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Action Comics #886

Action Comics #886

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 10, 2010

Cover date: April 2010

"Divine Spark" - Part Four

Writer: Greg Rucka with Eric Trautmann
Penciller: Pere Perez, Fernando Dagnino & Raul Fernandez
Inker: Pere Perez, Fernando Dagnino & Raul Fernandez
Cover: Cafu & Santiago Arcas

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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In one of Kara Zor-El's 'City Fortresses' (one of hundreds of apartments she has scattered across the globe), Chris is saddened that society hates them as Kryptonians, Thara reminds him they are far more as demi gods.

Despite his misgivings he decides to experience the Book of Rao Sunstone holobook. It goes through Kryptonian history and explains the story of the godling's love and of a mysterious third godling. When Chris returns from the book he is astounded to realize he IS Nightwing but his godling soul is trapped inside the Phantom Zone. Chris is determined to have his soul back so it can reunite with Flamebird and he with Thara. One problem - the Phantom Zone is dead...

Chris finally gives in to Thara and admits his love. They make love with a shadowy figure indulging in voyeuristic pleasure.

Thara awakens to be greeted by Jax-Ur/Dr. Pillings/the third godling who demands that they return to his Egyptian temple to pay the debt of saving Chris from his age disease.

Thara lies that Flamebird is guiding them to the temple of Ur however, by the time Chris realizes he's been tricked into it, he's face to face with Jax-Ur!

Remember when Kara grew Sunstone blades? Suddenly the same thing happens to Chris - a hidden viral command Jax-Ur implanted to incapacitate him in front of what appears to be a giant Phantom Zone viewer.

Jax-Ur opens the window and a glowing hand - the hand of Rao himself - springs forth for his godling family!

To be continued...

3Story - 3: Read it - no really try to...

The synopsis above really explains it all away for what is essentially a long drawn out Secret Files profile twisted into a story. Ripping off the Thundercats: Book of Omens trick was something I could overlook but the fact this is really us reading a story about another character reading another story to realize what we'd known since their intro... well - it could make a reader very angry... I bought the book hoping it would continue on from the events of Triangle #20-26 but instead it went off the boil to give us uninteresting, largely irrelevant backstory... So now Rao is going to go all Millennium Giants on us is he? Great... this Never-ending Story has three dragons in it and none of them are Falcor...

4Art - 4: The art was very slickly done, especially meshing together the work of three artists - that kind of juggling hasn't been seen since 52. The art really grabs you and with this particular issue it's a blessing and a curse for the reasons mentioned above. I can't however justifiably downgrade the superb layouts and composition work just because the story didn't hold up well.

4Cover Art - 4: Yes it didn't happen inside the book but damn this was a good cover! When CAFU & Arcas get it right they really nail it! Action Comics hasn't been much of a true title for the interior lately but this grabbed me immediately!

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