"Smallville" Comic Book Index


  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #1 [Digital Comic] (November 15)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar and DYM
    After reminiscing about his childhood and remembering how his father talked him through being nervous in front of crowds, Superman - hovering in the stratosphere awaiting his next mission - hears a disaster in progress and rushes to help. A super fast train has apparently lost control, and it's up to our hero to stop it. Naturally, he does. And he's rewarded for his efforts with a barrage of questions demanding to know why he never admitted he was an alien before. Meanwhile, something falls from space and lands in the Russian wilderness. The hapless Russian truck driver who witnesses the crash discovers... an unconscious man!

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #2 [Digital Comic] (November 22)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar and DYM
    Despite many Americans voicing concerns and fears over Superman being an alien, the President of the United States arranges a meeting where he provides our hero with photographs of the man who fell to earth last issue. That man, Superman says, is something called a Monitor... one of whom killed the Chloe of Earth-2 many, many issues ago and it's definitely something to worry about. Meanwhile, Lex is planning to visit Russia in order to learn more about Earth's newest visitor, and the residents of Watchtower - Chloe, Lois, Clark, and Digital Tess - discuss the situation. Chloe-2 arrived in a cornfield and warned that Earth-2 had been destroyed; shortly after, she died at the hands of a mysterious monitor. Her memories were uploaded into this earth's Chloe, and they've done little more than give her lots of sleepless nights. So far, anyway. Clark then makes arrangements via his Daily Planet credentials to hitch a plane ride with Lex on his trip to Russia. Shortly before boarding, Lex sees a familiar red and blue figure fly overhead and assumes it's Superman. He's wrong, however; it's Supergirl!

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #3 [Digital Comic] (November 29)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar and DYM
    A starting-to-show pregnant Chloe (formerly Sullivan) Queen drops by the Daily Planet to visit her cousin, Lois Lane. The two catch up on the latest happenings in each others' lives, like how Clark/Superman is learning to cope with fear and hate directed toward him and how a certain pier in San Francisco needs repairs after what happened in Smallville: Titans. Meanwhile, our hero - currently in his mild-mannered alter ego - is en route to Russia on a private plane with Lex Luthor. Clark presses Lex to reveal his reasons for allegedly attacking S.T.A.R. Labs a month earlier (he denies any involvement) and for flying to Russia after a UFO crashed there (he dodges the question). Lex then shifts the conversation to Clark, suggesting he should stop putting off his marriage to Lois and stop trusting in Superman. The conversation starts taking an uncomfortable turn, but luckily for both men, the plane hits a conveniently located storm over Russian airspace. It looks like Clark may have to find a way to sneak away and don his blue tights, but the plane is rescued in mid-air by the Rocket Red Brigade. And at ground level, the Russian Prime Minister is refusing to speak with the President of the United States. Instead, he wants to know how much Lex Luthor is willing to pay for his latest prisoner - the Monitor who crashed to earth two issues ago.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Aliens #1 [Print Edition] (December 2013)
    Collects "Smallville: Aliens" Digital Chapters #1-3.

  • Smallville: Titans Chapter #4 [Digital Comic] (December 6)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Cat Staggs, Cat Staggs
    The Titans take the battle to Ravager while Jaime (Blue Beetle) and Jayna (Wonder Twin) tend to the severely wounded Zan (the other Wonder Twin). Until now, Ravager has enjoyed the upper hand; however, Conner (Superboy) and Mia (Speedy) work together, combining their abilities, to end her assault with some telekenesis-controlled arrows. Not to be outdone, Ravager reveals a "dead man's switch" she's been carrying, which will detonate a bomb attached to Jaime if she's killed. Conner tells her the Titans don't kill, but they won't let her just walk away. The standoff ends when authorities arrive and take Ravager into custody, moments before a tyrannosaur crashes through a nearby wall. Before the authorities can panic (as anyone probably would if a tyrannosaur crashed through a wall in front of them), the Titans rush to the animal's side and say it's with them. After all, it's just the Wonder Twins - Jayna, to be precise, with Zan and Jaime catching a ride. Afterward, Superman meets Superboy for a friendly "You did good, kid" chat. The guys catch up on current events, and Superman says after an upcoming meeting he has with the President, the way people look at the "S" on their chests is going to change.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville Special: Titans #1 [Print Edition] (January)
    Collects "Smallville: Titans" Digital Chapters #1-4.

