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Action Comics #46 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Action Comics #46
Cover date: January 2016
"Blind Justice" - Part 2: "Into The Shadows"
Writer: Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder
Penciller: Scott Kolins
Inker: Scott Kolins
Superman helps the people that had been kidnapped escape and then takes the fight right to the Wrath. Lee tries to talk him out of it but Clark distracts her and runs off. He arrives at the Wrath's facility in time to see her prep her bombers to infect more people with her evil. Superman and Lee try to stop her but suddenly Frankenstein appears and defends the bombers. Clark uses the fight to trash the bombers but that feeds into the Wrath's plans. Lee pleads with Clark to stop but as he and Frankenstein continue to fight Wrath explains that this is what Superman always was and it is up to her to fight monsters like the two juggernauts that are currently exchanging blows.

Action Comics #47 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Action Comics #47
Cover date: February 2016
"Blind Justice" - Part 3: "Consumed"
Writer: Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder
Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Inker: Karl Story, Wade Von Grawbadger, Sean Parsons and Dexter Vines
As Superman battles with Frankenstein the Wrath tries to convince Lee that she is not like the monsters fighting before them. Lee was not a monster to begin with like Superman. This is why Wrath wants to bomb Houston with her Black Mass; to create more heroes like Lee. Lee disagrees and makes a run for it but is taken down by Wrath's robots. Clark is able to defeat Frankenstein but is confronted by Wrath who explains that once she was a normal woman who rose through the ranks of the DA's office and became the Mayor of Metropolis. Superman and his kind changed things for the city and Wrath knew there had to be a better way. Enter Vandal Savage, who showed her how humans could save themselves. His gift was something that turned her righteous anger into power and now there is no need of Superman. Clark merges with the shadows and uses the power to take out one of the two bombers heading to Houston. The Wrath attacks and shows him how the people in his life and the people he has recently saved are afraid of him. Superman ducks into the shadows and emerges once again in front of Frankenstein. He realizes his best hope is to absorb all of the shadows, including those infecting Lee, into himself. Superman uses the shadows to prevent the Black Mass from detonating over Houston. Vandal Savage appears before Wrath and takes all of the shadows back. He leaves saying that only he can save the world. Lee finds Superman and tells him that all of the shadows are gone. Superman talks about all of the power he just had and while Lee believes that he could have handled it she likes her Superman just the way he is.

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Action Comics Vol. 8: Truth [Paperback] reprints Action Comics #41-47 and DC Sneak Peek: Action Comics #1]

Action Comics #48 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Action Comics #48
Cover date: March 2016
"Savage Dawn: Assault"
Writer: Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder
Penciller: Aaron Kuder and Rafa Sandoval
Inker: Aaron Kuder and Jordi Tarragona
A massive starship has just teleported into the Justice League Watchtower leaving dozens of people dead or injured. Superman is not about to give up but at this point he really needs to be at full power. Wonder Woman is in the Watchtower but is quickly taken into custody by Frankenstein and Vandal Savage, who informs Superman that he is going to take his friends' powers just as he took Superman's. Savage releases Wrath's Black Mass on the city while Superman tries to save a bus from crashing off of a bridge. Justice League United arrives and soon Superman is reunited with Steel and Lana and is told that the armor they have been working on is not ready. It is based on the same technology as the Metal-0 armor, which was powered by Kryptonite and would kill a normal man in minutes. As it stands Superman will only last a few hours, which is just fine by Clark. Wrath is horrified that so many people are dying, which doesn't mean a thing to Vandal Savage who is only looking for a clan that will have the strength and will to do what must be done. Superman and the Justice League United are able to break back into the Watchtower and Superman frees Diana. Savage is about to kill the two heroes when Wrath attacks him from behind. There is a massive explosion which blows Superman and Wonder Woman outside of the Watchtower and they crash to the ground. Savage has survived the attack and is informed that the breach is being repaired and that they only lost one subject but acquired six more. Vandal now has everything he needs for his final strike.

