First Look at “Lois Lane and the Friendship Challenge”

DC Comics has given us a first look at a new middle grade graphic novel titled “Lois Lane and the Friendship Challenge”.

In “Lois Lane and the Friendship Challenge”, bestselling Lumberjanes co-writer Grace Ellis and artist Brittney Williams reimagine the fiercest reporter in the DC Universe – Lois Lane – for a younger audience, modernizing the character’s “tweenage” dreams to one day become a social media guru.

From New York Times bestselling author Grace Ellis (Lumberjanes) and artist Brittney Williams (Goldie Vance) comes a new story about 13-year-old Lois Lane as she navigates the confusing worlds of social media and friendship.

It’s the first day of summer break in the sleepy town of Liberty View, and young Lois Lane bursts onto the scene with what she knows is a sure-to-go-viral video channel. Okay, maybe her platform only receives two views a week (thanks, Mom), and maybe her best friend, Kristen, isn’t quite as enthusiastic about social media, but when Lois sets her mind on something, there’s no turning back.

At the end of the week, the big neighborhood barbecue and bike race will be the perfect backdrop to Lois and Kristen’s #friendshipchallenge video. But when the girls find out the annual fireworks are missing, Lois doubles down on her efforts for fame, testing her friendship in ways she couldn’t imagine.

With Kristen leaving for sleepaway camp after the barbeque and a new girl on the block taking all of Kristen’s attention, will Lois be able to find the missing fireworks, celebrate the summer, and post the best #friendshipchallenge the internet has ever seen? Or will she have to face her challenges IRL?

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Lois Lane and the Friendship Challenge
Written by Grace Ellis
Illustrated by Brittney L. Williams
Colored by Caitlin Quirk
Lettered by Ariana Maher
On sale 7/21/2020
MSRP: $9.99

Pre-order your copy of “Lois Lane and the Friendship Challenge” from today!

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