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #4 [Digital Comic] (December 13)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar and DYM
    Meanwhile, in Gotham City... Barbara Gordon is in a hurry to get somewhere. Elsewhere, in an empty warehouse, some nameless low-level criminals are playing cards. The party ends abruptly when Batman crashes through a window overhead and lands less than gracefully on their table. Turns out he isn't there for them, though. Bane arrives, ready to duke it out with the Dark Knight. A vicious brawl ensues, and for a moment, it looks like Batman might lose; however, the Batmobile crashes through a wall and into Bane. Barbara - now dressed as Nightwing - enters the scene and finishes Bane off with a pair of electrified kendo sticks. Then, the Bat Signal summons them. Commissioner Gordon calls Batman and Nightwing to the scene of an apparent hate crime, where a man dressed as Superman has been beaten to death. And in Metropolis, Lois tells Chloe she's got a "low-impact hero-like experience" that should be right up her alley: They're going to Gotham City!

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #5 [Digital Comic] (December 20)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar, DYM and Rob Lean
    Lex Luthor meets with the Russian prime minister to discuss turning over the Monitor that fell from the sky. After a drink or two (and a reference to one of Smallville's all-time worst episodes), they get down to business and meet with the visitor from a parallel universe. Meanwhile, Clark meets with Alexi of the Rocket Red Brigade, who, it turns out, was aboard the shuttle Clark/Superman rescued in one of the first issues of Smallville Season 11. Alexi says he, like so many, was inspired by Superman to do good and joined the Brigade to protect his country from outside threats. All the while, Clark uses his X-ray vision to check in on the room where the prime minister is holding the Monitor. The Monitor tells Lex his name is Ray-Lan. Not wanting to be sidetracked by the amazing fact an apparent alien who landed in Russia speaks English, Lex gets straight to business learning just what this visitor is. Ray-Lan tells Lex he has come to deliver the world's "reckoning," and he can give him all of his lost memories back. Outside, Clark and Alexi prepare to part ways, when an alarm sounds. An energy blast explodes through a wall and hits a Rocket Red Brigade member. The Monitor has escaped his bonds.

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #6 [Digital Comic] (December 27)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar, DYM and Rob Lean
    Lois and Chloe arrive in Gotham City just in time to see Batman "interrogating" Victor Zasz about the recent murder of someone dressed as Superman. The interrogation turns up nil, and everyone gathers at the Bat Cave for coffee. Bruce's billion-dollar computer, meanwhile, has been working on a facial reconstruction of the victim, who has yet to be identified. Much to everyone's surprise, the computer concludes the victim is... Clark Kent. Over in Russia, the Monitor is making short work of the Red Rocket Brigade. Lex attempts to intervene, and the Monitor promptly turns on him. Superman attacks from behind, saving Lex's life, and the Monitor somehow deflects Superman's heat vision back on him moments before the two lock horns. Superman demands to know what the Crisis is, and when the Monitor is less than forthcoming, he headbutts him. The Monitor, surprised by his injuries, flees the scene. Superman, equally surprised by his own injuries, asks, "How the hell did he hurt me?"

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Aliens #2 [Print Edition] (January 8)
    Collects "Smallville: Aliens" Digital Chapters #4-6.

  • Smallville: Harbinger Chapter #1 [Digital Comic] (January 3)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Rodney Buchemi
    Diana (that'd be Wonder Woman) contacts Tess in search of a prospect with magical powers. Tess says she knows just the person for the job, which leads us to a nightclub in London. Zatanna performs for a roomful of people probably drinking a little too much. After a heckler calls her a phony, she admits her tricks are fake. Then, she mutters a spell and makes the heckler float for the audience's delight. (Seems a bit more work than necessary.) Two encores later, we're told, Zatanna exits through a back entrance into an alley where a mysterious wizard attacks her. She puts up a decent fight, but the newcomer gains the upper hand. Just as he's about to damn her to "frozen fields and all that is lower," someone interferes and knocks him out. The interloper then introduces himself as Johnny. Which, of course, we know means John Constantine.

  • Smallville: Harbinger Chapter #2 [Digital Comic] (January 10)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Rodney Buchemi
    Two policemen escort the man who attacked Zatanna to jail. They're intercepted en route. A group of magic-wielding people in hoodies cast a nasty spell that makes blood shoot from the officers' eyes, then free Zatanna's attacker and deliver an ominous message: "Brother Blood would like a word." Meanwhile, Zatanna and Constantine arrive at his place of "business," which appears to be a black market of cursed items. He informs her that the Book of Magic she's looking for was stolen by a group of cultists just like the one they encountered. The two form an uneasy partnership, which results in harsh quips, verbal jabs, and a mean-spirited spell or two. Elsewhere, Zatanna's attacker is incinerated by (possibly) Brother Blood. While the poor guy is still smoldering, Blood says Zatanna and Constantine will come for them, and when they do, the cult will send Trigon the late cultist's regards.

