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Mild Mannered Reviews - Super Friends

Super Friends #27

Super Friends #27

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 26, 2010

Cover date: July 2010

"Double Trouble"

Writer: Sholly Fisch
Penciller: J. Bone
Inker: J. Bone
Cover: J. Bone

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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The Flash is trying to plan a surprise birthday party for Green Lantern but, unknown to him, John is also planning a party for him too! An emergency interrupts their secret plans and they have to spring into action. Working together they stop an erupting volcano. The rest of the Super Friends decide to head home so Flash and Green Lantern have time to plan their parties.

Suddenly out of nowhere the duo are caught by their evil twins!

Well, almost! The evildoers are really Professor Zoom & Sinestro! With the heroes trapped in a cage, the villains have a trick up their sleeves - the cage is designed specifically to stop Green Lantern using his ring and the Flash from his speed! With their plan in action they reveal they want to replace their nemeses.

The plan moves quickly and the Super Friends are tricked into stealing a shipment of gold bars!

The gold is rested at the border to Superman's Fortress and he relieves them of duty to complete their "other plans". Of course the imitators know nothing of the party plans and Batman susses them out.

A battle rages but ultimately the heroes win when Flash and Green Lantern turn up! They reveal they had to creatively and cleverly swap powers to escape their prison. The whole adventure has also ruined their plans for a surprise party but Wonder Woman and the others wont allow them to miss out and surprise them with a surprise party THEY had organized!


The Flash Family A-Mazing Race

The Green Lantern Corps mobile kit

4Story - 4: A nice story with some classic story elements, misunderstandings and twists that prove to be an enjoyable read.

5Art - 5: Sweet! The art is vibrant and fun. The activities featuring some surprise guest stars was a really nice touch.

5Cover Art - 5: A clash of the titans! This cover has a real Silver Age style to it, while the background is emulative of classic Cartoon Network shows.

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