Merchandise/Miscellaneous News

Justice League 60th Anniversary Stamp Pack in Australia

Australian stamp collectors will want to look out for the upcoming release of Australia Post‘s Justice League 60th Anniversary stamp pack. Listed in the March-April edition of Australia Post’s Stamp Bulletin, the Justice League stamps […]

Comic Book News

First Look at “Justice League #41”

The Eradicator + Daxamites = a threat designed to take down Superman (and the entire Justice League if they get in the way) once and for all! Ahead of Justice League #40 hitting shelves on […]

Movie News

New “Justice League” Deleted Scene Photo

Zack Snyder has shared a previously unseen photo from the “Justice League” movie to his Vero social media account. Apparently from Snyder’s cut of the film, the photo shows The Flash standing beside Superman’s casket […]