  • Smallville: Harbinger Chapter #3 [Digital Comic] (January 17)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Rodney Buchemi
    Thanks to various spells and links with the afterlife, Zatanna and John Constantine are closing in on Trigon's cult, who is preparing a final sacrifice at Stonehenge to bring the demon to earth. Our heroes arrive moments before the cult appears ready to kill a young girl. Just as Brother Blood raises his ceremonial dagger, our heroes descend from the sky thanks to some magic (and science... sort of). Just when it seems the momentum is swinging in the good guys' favor, Brother Blood reveals that he was the true sacrifice all along and stabs himself in the heart. Demons claw their way out of Brother Blood's body, and Constantine, being Constantine, makes off with the Book of Magic, leaving Zatanna and the girl alone. With no other options, the two run from the attacking demons.

  • Smallville: Harbinger Chapter #4 [Digital Comic] (January 24)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Rodney Buchemi
    Constantine retreats to a nearby truck as things get dicey at Stonehenge. The ghosts of those he's let die in the past watch him accusingly, but he insists he doesn't care about leaving Zatanna and the girl behind. He doesn't care. Meanwhile, Zatanna is having a difficult time escaping the oncoming demonic hordes. They really want the girl she's protecting. Constantine has a change of heart and hurries back to Brother Blood's body. He reaches inside the slain man's opened chest to extract one of his organs. We turn our attentions briefly to Zatanna again as he does this, but we soon return as he recites and exorcism spell that banishes the demons back to the pits of Hell from whence they came. In the epilogue, Zatanna turns the young girl - who turns out to be Raven - over to Jay Garrick and the Teen Titans at the airport. She meets Constantine at one of the bars to share some "We'll meet again" banter, and he takes his leave through a closet. And in an epilogue to the epilogue, Constantine reappears at his home in London, where two police officers meet him at the door saying they'd like a word with him. Constantine promptly turns them into frogs and collects their badges in a bucket already containing quite a few other police badges.

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #7 [Digital Comic] (January 31)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar, DYM
    Lex, Superman, and the Rocket Red Brigade all take a moment to recuperate after the Monitor's escape. Superman takes to the sky to recharge under some direct sunlight and contacts Tess at Watchtower. Tess brings him up to speed on how Moscow and the rest of the world reacted to the incident - by covering it up - and they get to work trying to learn more about this mysterious alien. Superman returns to ground level, as Clark, and bumps into Lex (literally). Clark proceeds to question Lex once more on why he came to Moscow, which prompts Lex to voice his appreciation and disdain for him. Meanwhile, the Russian Premier tells them he and Moscow have officially washed their hands of the situation. And so, Lex takes Clark with him as they head off in search of the Monitors' last recorded coordinates after he escaped. In Gotham, Chloe is trying to get to know Bruce Wayne while he meditates in the Batcave. She broaches the topic of inviting him to join the Justice League, and Bruce doesn't give her an answer. Back in Russia, Clark and Lex arrive in Chernobyl. They discover a tunnel which leads to a spaceship underground.

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #8 [Digital Comic] (February 7)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar, DYM
    Lois and Barbara - in Nightwing garb - get to know each other while backtracking the final footsteps of the deceased Clark Kent from another universe. Along the way, they encounter a gang of thugs. The ladies continue discussing life, love, and boys while easily fighting the hoodlums off. (Turns out Barbara's got a thing for a guy in the circus.) Afterward, they discover a tunnel similar to the one Clark and Lex found last issue. Back in Russia, Otis is trying to reach Lex by cell phone, but it's not working. While talking with the Rocket Red Brigade, he indicates there's some hidden shame in his past that relates to his unwavering loyalty to Lex. Meanwhile, Clark and Lex search the hallways of the spaceship they discovered underground near Chernobyl. Deep inside, there's a glass structure that somehow contains hundreds, maybe thousands, of parallel earths that have already been decimated. The Monitor enters the scene, activates a blade on his arm, and tells them they won't live to see their earth destroyed.