Action Comics #49 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Action Comics #49
Cover date: April 2016
"Savage Dawn: Immortal Combat"
Writer: Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder
Penciller: Aaron Kuder and Ardian Syaf
Inker: Jonathan Glapion, Scott Hanna and Sandra Hope
In Fargo, North Dakota one of Vandal Savage's descendants inhales the Black Mist and is transformed into a muscle bound behemoth. Meanwhile Clark's powers have returned thanks to the overdose of Kryptonite and he destroys the Puzzlerbot. Steve Trevor informs him that despite the fact that he has his powers back and that the Kryptonite burned off the poisoned cells that Savage infected him with the Kryptonite is killing his healthy cells too. Clark reunites with Wonder Woman in time to overhear transmission from the stolen Watchtower. Savage fires a beam into space but before Superman can find out why he is attacked by the kid from North Dakota. Superman tries to reason with him but the kid refuses to listen and insists he is a barbarian. Wonder Woman informs Superman that the beam Savage fired has struck Jupiter and now that planet is expanding. Superman realizes that the kid was a distraction and flies to where his Fortress is located and finds that Vandal Savage is trying to steal it.

Action Comics #50 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Action Comics #50
Cover date: May 2016
Writer: Greg Pak
Penciller: Aaron Kuder, David Messina, Javi Fernandez, Bruno Renado and Vicente Cifuentes
Inker: Aaron Kuder, Gaetano Carlucci, Juam Albarran, Fernandez and Cifuentes
Superman, powered by Kryptonite, fights his way to Vandal Savage. With a little help from his friends Superman is able to free the heroes Savage had in captivity. Diana wants him to rest but Superman refuses and confronts Savage. During the course of their fight Savage knocks Superman into the Fortress which returns Superman to full power. Superman thinks about what led to this moment and prepares for the final battle with Vandal Savage and his allies.

Action Comics #51 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Action Comics #51
Cover date: June 2016
"The Final Days of Superman" - Part 3: "Dazed and Confused"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Sandra Hope Archer
Superman breaks into a DEO facility in National City and "rescues" his cousin Kara. Turns out she didn't need saving at all. Kara went through some weird things after Superman lost his powers and finally lost hers as well. She was found by DEO agent Cameron Chase and went to the facility voluntarily. Kara wants to go back and sort things out but Superman suddenly weakens and Kara has to help her cousin. Superman tells her that pretty soon there will only be one survivor of Krypton on Earth and that person will be Kara. Meanwhile Doctor Omen gets the blood sample that one of her dragons secured earlier. In Metropolis the man that believes he's Clark Kent heads to the Daily Planet. After killing several staffers Lois is able to incapacitate the man which allows Perry to contact Argus. At the Fortress of Solitude Superman tells Kara what is happening to him and what role she will play after he's gone. Kara isn't sure she should be so public after everything that happened to Superman. He assures her that people have a right to be scared but in the end that they have use their powers to help people. Superman tells his cousin that she is much stronger than she gives herself credit for and while their family shield can certainly be a target it is also a badge of honor. No matter what he will always be there for her. He asks Kara if he can count on her and she tells him she can. As they leave the Fortress Wonder Woman arrives and asks when Superman was going to tell her about his condition.

Action Comics #52 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Action Comics #52 [Final Issue of New 52 continuity]
Cover date: July 2016
"The Final Days of Superman" - Part 6: "The Great Pretender"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Dale Eaglesham and Scot Eaton
Inker: Dale Eaglesham and Wayne Faucher
Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman continue their search for the Faux Superman. Superman weakens and has to continue the journey riding in the Batplane. Faux Superman continues his conversation with Lois and tells her that he has something to show her. In California the Superman from before Flashpoint and his son are cooking dinner when Lois and Faux Superman arrive at their door. Things are calm at first but Faux Superman goes off the chain and attacks the older Superman. Older Superman takes the fight outside leaving Lois and Jonathan behind. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman arrive and after a brief encounter with the older Superman they confront Faux Superman. Faux Superman informs them that he is ready to accept membership in the Justice League.

