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JLA #113

JLA #113

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 13, 2005

Cover date: June 2005

Writer: Kurt Busiek
Penciller: Ron Garney
Inker: Dan Green

Syndicate Rules - Part 7: "Worlds in the Balance..."

John-Paul Zito Reviewed by: John-Paul Zito

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While in the Watchtower the Flash hears a very distinct alarm go off; the Construct is acting up again. On top of everything else, the Flash thinks, now the Construct is acting up again. He and J'onn had just solved that problem the other day he thought. Flash rushes into the Construct to see what's wrong and finds everything better than all right. The Construct has formed an entire society millions of years more advanced than our own. They worship the JLA as god's for giving them an existence and a sense of individuality, it is for this reason they have reached out to our world to supply the Justice League with the answer to their problems.

Meanwhile a battle rages on in space between the Justice League and the Qwardians. The Crime Syndicate look on watching with anxious anticipation to swoop in and defeat the victor of the Qwardian/JLA conflict. Just when all hope seems lost Diatria makes contact with J'onn. She says their leader grows more uncontrollable with every passing second and that many of his followers believe this whole conquest foolish and misguided.

On Earth 1 Batman leads a small team of Justice League members against a whole world of rioting civilians too scared of their evil masters, TheCrime Syndicate,to embrace the idealshope and freedom the Justice League bring them.

With Diatria'shelp J'onn makes contact with Highlord Roval and explains to him that they are not his enemy. Krona is the one truly responsible for his universes destruction and reconstruction. Roval somehow remembers this and knows that J'onn is telling him the truth. Roval turns back his armada and informs the Crime Syndicate that he's heading for their world as retribution for what they had intended to do to Qward. Once the Qwardians return to their own universe the Crime Syndicate soon follows.

The Justice League regroups and heads for the Watchtower to mobilize and fight this battle on Earth 1. When J'onn reveals the plan he also reveals that he's not J'onn at all but in fact Batman in disguise. Just then Flash exits the Constructs dimension with the answer to all their problems in the palm of his hand.

3Story - 3: I'm glad to see the Construct and even the Favor Bank make a reappearance of relevance all these issues later. Regardless it's been a long road to this point and I'm no more enthralled now than at issue two.

Things in this issue seem too convenient: The Construct just happens to have all the answers. Diatria just turns on Roval. Roval simply believes J'onn with onlythe explanation of a would be assassin. Elements fall into place too easily. We're approaching the end of this eight issue epic of irrelivance and so loose threads must be tied upquickly.

It's very aggrivating to read. I had such high hopes for Busiek's run but the whole thing is just self indulgent nonesense mired in continuity. I was anticipating cut throat battles between the CSA and the JLA. I wanted moral dilemma and emotionally charged fights. I wanted to see Ultramanhold Lois's life in his hands... or Owlman try and turn Gotham to rubble... Instead I got a whole issue dedicated to the Construct or explaining why the new Power Ring has to be a black guy.

The series isn't crap.There are plenty of things that work and a handful of things that have gone well. It's just not up to par for a writer I hold in such high regard.

3Art - 3: Very flat, not just the colors this time. The pencils and inks show very little detail. If that's a stylistic choice I understand but I don't think that's the case. Some panels appear phoned-in and lack any sort of drama, especially towards the end of the issue when J'onn makes contact with the Qwardians. The technologyin J'onn's ship and the Battle Hound appear almost exactly the same except for some coloring differences. I know its not a huge deal, it's one of those things that when done right never gets mentioned.

What's the deal with the ridiculous lawn furniture the Crime Syndicate recline on as they watch the battle in space?

4Cover Art - 4: It's well drawn but because there's nothing special about it. The Battle Hound things come off feeling a bit generic.

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