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #9 [Digital Comic] (February 14)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar, DYM and Rob Lean
    Our story opens with Batman examining the dead Clark's body alongside Commissioner Gordon. DNA samples from the killer reveal something he says he'd rather not share. He contacts Barbara (Nightwing), Chloe and Lois at the Batcave and tells them he's "going dark." Without a word, Barbara races out of the cave on a motorcycle and meets Batman at an abandoned park called Amusement Mile. After a brief argument, Batman says he's not the hunter right now, he's the hunted. And so is Barbara. The other Clark's killer reveals himself at last by tossing some small explosives, incapacitating Batman momentarily, and stepping out of the smoke. It's another Batman - with the Joker's makeup. Meanwhile, beneath Chernobyl, the Monitor continues stalking Lex and Clark through his ship while revealing bits and pieces of his plan. He's been destroying alternate earths one by one, and in a specific order. That order wasn't followed to the letter by one of his fellow Monitors, which is why he ended up on this earth, along with possibly a few other alternate earth inhabitants. Lex and Clark manage to escape the ship, which fires its thrusters in preparation to take off. Clark takes advantage and flies himself and Lex out, timing his movements to make it look like they were thrown out by the blast. They land on a bridge, and the Monitor fires at Clark and sends him flying through the air and into a frozen lake. Lex dives in after him.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Aliens #3 [Print Edition] (February 12)
    Collects "Smallville: Aliens" Digital Chapters #7-9.

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #10 [Digital Comic] (February 21)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar, DYM
    While puzzling over how Mr. Luthor would handle the current situation, Otis notices one of the Rocket Red Brigade suits. In the meantime, Lex is about to catch and rescue Clark in the iced over lake at Chernobyl, but an energy blast sends the reporter out of Lex's reach. Thus, Lex returns to the surface and is plucked from the icy waters by the Monitor. The Monitor toys with Lex a while, telling him he plans to kill him before destroying this earth. However, he agrees to answer one question before killing his prey, and Lex asks what his connection is to Superman before passing out. Superman enters the scene and tosses the Monitor as far as he can. He creates a ring of fire around Lex with his heat vision to keep him warm, then flies above the cloud cover to recharge in the sun. While there, he talks with Tess and Emil at Watchtower, who tell him the reason this Monitor has been able to hurt him without Kryptonite or red sunlight is because he comes from a different universe with a different set of natural laws. Superman refuses assistance from Supergirl and heads for the Monitor's ship.

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #11 [Digital Comic] (February 28)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar, DYM
    Batman dukes it out with his doppelgänger, with some help front Nightwing. The Batman-Joker hybrid from the alternate earth reveals he killed the Barbara Gordon of his universe (she happened to be in a wheelchair) and both of his parents. The evil double tells Batman he should just finish him off rather than send him to Arkham Asylum, which would prove problematic since he'd be identified as Bruce Wayne. However, Batman tells him he doesn't kill and cuffs him. While in Russia, Lex Luthor watches helplessly as the Monitor prepares for the final destruction of earth. However, Superman arrives in time to take the Monitor down and disable the technology he's wearing. Lex tells Superman to kill him, otherwise more like him will come. Superman disagrees, insisting that killing the Monitor won't solve anything. He adds, "That's not my style." Superman then flies toward the Monitor's ship and destroys it from the inside. The ship crashes near Lex and the Monitor, and Lex is rescued from the devastation by Otis in Red Rocket Brigade armor. Superman surveys the wreckage and finds the Monitor impaled on a rod. He closes the dead being's eyes and says, "I'm sorry."

  • Smallville: Alien Chapter #12 [Digital Comic] (March 7)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Edgar Salazar, DYM
    Lex Luthor wakes up in a hospital, where Clark Kent is waiting by his bedside. Otis was there earlier, but Clark convinced him to take a break. Lex bemoans his efforts against the Monitor, which he says put Clark and the world in danger. Clark tells him the Monitor probably would've tried to destroy the planet with or without Lex's intervention. Clark starts to leave, when Lex tells him he's a good liar. Despite Clark's consoling words, Lex says he can see the disapproval in his eyes. And he suspects he saw that look in his "past life," before he lost his memories. Clark acknowledges something of their history, saying that many times Lex's need to save the world often butted heads with his ego. Later, at the Watchtower, Chloe, Tess, Lois, and Clark discuss the latest happenings while reading a Daily Planet newspaper with "The New Cold War" as the top story. They suspect the Crisis has only just begun. Bruce Wayne arrives and informs them his evil doppelgänger is safely in custody with John Jones. Considering the threats facing the planet, he agrees to join the Justice League - temporarily. Meanwhile, at S.T.A.R. Labs, Dr. Emil Hamilton and a team are beginning an autopsy of the Monitor's remains. Diana Prince arrives and tells them a communication device the Monitor had previously is missing. As it turns out, Lex managed to lift that particular item. After uttering a whispered thanks to Otis for saving his life - one Otis almost certainly didn't hear - he sends a message out to the Multiverse announcing himself and saying, "We need to talk..."

