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Mild Mannered Reviews - Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited #11

Justice League Unlimited #11

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 7, 2005

Cover date: September 2005

Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Carlo Barberi

"Postcard From The Edge"

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Atlantis' Annual Coronation Day brings the League undersea to help the King of the sea celebrate. (Steel and Atom have created a device that allows the League to survive underwater). Stargirl is the focus of the story one of the newest and youngest of the League roster. The immense water pressure is kept at bay by a cosmic convertor belt she wears and the rest of the League are immune too.

Stargirl is composing an imaginary diary to her friend Pat. Explaining how the fish are sacred, the Atlantean hair grooming styles, the lighting and even how people make sounds through wave vibrations.

King Arthur/'Aquaman' arrives and the League sit down to a banquet of seaweed and kelp. Arthur explains though they celebrate his reign his concerns are for his Kingdom. A threat from Cultists threaten to destroy his peoples way of life. A cocky remark from Stargirl instantly aggravates Arthur. He instructs Superman to advise the League's children on manners "speaking only when they earn an adult voice."

Unable to hold back Stargirl interjects with another cocky remark much to the shock of the adult Leaguers.

A Seer interrupts the banquet with news of a disaster, and as soon as Arthur shrugs off the warning - does his Kingdom shudder and crumble.

The League dive into action and help contain the disaster and go to work to discover the cause.

Meanwhile Wonder Woman takes Stargirl/Courtney aside and explains that Aquaman is just abrasive until he gets to know you and that she should give it time.

The Atlantean scientists warn that another earthquake could crush Atlantis completely but they have also discovered the source of the attack and that it was man-made!

Aquaman leads the League to the source - a sister site to Stonehenge - a prison for a being older than life on earth - a being hell-bent on distruction. The cultists have unleashed him, causing terrible quakes and now Umbra rises again!

Umbra is an old foe of The Metal Men, allies of Superman. Aquaman explains the Metal Men had thwarted a previous attempt of Umbra's to escape and that he had kept the prison location secret - until today.

Umbra makes his way to Atlantis intent on its destruction and naturally the League attempt to stop him. First Steel, then Superman, then Wonder Woman. While Steels attempts to battle Umbra, Stargirl and Aquaman head to Atlantis. Arthur to organise defences and Stargirl to call reinforcements from the Javelin.

Superman fails... Wonder Woman fails... And finally Steel fails...

Arthur is ready to admit defeat. He and his forces can't combat a giant like Umbra and the League reinforcements wouldn't arrive in time... all is lost...

That is until Stargirl has a burst of inspiration. Using her cosmic convertor belt she could absorb the energies Umbra fires from his forehead gem - while Aquaman builds a trap.

Aquaman is apprehensive but Stargirl scowls dominantly that he'll have to cooperate - or else.

Umbra's magic drains out of his body and into Courtney's belt . The more drained the weaker he becomes. Meanwhile Aquaman and his willing aquatic denizens rebuild the Stone Henge prison.

Suddenly Umbra disappears screaming as his prison draws him inside.

With Umbra gone and the cultists in hiding the Coronation Day Speech ends the League's visit. An extra special thank you goes to Stargirl along with an honorary Atlantean citizenship. Seems like the moody King wasn't all bad after all!

3Story - 3: I was astounded to find I actually enjoyed this issue. Granted it had little to no depth and gaping plot holes the size of Africa but hey it was actually fun! Stop aiming this title at the under fives and it can be great again.

4Art - 4: Carlo Barberi again deserves a 4 from 5 for his effort, I'll repeat what I said about the interior art before: In the past the pages of JLU have been shaky to say the least but this guy seems to have a good grasp and I hope it carries on!

2Cover Art - 2: Um, what's going on in this picture? I'm really not sure - caption contest anyone? Again its just not selling the book - for most if the cover has lost its way they wont pick up the issue. Please get an 'animated' familiar to do it.


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