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Mild Mannered Reviews - Super Friends

Super Friends #24

Super Friends #24

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 10, 2010

Cover date: April 2010

"Weird Science"

Writer: Sholly Fisch
Penciller: J. Bone
Inker: J. Bone
Cover: J. Bone

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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It's a Mad Scientist convention on Oolong Island, literally every DC scientist villain is present from the most prominent to the most obscure.

Lex issues the yearly challenge: to reveal the most fiendish new invention, winning them the title of the Greatest Criminal Genius of All! Bizarre as it is to have so many of these villains in one place the convention turns into a call to arms when the Super Friends decide to crash the party! Dr. Sivana is astounded when Lex reveals he deliberately called the Super Friends to up the stakes a little.

At first all seems a shambles the Super Friends are making short work of them, especially when they each attack separately. The tide turns when they begin working together! Gorilla Grodd, Brainstorm, Thinker and Hector Hammond combine their awesome mental powers to inflict a sleeping state on our heroes - and it works!

With the Super Friends defeated chaos returns and the villains begin bickering about how they should punish them - that is till Dr. Sivana screeches that the WORM (World Organization for research in Mad Science) member must work to a compromise - punish them in EVERY way! From within a binding Batman warns them all to surrender. Howling with laughter the villains turn away and are distracted by a distraught Hotelier that had agreed to host the WORM convention (under the impression it was really about worms!). By the time they turn back, the Super Friends are free!

The Super Friends chase after the WORM members but fail to realize Lex has double double crossed them all! To win the title himself he had them all futilely attempt to defeat their arch enemies but leave behind a cache of all their breakthrough scientific equipment and weaponry! Superman however is smarter and appears as if from nowhere to reveal he ALSO double double crossed his nemesis!

Admitting defeat Lex hands himself over but is shocked when the Super Friends offer him and the other WORM members a deal! Try using their inventions for GOOD! Be heroes of science - not villains!

Wailing echoes from the prison and the world!

ACTIVITIES: Race Against Tyme Three Minute Word Puzzle Mr Mind's Mad Scientist Monster Lab kit Mad Science Corner with Doctor Cyber (Volcano kit)


4Story - 4: What can I say really - massive u turn? You bet - the book suddenly has a superb echo of a cartoon network show. Perhaps it's the two year learning curve and perhaps it's the fact I had the pleasure of exploring the book via the eyes of the creative team. Regardless this was the best issue to date. The book has had its fair share of ups and downs - more downs for me personally than ups but that has changed. This issue was the perfect jumping on point for adults and children alike - Will the quality this issue continue? Time will tell!

4Art - 4: Did I say the best issue to date? Yeah I did. The sneaky references in the writing were only accentuated by the fantastic blink and you'll miss them cameos. I didn't realize DC HAD that many science based villains! The heavy inks are gone and you can see a LOT of time was taken to clean up the composites. Character designs were spot on (I want a Mr. Mind toy now!) and Luthor here was every bit as conniving as he is in the mainstream.

NOTE: Dario Brizuela was incorrectly credited with Art duties.

Why is this not a 5? Double-edged sword here - though I love the cameos, I found that I struggled to remember some of the villains - I wish there'd been a mini Who's Who guide included... perhaps that's being greedy though?

5Cover Art - 5: If you've been following our four day event you'll have already seen the cover pre-release and have some insight on how it came to be. I love that it came to Mr. J in a dream and it really works! I'd really like this as a poster! (I really like the Superpets one too. hint hint!).

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