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Aliens #4 [Print Edition] (March 12)
    Collects "Smallville: Aliens" Digital Chapters #10-12.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #1 [Digital Comic] (March 14)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcio Takara, Marcio Takara
    Our story begins where Season 9 ended, with Clark confronting Zod atop a skyscraper in Metropolis. After Zod's banishment to the Argo Colony with the other Kandorians, a green light soars over the surviving clones. As it happens, the light is actually a Green Lantern ring, which, upon detecting Kryptonian life forms returning to its sector, begins its search for a suitable ring bearer. Unfortunately, the Kandorians are clones, and therefore unsuitable. So it begins searching elsewhere. In present day Metropolis, Oliver and Chloe bring us up to date on current events by discussing their perspectives on their situation. Ollie wants to see action again, but Chloe wants to make sure their child doesn't become an orphan. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark have just finished watching a movie called Warrior Angels: United. Clark is still worried about previous events, but Lois wants him to relax and enjoy one of their few quiet moments together. Naturally, that's when something happens. The Green Lantern ring descends on the street, and Clark is barely able to toss Lois onto a conveniently placed couch before he's claimed as a new ring bearer and member of the Green Lantern Corps.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #2 [Digital Comic] (March 21)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcio Takara, Marcio Takara
    Police chase a runway criminal through the streets of New York City. One detective follows him into a dark alley, and moments later, a giant green fist punches the man back into the open. When asked what in the world that was, the detective - Detective Stewart - says he has no idea. A device that other police assume is a strange cell phone begins signaling him, and Stewart retreats to a secluded area where he can freely converse with someone named Salaak via his own power ring, just like the one Clark Kent received last issue. He's told he'll be needed to help train a new recruit in his sector. In the meantime, Clark is attempting to be rid of the ring. Heat vision, Arctic breath, even super-powered fastball pitches aren't able to destroy it. He suddenly overhears a police standoff with a group of heavily armed criminals and rushes to assist, with near catastrophic results. Superman unwittingly launches green missiles and a giant green version of himself at the men, who naturally surrender for fear of whatever the new mean green Man of Steel might throw at them next. Superman apologizes to the police and insists he'll help clean up the mess as soon as he has his "new skill set" under control. He flies from the scene and meets Detective Stewart, now adorned in his own Green Lantern garb, in the sky. Stewart tells him they need to talk.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #3 [Digital Comic] (March 28)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcio Takara, Marcio Takara
    Oliver Queen has arrived at the scene of the armed robbery Superman thwarted last issue. In addition to being a little miffed Superman has gone green - that's Ollie's color - he's also wondering why these criminals decided to rob this bank sporting some really heavy duty hardware. Meanwhile, in an undisclosed warehouse, Prometheus is introduced to the Smallville universe. While apparently using homeless men for target practice, Prometheus discusses the fact that the crime in question was, in fact, just a distraction from something much bigger. Elsewhere, Clark is receiving a crash course in Green Lantern history. Via a sentient program in the ring, Tomar Re gives a quick summary of previous events among the Lanterns of the Smallville universe. The Guardians of Oa created the Green Lantern Corps as an elite force to patrol and protect the cosmos. However, the Corps was preceded by a legion of robots called Manhunters. Unfortunately, things went south when a cosmic entity called Parallax infested one of the Guardians and repurposed the Manhunters as weapons of fear. Thus, the Corps was created to fight them. Earth's first Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, was possessed by Parallax, and he turned on his fellow Lanterns. The Parallax War that followed decimated the corps, leaving only a dozen or so Lanterns left. Clark tells Tomar Re he's sworn to protect Earth and asks why one of the citizens of Argo can't accept the ring, since their existence is what caused the ring to seek a Kryptonian in the first place. John Stewart interrupts the conversation, ending the program, and explains that the ring chooses someone with the capacity for great will. When pressed by Clark about why the Guardians, now apparently long dead, ever had the right to force people into service for them, Stewart simply says, "Orders are orders. And you're a soldier now." Somewhere in space, buried within an asteroid circling a distant star, a mysterious voice awakens the Manhunters and sends them to hunt down the remaining Green Lanterns.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Lantern #1 [Print Edition] (April 16)
    Collects "Smallville: Lantern" Digital Chapters #1-3.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #4 [Digital Comic] (April 4)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcio Takara, Marcio Takara
    Lex and Otis discuss the recent events in Russia [from the "Alien" story arc]. Lex is pondering why the Lex Luthors of other universes haven't responded to his inter-dimensional calls. When Otis suggests finding a "bigger battery," Lex decides to try getting his hands on a super-collider recently made available by rival businessmen Ted Kord and Bruce Wayne. He also reviews footage of Superman's latest exploits in green, and says he recognizes the symbol on Supes' new ring but isn't sure where he's seen it before. In the Arctic, Superman is trying to learn the ways of ring slinging in the Fortress of Solitude. John Stewart fills him in on how the process works, but he's a bit vague and uncertain about the why. Superman, not satisfied with answers that are basically, "It's just the way it is," decides to enlist the help of a scientific expert to study the ring. In Metropolis, Oliver and Chloe are getting help from digital Tess to dig deeper into the recent armed robbery Superman foiled. They discover the whole thing was, in fact, a distraction from a real robbery from the D.E.O. Later, at S.T.A.R. Labs, Professor Emil Hamilton and his crew determine that the Green Lantern rings - which Stewart has been associated with for ten years - operate by utilizing sub-space. Unfortunately, before they can learn more, the facility is besieged by a squadron of Manhunters.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #5 [Digital Comic] (April 11)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcio Takara, Marcio Takara