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Action Comics Vol. 9: Last Rites [Paperback] reprints Action Comics #48-52]


Superman #46 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman #46
Cover date: January 2016
"Knocked Out"
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: Howard Porter
Now a successful fighter in Mythbrawl, Superman is discovered by Jimmy Olsen, who wants to tell Superman's true story to the world. Superman no longer cares what people think of him and tells Jimmy and Condesa to leave. As Clark and Haemosu put away a few drinks at a metahuman bar, Clark tells his new friend about the clone of Apolaki and how he suspects that someone kidnapped and killed the original fighter. Haemosu points out two female metahumans that were former lovers of the missing fighter. The girls reveal there is no love lost between them after he left them for a girl called Yurei. One of the girls saw him being abducted by men with no faces, but as a woman scorned and ignored she left him to his fate. Later Yurei is binge watching Superman's Mythbrawl fights. She is so engrossed however that she doesn't hear Clark break into her quarters. Clark discovers that Hordr_Root has been waiting for him to power up again in order to syphon off his powers once more. Yurei tells him that in the old Hordr_Plex they had originally intended to kill Superman, not drain him but now they have even bigger plans, cloning sandmen was never part of the plan, but an unexpected byproduct of the energy drain. Suddenly a Sand Superman appears and clashes with Clark. Clark deflects its heat-vision, but it hits and apprently kills Jimmy Olsen, who has secretly followed Clark. Hordr taunts Superman to come after him as promised.

Superman #47 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman #47
Cover date: February 2016
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artists: Howard Porter (Main), Raymund Bermudez & Tom Derenick (Dream Sequence)
Jimmy is alive, barely! Condesa escorts him away in a hover buggy she summons electronically while Clark readies himself for round two with Sand Superman. Clark takes the fight down to the street and puts Sand Superman in a headlock. He theorizes that if his twin shares his addiction to solar flaring and he can force him to flare he will regain his powers. It doesn't work in the way expected, instead of making Clark, Superman again it superheats Sand Superman into glass. Clark returns to the hideout to find Condesa has turned all the electronics against Yurei, trapping her in a metallic prison. Yurei realizing her part in the plot is over, reveals that despite his victory, Clark won't be safe as Hordr_Root will hunt him down with or without her. Clark then visits Jimmy, who thankfully is on the road to recovery. Despite Condesa reassuring him, he can't seem to shirk the blame that this was all because of him and makes his way to the Mythbrawl arena. Shahrazad catches Clark clearing his locker and realizes he is going to have a fight to the finish with Hordr. She asks him to hold his battle in the Mythbrawl instead of the match with Haemosu. Clark points out he isn't as strong as he once was, Shahrazad points out his strength is what people see but it isn't who he is. Later Clark and Haemosu put on the scheduled brawl but this time Hordr_Root, robots and Quarmers crash into the Thousand One House, however, unlike their past encounters, this time it is a fake out and Clark has set a trap. Mayari creates a bubble around the arena that traps them all inside and blocks all communication and signals. Hordr is trapped this time and cannot transfer his mind to another node. Avenging Apolaki, the gods fight toe to toe with Hordr's robots until Clark can grab Hordr and finally end the story with a broken neck. Clark drops Hordr and the villain laughs that now none of his friends and family will be safe. Enter Condesa with a portable hard drive, who promptly downloads the villain into it like a ghostbuster's trap. Clark recognizes the node's real voice and unmasking the node he finds Jimmy. He realizes he was a hair's breadth from killing his best friend and cradles him as he falls unconscious. Clark takes the hard drive to Mr. Terrific and asks him to keep it safe away from any RF signals that could enable Hordr to escape and returns to Shahrazad for a final storytelling to heal his injuries. Shahrazad reveals his story has changed, it isn't his strength people see anymore but the choices he makes everyday. Clark says his goodbyes to the Thousand One House and his newfound friends, deciding to return to Metropolis with Jimmy and Condesa. Jimmy, while sleeping, sees into Hordr's past. He was once a super intelligent hacker who just happened to be handicapped. When he discovered his lineage he confronted his father, Vandal Savage, and was spurned for his disabilities. With only his friend Yurei at his side he managed to create a node for himself to transfer into from a cadaver. The cadaver killed the original body and so on until years later he was able to become Hordr, the ultimate hacker of knowledge and a worthy son to Vandal Savage. Jimmy awakens and reveals that he is now the only living node of Hordr, he has all of his memories and that's one reason why Hordr was always able to escape. When nodes were 'deleted' his secrets were erased with them and Clark finally has an edge on his enemies. This edge doesn't last as Vandal Savage attacks Mr. Terrific's office to retrieve Condesa's hard drive.

