Meanwhile Artemis is in jail, where she's placed to catch up with Icicle Jr. who confides important information to Artemis, who was place in jail to be a snitch for the Justice League. On board Miss Martian's plane Young Justice go against Batman's wishes, and decide to confront Clayface again, and Aqualad is too distracted to disagree. Clayface uses his shapechanging abilities to take out the team one member at a time, before Batman comes to their rescue. Later, Aqualad admits to Batman that he wants to return to Atlantis.

  • Young Justice #14 (May)
    Kevin Hopps & Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    Aqualad invites Miss Martian and Superboy to join him on his trip back to Atlantis. When they arrive Aqualad is warned of unrest in Poseidonis. They're greeted by Queen Mera and Prince Orm. Later they meet up with his friends Ronal, Blubber, Lori Lemaris, La'Gaan, and Nanaue Sha'ark, a diverse group of inter-mixed species. They're also joined by Tula and Garth, and Miss Martian informs Superboy that Aqualad is distressed because he's in love with Tula, even though she's with Garth. Just then another squid-like friend joins them, Topo, but he's been scarred in an attack by "Purists", who are against anyone who doesn't appear fully human. At Windward Home in Bar Harbor an eldery Mr. Lockhart is met by a stranger. Back in Poseidonis a group, who Aqualad suspects of attacking Topo warn them to leave. A confrontation is avoided when everyone goess off in separate directions. Ocean-Master addresses his fellow Purists, promising to rid Poseidonis of the impure. He takes off his mask and is revealed to be Prince Orm. In Queens Memorial Cemetery Lockhart digs up the grave of Danette Reilly, whose body is in perfect shape even though she's been dead for 30 years. In Poseidonis Queen Mera is attacked in her sleeping quarters.

  • Young Justice #15 (June)
    Kevin Hopps & Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    As Aqualad, Superboy and Miss Martian prepare to go to sleep, Aqualad gets a distress message from his Queen. Ocean Master is draining her of her power. The heroes take on Ocean Master but he's too strong for them. When they awaken Prince Orm organizes them into two teams to track down the villains. Aqualad, Superboy and Miss Martian fall in to the trap he has set for them, but Aqualad calls in some extra support from his Atlantean friends. They follow one of the goons back to Ocean Master's hideout. The heroes manage to free the Queen but Ocean Master escapes. As the three Young Justice members prepare to head back to the surface, Aquaman promises to stop Ocean Master, not realizing that Prince Orm and Ocean Master are one and the same. Meanwhile, in Teton County, Danette Reilly and Mr. Lockhart are revealed to be robots, similar to Red Tornado.

  • Young Justice #16 (July)
    Kevin Hopps & Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    Green Arrow & Artemis attend a robbery at the Star City World History Museum. Kid Flash and Flash take on escaped animals at the Central City Zoo. Batman and Robin can't stop a group of villains from kidnapping Dr. Jason Burr at the Gotham City Observatory. All three cases are connected, leading the superheroes to Minneapolis where they locate the base of Kobra, who is the twin brother of Dr. Burr, who they're looking to sacrifice.

  • Young Justice #17 (August)
    Kevin Hopps & Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    Lord Naga-Naga aka Kobra prepares to sacrifice his brother Dr. Jason Burr with a magical snake dagger. Kobra creates a giant Cobra which Green Arrow, Batman and The Flash chase down, leaving Artemis, Robin and Kid Flash to stop Kobra's minions. The Justice Leaguers are able to defeat the giant snake, while Kobra takes on the trio of teens. Kid Flash comes up with a plan to use the magic dagger on Kobra to reverse his magic. The force of the blow and backlash of magic knocks them all out and when they come to Dr. Burr is back to normal. The team round up the cultists, but Kobra was able to escape. The teens happy to have proven themselves on a cooperative mission are elated when their mentors arrive and praise them for a job well done.

  • Young Justice #18 (September)
    Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    With past adventures have resulted in various successes, Batman sends the Young Justice team into the Bwunda jungle to hunt out the Brain's new Kobra-Venom operation. Their presence is known, and their inter-personal relationships aren't helping the matter. Brain tells Mallah and Ultra-Humanite to summon Grodd. The superheroes are attacked by Apes, but none of them are wearing inhibitor collars as expected. Grodd and his apes make short work of the heroes, who are collared themselves. Wolf gets away, and Miss Martian has not been captured, much to Brain's anger. Miss Martian wakes up to find herself confronted by Grodd... but he wants her help.

  • Young Justice #19 (October)
    Greg Weisman, Luciano Vecchio, Luciano Vecchio
    Miss Martian awakens to find herself confronted by Grodd, Solovar, Boka and Primat. They reveal that two years ago an old woman and a thin man set up a lab, captured an ape called Mallah and operated on his brain. The woman's brain was transferred into the murdered body of a Gorilla, thus creating the Ultra-Humanite. The thin man's brain was removed from his body and into a robot, thus creating the one known as The Brain. Together they built Gorilla City, enslaving the Gorillas and experimenting on them. Only the Holy One escaped. Unknownst to their captors, the Gorillas' enhancements also gave them telepathy. They need Miss Martian's help to overthrow the Brain and Ultra-Humanite's rule. Inside Gorilla City Robin manages to escape his shackles as Miss Martian frees the Gorilla babies. Superboy and the others are freed, and when they hear a telepathic voice in their heads they realize it's not M'Gann but Grodd. The Gorilla's and their new found friends attack the villains who set the facility to self destruct. Making their escape, the Gorillas and the Teen Titans reunite the Gorilla families, as the Holy One (Congorilla) leaves them to start their new lives. Five years in the future Robin looks back on his case notes from the Gorilla City adventure.

  • Young Justice #20 (November)
    Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    Back in the first year together Zatanna gives Robin a descreet kiss on the cheek for his birthday. Now, five years later as Nightwing he wakes up on his birthday to a message from Artemis and Kid Flash as his date, Bette leaves after having spent the night at his place. At Mount Justice the team assembles. Zatanna and Rocket arrive on their way to the Watchtower to wish Nightwing a Happy Birthday, with Zatanna kissing him on the lips. The Young Justice team split into two groups. Nightwing takes Wonder Girl to recruit Blue Beetle to the team. While the rest of the Young Justice group is to keep watch over Noor Harjavti as she speaks publicly against the Bialyan puppet regime ruling Qurac, as her father was assassinated for doing the same thing five years earlier. At that time Clark Kent first met Superboy in Qurac. Now Clark is also covering the public rally and spots one of Queen Bee's operatives known as Devastation. But as Clark changes into Superman, he, Devastation and Superboy all suddenly vanish into thin air. Brainiac has arrived...

  • Young Justice #21 (December)
    Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    Superman, Superboy and the other missing members are on the moon. Nightwing orders half the team to stay behind and continue to protect Noor Harjavti. Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian race to rescue Superboy in the bio-ship. Each of the victims are trapped inside crystal constructs guarded by strange humming metallic orbs. Looking around Superboy notes the other captives, Superman, Wonder Woman, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Marvel, Captain Atom and Devastation among them. The humming from the orbs disrupting their concentration and focus. In Metropolis Brainiac arrives and makes his presence felt by launching forcefield generators to collect and preserve the city. A forcefield traps the city. The remainder of M'Gann's team investigate the dome and discover it continues underground and is more of a bubble. On the moon Captain Marvel call the lightning but it doesn't help him escape. Captain Atom has better luck. He smashes out of his prison and frees the other heroes. One of the orbs on the moon approaches a crystalline man, Kylstar. And it informs him that five of his 'properties' have escaped...

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