    Diana, Steve, Lois, and Oliver are looking into the recent weapons burglary. As it turns out, although Prometheus was able to avoid detection by the standard security devices, mystical agents were able to conjure an image of him for our heroes. Prometheus has been pilfering items from past encounters. Their investigation is interrupted by battle sounds just outside. The Manhunters are chasing Superman and John Stewart across the Metropolis skyline. Their rings are unable to defend against the Manhunters' attacks, so they take the battle outside of Earth's atmosphere - and to the moon, where there's a base of robotic soldiers. The Manhunters claim the Green Lanterns have violated a treaty, but Stewart says he has no idea what they're talking about. Digital Tess arrives leading an army of Guardian robots, and the subsequent battle reveals yellow rings powering the Manhunters. This prompts Stewart to fall back, and Superman uses his heat vision to incapacitate the attacking Manhunters. Elsewhere, Lex is visiting with "Mrs. Hunkle" at the former headquarters of the Justice Society, where there's a Green Lantern power battery.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #6 [Digital Comic] (April 18)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcio Takara, Marcio Takara
    The Green Lanterns sift through the rubble left behind after the previous battle with the Manhunters on the moon. While insisting no treaty was broken, they bring Superman up to speed on the Yellow Rings. They were designed by the Guardians in order to better fight the Manhunters. To do so, they harnessed the power of fear. It worked, but at a terrible cost - it unleashed Parallax on the universe, which resulted in the decimation of the Corps. The Lanterns disperse to return to their respective sectors, but before leaving, Tomar Re tells John Stewart he should know something the other survivors of the Parallax War can never learn. Back on Earth, Oliver Queen lends a hand to D.E.O. officers searching under the city for Prometheus and the technology he stole. They find him, which turns out to be unfortunate. Using flash grenades and other assorted nasty gadgets, Prometheus easily overcomes the D.E.O. and stabs Oliver before leaving in what appears to be a Boom Tube. In space, Superman and Stewart investigate the asteroid where the Manhunters originated and discover the evil cosmic entity Parallax. Parallax has imprisoned the Guardians on himself in order to feed off of their fear, which was part of an agreement they made in order for Parallax and the Green Lanterns to leave each other alone. Unfortunately, Parallax believes the Lanterns are gathering to destroy him, and since he's grown tired of feeding on the Guardians, he thinks it's time he started his own Corps... using Yellow Rings.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Lantern #2 [Print Edition] (May 14)
    Collects "Smallville: Lantern" Digital Chapters #4-6.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #7 [Digital Comic] (April 25)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcio Takara, Marcio Takara
    The Yellow Lantern rings dispatched by Parallax enter Earth's atmosphere, awakening Blue Beetle and the rest of the Titans in San Francisco. One of the Titans is deemed incompatible by a ring, which then moves on in search of another ringbearer. In Gotham City, Batman and Nightwing are taking down some street thugs as the rings enter the neighborhood. The make a beeline for Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile, in space, Parallax appears to have the upper hand on Superman and John Stewart, when one of the captured Guardians - Ganthet - orders them to find something the beast fears. He has more to say, but he's unfortunately cut off by Parallax, who promptly tears him in two. It provides the distraction Superman and Stewart need to escape Parallax's clutches, though. Stewart orders Superman back to Earth to intercept the Yellow rings. Superman reluctantly agrees, then departs, leaving Stewart to face Parallax alone.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #8 [Digital Comic] (May 1)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcio Takara, Marcio Takara
    Oliver Queen wakes up in Metropolis General Hospital. Chloe is there by his side. Instead of the stern lecture he expects from her for putting himself in harm's way, Chloe says she wants to go after Prometheus. Meanwhile, Lex is making no progress in his search for answers on the Green Lanterns from Mrs. Hunkle at the former Justice Society mansion. He wants to know about Alan Scott, but Mrs. Hunkle tells him nothing. Then, the lantern battery on display in the room lights up, relaying Superman's distress signal. Professor Emil Hamilton and others at S.T.A.R. Labs inform Superman the Yellow Rings have landed in Gotham City, specifically at Arkham Asylum. Batman and Nightwing are doing their best against the newly powered resident super villains. Luckily, Superman arrives just in time to offer assistance.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #9 [Digital Comic] (May 8)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcio Takara, Marcio Takara
    John Stewart engages in battle with Parallax, who taunts him about Hal Jordan's past deeds while under its control. According to Stewart, Parallax used Jordan to murder Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner. Moments before overtaking him, Parallax tells Stewart he's been deceived by the Guardians, that he should let all of that go and embrace his fear. On Earth, Oliver, Chloe, and Digital Tess are monitoring the Yellow Rings and the subsequent mayhem they're causing. In addition to Batman, Nightwing, and Superman operating in Gotham, the Teen Titans are also in action in San Francisco. Intent on joining the fray, Oliver programs a 3-D printer to create a new armored suit for him. And in Gotham, the battle is going badly for the heroes. Superman manages to break free of his Green Lantern armor and operate in his own suit once more. Then, Parallax arrives with Stewart under its control.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Lantern #3 [Print Edition] (June 11)
    Collects "Smallville: Lantern" Digital Chapters #7-9.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #10 [Digital Comic] (May 15)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Ig Guara, Le Beau Underwood
    Tess and the rest of the Watchtower crew monitor the Yellow Ring situation in Gotham, while Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman report on it in Washington, D.C. According to Trevor, the rings focused on the U.S. Congress, and mystics working for the D.E.O. are zeroing in on Prometheus. Zatanna uses her magic to send Green Arrow - with his new suit of armor - after him. Tess and Chloe then contact Emil Hamilton at S.T.A.R. Labs. They deduce that, unlike the Green Rings, the Yellow Rings actually control the people wielding them. Emil takes that notion a step further and determines that the ring may also share a single communication frequency. The ladies also contact Batman in Gotham and ask him to secure a single Yellow Ring for them. Batman agrees to try, while Superman battles John Stewart. He tells John that it's okay to experience fear, that it's not an emotion anyone should repress or ignore. Stewart responds by impaling Superman with a Yellow Ring constructed sword. Meanwhile, the remaining Green Lanterns are monitoring the battle from above the Earth. They wonder if they have the power to stop Parallax and his forces before setting off in search of the one thing that frightens the fear entity.

