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Mild Mannered Reviews - Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited #13

Justice League Unlimited #13

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 8, 2005

Cover date: November 2005

Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Walden Wong
Cover Art: Ben Caldwell

"Nuts And Bolts"

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Steel is working on his best friend and fellow Leaguer: Red 'Reddy' Tornado.

Monitoring his insides and all Reddy's mechanical features. Reddy explains he has a force of nature magically contained within him and he is more than a machine -scepticalSteel brushes this off though he can see hehas deeply hurt his friend.

Suddenly a mysterious force takes control of Reddy's body and sends him hurtling around the JLU satellite and down to Earth. Causing untold damage to the satellite and sending some of the League into space, Reddy vanishes.

Green Lantern aids the Leaguers unable to fly in space and they work on patching up the gaping hole in the satellite. Some of the League pursue Reddy to Earth.

They question Steel and if he might have caused the rampage inadvertently. Steel assures them that if he had even tried a pulse emitter would have destroyed them.

Reddy isaware of his actions but unable to stop his rampage. Crashing through city blocks, the League discover that Reddy is only destroying abandoned and condemned buildings and that there are zero casualties. Perhaps they deduce - Reddy's humanity is stopping him from hurting people. However the media is quick to blacken the name of the League to Batman's dismay.

Steel decides he might be able to get through to his friend as he knows him better than the rest of the League. None of the League are able to get close enough without injuring themselves but Steel rumbles on until he is literally an inch away and attempts a manual shutdown.

Despite the fact Steel might die in the process - Reddy is astounded his friend loved him enough to risk his own life to save him and the League.Steel examines Reddy and discovers anencrypted signal was sentvia satellite to make Reddy into a puppet and vowsto stop it and help his friend back to health.

Batman however has deduced the villain and disappears to confrontthem.

He arrives at the office of Amanda Waller andwarns her that despite the fact he has no proof he knows it was her behind the scheme and vows revenge the next time she tries to have the League shut down via dirty trick tactics.

Meanwhile Steel reactivates Reddy and announces he has made his friend tamper proof!

Reddy is embarrassed and a little ashamed of his actions but Steel reassures his buddy that he was not at fault and nobody blames him for anything - he is too important a friend to him and the League.

5Story - 5: OK despite not explaining whoAmanda Waller is I really liked this issue. It tugs at the heart strings and is a good old fashioned solid story.

4Art - 4: I loved the attention to smaller details like Zatanna gulping for breath and the cameo appearances thrown in. Some panels looked a little off but overall it was a good solid issue.

1Cover Art - 1: Sorry gang this is BAD stuff. RedTornado at no point in the story tried to merge with Steel's body.

And hey I have some of the DC Pocket Heroes - I'm not sure what they are doing here though? OK enough jokes thisis a terrible cover - enough said.

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