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  • Young Justice #0 (March)
    Kevin Hopps & Greg Weisman, Mike Norton, Mike Norton
    Having freed Superboy from Cadmus, the young heroes have to wait three days to hear what Batman's decision is regarding their team. Superboy stays with Kid Flash at his house. When Batman sends them a credit card for expenses, they go shopping to get some clothes for Superboy, and run into trouble in the shape of the Terror Twins, who rob a jewelry store. With the three days over, Batman decides to let Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash and Aqualad form a covert team to be watched by Red Tornado, trained by Black Canary, and sent on missions by Batman. But who's the fifth member of the new Young Justice team?

  • Young Justice #1 (April)
    Art Balthazar & Franco, Mike Norton, Mike Norton
    The boys meet M'Gann, Miss Martian, the fifth member of their team. Wally, Dick and Kaldur head home. Martian Manhunter suggests that M'Gann and Superboy acquaint themselves with the base. Before long Superboy is alone with Red Tornado. Superboy asks about Superman and Mount Justice history, Tornado unfortunately isn't one for heavy human interaction and instead ends up making Superboy feel even more lost in a sea of questions. Superboy notices someone in The Mount. Superboy is taunted by an unseen laughing tormentor before meeting Snapper. Superboy is knocked to the ground by The Joker!

  • Young Justice #2 (May)
    Art Balthazar & Franco, Mike Norton, Mike Norton
    Tied up, Superboy watches on helplessly as The Flash unwittingly opens the present left behind by The Joker, unleashing dozens of crazed monkeys. As the choas continues, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and Batman try to stop the Joker and his monkeys. Snapper and Superboy aren't much help, when Superman and the rest of the JLA arrive. Superboy notices that none of the others were announced by the Mount Justice computer leading him to arrive at the conclusion that everything happening is fake. The illusion is the creation of the G-Gnome that was assigned to Superboy at Cadmus. Missing him, it tracked him down. Red Tornado returns the G-Gnome to Cadmus, while Superboy tells Miss Martian he hates Monkeys.

  • Young Justice #3 (June)
    Art Balthazar & Franco, Mike Norton, Mike Norton
    The Shadow Pact have been instructed to kill Selena Gonzalez, the CEO of a company who has dealings with Cadmus. Robin wants Kid Flash and Aqualad to join him in a mission of their own to save Selena as a way to work together while their team is still new. While they observe Selena working late in her office, they see Black Spider crawling up the building. Robin and Kid Flash rush off, leaving Aqualad to be taken down by The Hook. Kid Flash and Robin, are also taken down due to a lack of communication and team work. All three heroes are captured and tied up, while the villains have Selena Gonzalez.

  • Young Justice #4 (July)
    Art Balthazar & Franco, Mike Norton, Mike Norton
    Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad hang upside down in webbing having been bested by Black Spider and Hook. The boys reveal that they know the assassins are in the service of the League of Shadows and that Selena Gonzalez is the latest in a series of their secret missions. The villains had forgotten to disarm Robin, facilitating an escape. The three heroes attack and find that fighting solo doesn't work. They begin to work together, escaping their opponents and rescuing Selena. Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash go on the offensive as a team. Finally in sync, they make short and easy work of Hook and Black Spider. Unfortunately their triumph turns sour. Selena hasn't checked in with police or family and the news report reveals that Hook and Black Spider had escaped shortly after they left.

  • Young Justice #5 (August)
    Art Balthazar & Franco, Christopher Jones, Christopher Jones
    When Kid Flash suggests to Miss Martian that the two of them go sit along by a campfire and make S'mores, she invites along Robin, Caldur and Superboy, and before he knows what's happened, Kid Flash finds that a camping trip has been organized. Sitting around the camp fire they start telling their stories, with Caldur revealing how he came to be Aqualad, while Kid Flash reveals his own origin story. Robin refuses to speak about his backstory, but when Megan asks Superboy if he remembers anything from before the team saved him from Cadmus, he reveals that the one thing that's always on his mind is... destroying Superman.

  • Young Justice #6 (September)
    Art Balthazar & Franco, Christopher Jones, Dan Davis & John Stanisci
    Robin recalls how his family, the Flying Graysons were killed in the circus, but is drawn out of his memories as the other Young Justice members ask Superboy why he thinks about killing Superman. The thoughts were programmed into him while he was in Cadmus. Megan recalls her origin story and how she won a contest to join her uncle J'onn on Earth. As the team retires for the night into their camping tents, Superboy stays up, and thinks about how Superman might go crazy and how he'd be the one to stop him and be the hero.

  • Young Justice #7 (October)
    Greg Weisman & Kevin Hopps, Christopher Jones, Dan Davis
    Artemis recalls how she met her wheel-chair bound mother at the bus stop on the day she was released from jail. Her father forgot, and when they two reunite Artemis' overhears her parents discussing their life of crime. She decides she'll be the one who decides what her fait will be, and goes out to fight crime all over Gotham. One night observes Robin, Kid Flash and Superboy fighting Amazo at Gotham Academy, but she also finds herself surrounded by Professor Ivo's robot monkeys.

  • Young Justice #8 (November)
    Greg Weisman & Kevin Hopps, Christopher Jones, Dan Davis
    Artemis takes out the robotic monkeys and even manages to lend a hand by saving Kid Flash as the team battles Amazo. With the fight won, Artemis returns home wishing she could be a part of something like Young Justice. The next morning Batman and Green Arrow arrive to invite her to join the team. She accepts gladly, with one condition, the team never know her real identity. She's taken to the Cave HQ where she's introduced to the team.

  • Young Justice #9 (December)
    Greg Weisman & Kevin Hopps, Christopher Jones, Dan Davis
    The Atoms theoretical lessons on espionage has the Young Justice team bored. So he decides to give them a practical lesson and sends them off to reopen investigations on an old 1960s case involving the death of Captain Nathaniel Adams. Miss Martian goes undercover to the Pentagon to interview General Eiling. Superboy and Kid Flash head to Las Vegas to talk to a Lieutenant Yarrow. The stories they find don't match. Robin and Miss Martian find the Medical Examiner who worked on Adams' case dead. Over in Honolulu, Artemis and Aqualad meet up with Adams' children. Analysis of an old photo leads the team to General Trange, a North Vietnamese General who is confronted by an armored man named Rako. When Rako knocks out Miss Martian, Superboy jumps in and is cut by Rako's sword.

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