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The Darkness/Superman #2

The Darkness/Superman #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 16, 2005

Cover date: April 2005

Writer: Ron Marz
Penciller: Tyler Kirkham
Inker: Matt Banning

"Part Two"

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Superman is weak at the feet of Metallo who is holding Lois Lane captive. He pounds Superman with a metallic mace sending the Man of Steel into cargo crates. Metallo's boss Grasso instructs him to reconvene at their safehouse. As Grasso and his hood leave in a blaze of gunfire, Corben rushes rocket propelled into the air.

Estacado and Butcher who stood idly by as the fight climaxed confront a reenergized Superman. Clark is far from in a good mood and again orders Estacado to get out of Metropolis. However the mobster has a deal to make and reminds Superman if he were to confront Grasso, his beloved Lois would die and likely he would too from the Kryptonite in Corben's chest.

Estacado promises he would not harm a soul and would return Lois to Superman in just two hours. In return all he asks is that Superman reconsider his offer. Superman stays silent as Estacado and Butcher disappear into the shadows. Superman tends to an injured Jimmy and is uncomfortable with Estacado rescuing his wife.

Grasso and his team have all arrived at his home and Grasso is not a happy man. Lois Lane has a history with Superman, they cross him and Superman would destroy them. Corben is less emotional, he explains with Lois captive Superman will have to take care of the out-of-towners to save his lady friend and he'll never be able to capture Grasso while he, Metallo, is around to protect him.

Outside Estacado and Butcher have arrived at Grasso's hideout and Estacado sends his gremlins to cut the power supply so he can attack. Inside the mobsters are unprepared expecting Superman to attack they are blindsided by an offensive in the pitch black.

Metallo attacks with chain guns blazing but Estacado calmly instructs his gremlins to deconstruct Metallo which they do and the little pieces of metal threaten the life of Jackie... that is - just as soon as he puts himself back together.

Jackie rescues Lois and brings her to the Daily Planet where Superman is waiting. Superman is relieved and angry at the same time, uncomfortable with having to be a bystander.

Clark is grateful for Jackie's help but stands firm that Estacado must still leave the city. Jackie transforms and they battle on the rooftop. Superman dives at the mobster and sends him flying streetward along with hundreds of his gremlins.

Unexpectedly Estacado sprouts wings and announces that the Man of Steel is rumoured to be able to do just about anything - he however IS able to do anything and with a gesture merges all of his gremlins into one gigantic gargoyle.

The giant beast swallows Superman whole. Estacado notices the sun beginning to rise and realises if he doesn't take cover his powers will fade away. Superman rips the gargoyle to pieces from the inside out and grabs a weakening Estacado.

As the sun reaches its peak Estacado is a normal man once again... and powerless against a very very angry Kryptonian. Promptly he agrees he is beaten and will leave Metropolis.

Superman orders him to consider returning to Metropolis a very bad idea before returning to his wife atop the Daily Planet Building. Lois is busy forwarding details of the gang war events to Perry and is uncomfortable that Clark let Estacado go.

Clark explains that Jackie had kept a promise - to return Lois to him and not to personally harm a single member of Grasso's team. He tells her he had been watching the events from a safe distance to ensure it.

Lois is unnerved and says Estacado may have agreed to not kill a single person during his rescue but that the MPD had found all the gang members executed...

Should Estacado decide to set up his mafia in Metropolis again there were no gangs to stop him...

5Story - 5: Pretty standard fare for company crossovers unlike many others it is really well written with a great knowledge of the characters and is skilfully undertaken. I wont single out one person on the book just to say it was a great story that entertained me from start to finish. (My only comment is Estacado WIPED OUT organized crime in Metropolis - surely not!)

5Art - 5: The art has improved in leaps and bounds, and viewing both parts as a whole I can see it has worked really well as a piece. I echo my previous comments that I won't single out any one person. I want more stories and art like this!

3Cover Art - 3: A nicely illustrated cover, great coloring and as before yells "BUY ME" but sadly it drops from a full 5 to a 3 as again it's overpowered by Estacado. It's a 50/50 deal guys! That's why the title isn't The Darkness GUEST STARRING Superman.

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