Superman Annual #3 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman Annual #3
Cover date: February 2016
"Savage Dawn"
Writer: Greg Pak, Gene Luen Yang, Peter J. Tomasi & Aaron Kuder
Artists: Dan Jurgens, Rafa Sandoval & Ben Oliver
The origins of Vandal Savage. Clark Kent struggles through the loss of his powers.

Superman #48 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman #48
Cover date: March 2016
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artists: Howard Porter & Ardian Siaf
A public debate in Central City is being targeted by an assassin named Kingslayer. Steve Trevor of ARGUS thwarts the attack but is almost killed in doing so leading to a now completely human Superman leaping into action. Two against one ensures Kingslayer's capture but then Steve uses a new weapon on the villain. A synthetic torture lasso, inspired by Wonder Woman's lasso of truth. Superman is angry that Argus would use such devices but the conflict is cut short as Kingslayer throws himself through a skylight right into the auditorium holding the debate, breaking his leg in the process. This creates hysteria amongst the crowd and suddenly Superman realizes there is a secondary trap, so he instructs Steve and his team to get to the exits and check them. Explosive devices were set to kill if the exits were used and thus Superman saves the day, lucky for him the debate was on Superman himself so it worked wonders as a little PR exercise, but as the villain is led away Clark turns to Steve asking a monumental favor. Elsewhere Hordr, in a mysterious operating theatre, watches over The Puzzler. Hordr uses the same tech that created himself to download the information and personality of The Puzzler into a new android body. It works and the new body comes to life but the human Puzzler realizes too late that he has been tricked as Hordr kills him. On the way back to the Argus base Clark reveals Vandal Savage and his children have orchestrated a massive attack on the Justice League and Superman specifically. The League are imprisoned in their own Watchtower with the Savage family, their captors. With only Wonder Woman on the outside fighting to free them, Superman needs his powers back more than ever. He explains that 'his top layer of cells has mutated to prevent his conversion of solar energy'. Superman's theory is to use Kryptonite as chemotherapy and blast the infected cells away to allow his healthy cells underneath to supercharge again and the one place on earth that has a stockpile of Kryptonite is Argus. As they arrive in Hawaii, at the Argus archive they don't notice they are being followed by the new Puzzler. As Steve and Clark go to the lower levels, Puzzler begins exhibiting Metal-0 type skills absorbing all the robotics, drones and metals. The elevator ride is awkward as Steve and Clark talk about the break up. The elevator opens up into a basement and they meet Etta Candy. The two Argus agents release a giant locker filled with Kryptonite and the poisonous effects work immediately, with Clark collapsing in a heap. Puzzler takes this moment to attack, punching through to the chamber and attacking Etta and Steve. He reveals he is former Argus agent Evans, the architect of the facility. His conversion was a calculated move by the Savage family. Puzzler absorbs more and more machinery, becoming more deadly and fighting through Argus defenses to get closer to Clark. Steve drags Clark away from Puzzler and his ninja star puzzle pieces. Steve pulls Clark to cover and tells him that Puzzler has absorbed almost all the archive and they have to leave, but Clark feels a sudden urge of power with the last of his strength he climbs into the pile of Kryptonite.

