David Corenswet’s Personal Trainer Talks About How the Actor Bulked Up for Superman Role

David Corenswet

GQ Magazine has published an interview with David Corenswet’s personal trainer Paolo Mascitti in which he discusses how David Corenswet got into shape to play the Man of Steel in the upcoming 2025 “Superman” movie.

“David had been working out intensively before I met him, but he’s naturally a very lean guy. He’s 6’4″ but we wanted to put more bulk on him. He probably went from 200lbs to 240lbs, but some of that mass will be shed as he continues to tone up.”

Hitting the gym five months before production began, David Corenswet and his trainer got down to business. “He’s very busy right now so we’re only fitting in three or four sessions a week, but he’s still working out for two hours a day,” said Mascitti.

If you’re wondering what gym split Corenswet adopted during this period, he went with the tried and true “push day, pull day, legs day” routine.

“We focus on moments like presses, pull ups, pull downs, rows – all the big ones,” he says. “We switched a little bit after a while, but kept the focus on progressive overload to encourage muscle growth, keeping track of reps and weight and trying to advance each week.”

“This is just what works,” says Mascitti. “A lot of trainers online are looking for the next best thing, but it’s not about showy moves, it’s about mastering the exercise and focusing on things like full range of motion, mastering the negative, stretching, and trying to progress in weight and reps.”

Mascitti says Corenswet “went above and beyond” in his quest to get into Superman shape. “He is Superman. James Gunn is amazing at casting people, and this guy was born to be Superman. Ask any cast or crew member, David is the nicest guy, and I think, the perfect Superman.”

But even Superman has his gym Kryptonite… lunges. “He isn’t the biggest fan of them, but he does it,” admits Mascitti. “He’s great at squats, but he just doesn’t enjoy lunges.”

What does a Superman in training eat and what does he need to stear clear of? “He was on around 6,000 calories a day and his diet was strict, but not as strict as I would have liked,” laughs Mascitti. “Half of his training had to be done over FaceTime and half in person as he wasn’t in Los Angeles all the time. We’d speak remotely and I’d ask him about his diet and he’d be eating cereal! He’d ask What’s wrong with cereal!? But that’s why he’s the perfect Superman, he has a realistic expectation of himself and the role.”

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