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #11 [Digital Comic] (May 22)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Ig Guara, JP Mayer
    Prometheus arrives in Fort Knox via Boom Tube, but Green Arrow is waiting for him. A one-on-one battle ensues, and Ollie gets the upper hand thanks to a massive headbutt. In Gotham City, Batman battles with a Yellow Ring-enhanced Firefly. Firefly collides with a building, which prompts the ring to abandon him and search for a new bearer. Batman is its first choice, but Batman "convinces" it to take its time examining him and uses the opportunity to analyze it. The data is sent to S.T.A.R. Labs, and Emil Hamilton says he's isolated the rings' frequency. While they can't turns the rings off, he says they can reboot them. Unfortunately, that would also reboot any Green Lantern rings in the area. The plan works. The rings reset, and all the Yellow Lanterns are momentarily paralyzed. Superman tells John Stewart to get back up because, "We aren't done fighting yet!"

  • Smallville: Lantern Chapter #12 [Digital Comic] (May 29)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcio Takara, Marcio Takara
    Superman rescues the escaped Arkham Asylum villains while John Stewart distracts Parallax, who insists earth has enough fear to feed him forever. Stewart lures the cosmic entity into a junkyard and smashes the left side of its head/face with a wrecking ball. Parallax is about to counterattack when a space whale appears and, with an assist from Superman, banishes the entity to its home - the one thing it feared. In the aftermath, the remaining Green Lanterns reevaluate their mission parameters. The Corps will endure, Stewart tells Clark later on, but no one will be conscripted against their will again. Clark reunites with Lois to help cover the latest breaking story: Green Arrow's return to crime-fighting. Speaking of Green Arrow, Oliver Queen and Chloe enjoy a happy reunion. Lex Luthorand Otis Berg, however, aren't so lucky. Lex returns home without any Lantern-related info from the Justice Society mansion. He tells Otis he needs the individuals who wore Yellow Lantern rings, who are currently in prison, to bea part of a team he wants to create.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Lantern #4 [Print Edition] (June 11)
    Collects "Smallville: Lantern" Digital Chapters #10-12.