Superman #49 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman #49
Cover date: April 2016
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artist: Jack Herbert
Wonder Woman soars down and searches the part of the technobase wreckage that Clark is buried under. As the press arrive, so too does Lois Lane and her bodyguard Metallo. Under instruction from Lois, John Corben assists Wonder Woman in her search and hearing them Clark bursts out of the ground in a fury. Clark is surprised by Metallo's presence and realizes that Lois is looking out for him. Asking for John and Diana's assistance they attempt to enter the base again only to be thwarted by feedback from the forcefield protecting it. As they look skyward they see the comet approaching. As it draws closer all of Vandal's children begin to experience a supercharge of their abilities. Hordr watches as they all thrive but he doesn't experience the same ecstasy and turns to his father for an explanation. Vandal explains that as he has no pure body, jumping instead from node bodies he cannot harness the power of the comet. When Hordr_Root protests Savage orders Salvaxe to kill Hordr. Clark's new powers allow him to 'hear' the goings on inside the base and recalling how Bend had harnessed the powers of super villains, this time the Justice League were being used as batteries instead. Clark turns to John and orders him to expose him to Kryptonite radiation and Lois sees that Clark can now harness and channel the radiation. As Vandal instructs his children to attack Clark, Diana and John, Mr. Terrific orders reinforcements to aid them. Corben whose primary directive is to protect Lois races to her aid as Superman, Wonder Woman, the Mythbrawlers, Baka, Frankenstein and others arrive to fight the Savage offspring. Realizing Clark needs Kryptonite to remain super, Lois refuses Metallo's protection and races into the fight herself forcing him to assist her. Shocked by Lois' aid Clark and John race to break through the forcefield. John is blindsided by an explosive blast that rips his chest cavity open. Vandal watching via hologram invites his son into the base to join him but in doing so the jealous children left behind begin running riot not only fighting the heroes but also themselves, struggling for approval. As Lois cradles a dying Corben he tells her that that was all he ever dreamed of. John tells Clark that despite the supercharge from the Kryptonite and its chemotherapy effects, it will eventually do as it always has and lead to his death. Clark is still determined and when John realizes that no matter what Clark is willing to die to save everyone, he asks Clark to take his heart. Lois begs him not to sacrifice himself but John turns to Clark and tells him that though his heart was always for Lois, Clark's heart is for everyone. As John powers down, Clark reaches into the cavity and absorbs the Kryptonite power and uses its might to finally shatter the forcefield allowing him entry to the technobase.

Superman #50 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman #50
Cover date: May 2016
"What Could Have Been, What Can Still Be, And What Is"
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artists: Howard Porter, Ardian Syaf, Patrick Zircher, Jon Bogdanove
Vandal Savage is soaring into space closing in on the comet that he has been plotting to absorb for centuries with Superman giving pouring on the speed in hot pursuit. The two fight it out but Vandal grows more powerful every inch he gets closer to the comet. With sudden intensity Vandal erupts into a purple flame, literally burning up with power. With one punch Savage sends Superman hurtling back to earth and then stands over his foe. Vandal expresses his disappointment in Clark for having the gift of strength but instead of reveling in it he uses his power to become a servant to those beneath him. With great power comes great responsibility and Vandal decides to use his power to show Clark that consequences. Everything fades to black. Suddenly Clark wakes up in his baby rocketship, it is unfinished and when the makers, his young parents, arrive he realizes he is back on Krypton in its past. A quake threatens to bring the rook down on the El home and Superman races forward to save them. As he dusts himself off he meets a young version of himself, something perplexing as he was never on Krypton as a youth. When young Kal uses the work Rao, Lara scolds him about it. There is no Rao, there is only the High Chief. The Els surmise that the High Chief must have sent him to save them, but Clark points out he came from the rocket. Jor-El shrugs it off, he had planned to send baby Kal fearing Krypton would explode but once Lara convinced him the High Chief would stabilize the planet he realized it was just his lack of faith. Alarm bells ring in Clark's head and he asks the young El's where to find this all powerful savior. Clark, powerless on Krypton forces his way into a tower to meet the Chief and demands to know what is going on. Vandal reveals he is using his power to heal the planet but Clark isn't buying into the fantasy and demands the truth. Savage then tells him that, Puzzler, whom he gifted with the power of absorption, had been able to merge with some of Hordr_Root and gained the ability to create virtual simulations. Clark is confounded by this revelation and demands to know the purpose. Vandal tells him that he wants Clark to see that that they are linked by destiny. To prove his theory he explains that he had learned every secret in the Fortress and in doing so he found that the very comet that he sought was one that a Kryptonian scientist had diverted from impact there... Krypton created Vandal Savage. The simulation was to show Clark that if the comet had landed on Krypton it would have gifted one of them the power of High Chief, and this would have been the result, had strength been embraced. Clark is still unconvinced to Savage alters the simulation and this time... Now in the distant future Superman is a General, the advisor to Earth's ruler High Chief. Dominators threaten their future empire and Clark is shocked to see that the Special Forces team are twisted versions of Captain Atom, Gorilla Grodd, Killer Croc, Black Adam, Shazam, Blockbuster, Lobo, Giganta and Aquaman. He wonders if they are captives in the simulation or constructs like his parents. Unwilling to take a chance Clark participates in the fight and the team wins. The feeling of justice feels good to Clark and Vandal offers to make this scenario a reality. Clark asks what will happen to the weak and Vandal informs him that they don't matter. Because the weak fear him, they convince him he needs to be subservient to their weaknesses. Strength that serves weakness will not remain so he tells Clark, but the man of steel brushes off the argument to convince him with a valid point, if Savage now has ultimate power why would he even need Superman now? Vandal tells him that he was once the leader of a clan called the Demon Knights, that clan failed and now he sees he needs a general to help build a new clan, Superman would be the perfect general. When Lois, Jimmy and Perry appear as weak slaves in the simulation, Clark angrily rejects it prompting another simulation... This one is total destruction, everyone and everything is dead save for Vandal and Clark. Weakness leads to failure, to pain, if Clark joins him this future will never be. If Clark is determined to be attached to the weak, they will still benefit from the creation of the strongest clan. The simulation halts and Clark is standing in front of Puzzler and Vandal and while Clark stutters through the revelations Vandal takes Puzzler to try and bring the comet down to earth. News crews arrive and he thinks over the simulations; the El's could have been alive, Lois, Jimmy and other innocents could die if he fails. What could have been, what could be, but the phrase 'Choices have consequences' makes Clark remember what is and his mind wanders to a life lesson from Jonathan Kent. In the memory young tells his dad that a boy at school is bullying him and the other smaller weaker kids. Jonathan asks him if he's tried to reason with the bully, but Clark tells him that violence is the answer. When Jonathan points out that it isn't the answer to all problems, there are always other solutions and it is all in the choices you make. Our choices make us who we are and he is definitely not someone that believes in strength above all else. With his dad's life lesson ringing in his ears he launches himself into the sky. With Vandal and Puzzler pushing the comet down to earth, Clark musters all his strength to force it away. When Vandal realizes Clark has chosen not to join him he instructs Puzzler to finish off Superman. Puzzler does approach Superman but he witnessed the mercy shown by Clark to Hordr and the simulations Savage created and decides to ask Superman why Clark didn't kill Hordr when he had the chance. Superman tells Puzzler that despite him no longer having a human body, Hordr was still a person capable of decisions and choices that's why he couldn't kill Hordr. He then reaches out to Puzzler, who is now also in Hordr's predicament after his body was also destroyed. With all his family now dead is he destined to always be a resource for Vandal or a person capable of being more? It works and Puzzler decides to help Superman push the comet away. Vandal angrily pours on more strength and speed vowing revenge but the two opposing forced cause the comet to explode. Vandal is thrown into deep space by the impact while Puzzler and Superman hurtle to the earth below. Lois and Jimmy help up Clark and though its unsaid, Lois and Clark forgive one another with a hug. Later, in a diner, Jimmy and Lois show Clark the photo of him repowered. Jimmy is officially back at The Daily Planet. A call for help alerts Clark to an emergency and he races away. 'Go be Superman!' Jimmy tells him. But Lois says 'Go be Clark' and with that Superman soars into the sky.

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Savage Dawn [Paperback] reprints Superman Annual #3, Action Comics #48-50, Superman/Wonder Woman #25-27 and Superman #48-50]

Superman #51 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman #51
Cover date: June 2016
"The Final Days of Superman" - Part 1: "This Mortal Coil"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Mikel Janin
Superman is in his Fortress undergoing test after test while Krypto watches in sadness. No matter the test, the result is always the same: he is dying. With that realization comes anger, anger at the loss of time. He takes out his frustration on a medical droid, violently, and realizes he spooked his loyal hound, so he takes him to see his new sculpture. Jor-El & Lara raising Krypton and now Jonathan & Martha raising the Earth. Meanwhile in China, Dr. Omen aka Lilith Clay, is analyzing remnants of Vandal Savage's merged Superbase. With the Fortress, JLA Satellite and Stormwatch Carrier now all separated a security exploit has opened in the Fortress data banks allowing Dr. Omen to download information from Superman's computers. The Fortress discovers the breach and blocks it from fully completing, however it cannot determine the source as the merger by Savage caused integrity anomalies. To cheer up his master, Krypto presents Clark with his cape and Superman does what he does best, saving the day, multiple times. Later that day, Clark finds himself in Smallville and has a heart to heart with Lana. The reminiscing leads to Clark revealing his fate and requesting she oversees his secret burial next to the graves of the Kents. Back in China, Dr. Omen uses the data she has garnered on a glowing figure in a tube. In Minnesota, an escaped fugitive is recognized by a police officer and tries to escape. As he makes a dash in a pick up truck he sees a glowing spark of energy too late as it engulfs the truck in light, exploding on impact. Worried passers by stop to help but the fugitive climbs from the wreckage unharmed and exclaims that he is Superman, proceeding to pulsate with energy while sporting a glowing white 'S' Shield. Over in Metropolis Clark and Lois finally make peace, more than that, they become best friends once more. It is then that Superman offers a midnight flight over the city with a request... Lois Lane must write the full story on the life of Clark Kent and Superman!

Superman #52 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman #52 [Final Issue of New 52 era]
Cover date: July 2016
"The Final Days of Superman" - Part 8: "Do or Die"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Mikel Janin & Miguel Sepulveda
Superman and Denny Swan (the faux Superman) are fighting one another to the death. Denny, refusing to accept that he isn't truly Superman but a composite of false memories and solar energy, is determined to fight off who he deems the imposter. Superman tries his hardest to reach out to Denny and they smash and burn through acres of forestry trying to gain the upper hand over the other. Kara arrives and though she manages to separate them she too faces and onslaught of energy and is hurled back with explosive force. This however proves advantageous for the other two thirds of the Trinity as Wonder Woman and Batman, aboard the Batplane, slam into Denny with such force that they temporarily bury him. While Superman picks himself up he races to the aid of his unconscious and weakened cousin. Batman comments that Denny is rising in temperature and as before they all misjudge how powerful Denny is. He makes short work of Bruce and Diana after smashing out of the ground, but this time Superman is ready and he is the one that pulls Denny into the sky. The kryptonite poisoning reaches a peak just as Superman does but with barely any strength left they begin to fall out of the sky... until Clark White arrives to give them a boost and send them further into deep space. Superman thanks Clark for the boost but sucker punches his rescuer telling him to pick up his mantle as he has a plan to end this once and for all. Clark crash lands and as Denny and Superman duke it out once more they both unleash heat vision. The plan is for Denny to use so much energy he burns out and unleash a solar flare to absorb the power and hopefully Denny in the process. The explosion is intense and lights up the sky and as the light fades and Superman falls, Diana and Kara soar to catch him, they don't get there in time but Clark White does and steadies him till Bruce and Diana take over. It is obvious that Superman is fading fast, Lana, Lois, John Henry, Kara and Bruce all take their turns to say their goodbyes and comfort their friend. Lastly Diana and Superman share a tender goodbye and as the tears stream, the Man of Steel literally burns out into a pile of ash. Bruce wastes no time in trying to discover who Clark White is but he makes a quick exit. As the news breaks that Superman has died, the world reacts in different ways to mourn their hero. Lois meanwhile keeps her promise and writes the biography of her fallen friend, ready for the world to learn that despite his arduous and misery filled journey, he was a hero till the end...

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman Vol. 2: Return to Glory [Hardcover] reprints Superman #45-52 and Superman Annual #3]

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman: The Final Days of Superman [Paperback] reprints Superman #51-52, Action Comics #51-52, Batman/Superman #31-32 and Superman/Wonder Woman #28-29]

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