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #1 [Digital Comic] (June 6)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Agustin Padilla, Jose Aviles
    On the streets of Metropolis, Big Blue is battling a professorwho's been possessed by an evil spirit thanks to a dark jewel. Meanwhile, in Antarctica, Lois Lane is touring a Higgs Boson collider facility built by Ted Kord and Michael Holt. (Blue Beetle and Mister Terrific in past lives, for those who might be interested.) As proud as they are of their accomplishments, they tell the intrepid reporter that none of it would've been possible without the last minute contribution of Lex Luthor. Lois insists no one should trust Lex, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Otis Berg places a device in a darkened corridor in Section 31 of the facility moments before the experiment begins. Sadly, things don't go as planned for Kord and Holt, and the experiment opens a violent gateway into the Bleed, the rift between parallel universes. Just after defeating the possessed professor, Superman hears Lois call for help and flies to Antarctica at super speed. He arrives in time to catch Lois just before the vortex pulls her in, but they're both caught in the rift just before it closes. Moments after their disappearance, Lex remarks he's just killed two birds with one stone.

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #2 [Digital Comic] (June 13)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Augustin Padilla and Daniel HDR, Jose Aviles
    Chloe, Oliver, Diana, and Steve (you know, the Season 11 Gang) discuss the future while touring the D.E.O. Headquarters located beneath the Potomac. Diana is convinced Chloe will bear Oliver a son. Steve would like to have Oliver - as Green Arrow - train tactical soldiers/agents to lead into combat for the United States. Those discussions end, however, when everyone receives a call from Booster Gold at the Antarctic facility informing them Lois and Clark vanished into a rift between worlds, or a bleed. Skeets informs them he detected unknown alien technology at the site of the malfunction, where Otis Berg deposited something suspicious last issue. As it turns out, Otis is listening in on the conversation, and he runs away when Skeets says he's attempting to track the technology. After ending the conversation with the Season 11 Gang, Booster asks Skeets if he has any historical records of Lois and Clark/Superman vanishing from this reality. Skeets says he not only has none, but he's having trouble accessing any records they brought with them from the future. Meanwhile, at STAR Labs, Emil Hamilton and his team are trying to determine how the emerald caused Professor Gordon to go insane in the last issue. Apparently, the emerald releases some sort of alpha waves, and unfortunately, there are other pieces still out there. Which brings us back to Metropolis, where a pair of Daily Planet reporters are investigating the scene of the incident between Superman and Gordon. One of them, named Lombard, accidentally bumps into a small fragment of the emerald on a lamppost, pricking his hand. Before we cut to the next scene, he mutters, "I am the wrath of God." Elsewhere, Zatanna attempts to locate Lois and Clark via her magic abilities. She tells the Season 11 Gang that Lois and Clark are, in fact, in Metropolis. They just aren't in THEIR Metropolis. And so we cut to another earth in the multiverse, where Superman wakes up to find himself and Lois in a Metropolis very unlike the one they know. The place looks like a deserted war zone. Burning cars line the streets, smoke fills the air, and the skies are bright red. Superman takes hold of Lois and flies up to get a better view of their surroundings. The see what appears to be a superhero crucified on a symbol atop a building. Overhead, several ships like the one the Monitor had back in "Alien" patrol the skies.

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #3 [Digital Comic] (June 20)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Augustin Padilla and Daniel HDR
    Lex Luthor enacts what he calls a "hostile takeover" of the Antarctica facility with the help of Yellow Lantern-powered henchmen. Back in Metropolis, the police are still trying to figure out what happened to Professor Gordon, the man claiming to be God's wrath, when the police department is attacked by a swarm of others similarly affected by the black emerald. They claim to be Eclipso. And in another universe, Lois and Superman duke it out with Bleed-powered Manhunters. Superman takes Lois to the skies and, thanks to some clever evasive maneuvers, destroys their attackers. They then search for any people still alive and, following Superman's super-hearing, enter a church. This universe's Jimmy Olsen - named "Hank" here - wants Superman to leave immediately, saying it's because of "capes" like him most people are dead. Hank is interrupted by this universe's Lois, who tells Superman that her earth's hero, Mister Majestic, was murdered alongside all the others. According to Lois, the Monitors did something to the earth's core, which was the beginning of the end for other cities. Just then, a ship overhead begins a similar assault over Metropolis.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Chaos #1 [Print Edition] (August 13)
    Collects "Smallville: Chaos" Digital Chapters #1-3.

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #4 [Digital Comic] (June 27)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Augustin Padilla and Daniel HDR
    Havoc breaks loose in Metropolis thanks to the ever-growing army of Eclipsos. Tess is overwhelmed at Watchtower trying to contain the mess without Superman's assistance. On the alternate earth, Lois tries and fails to convince her doppelgänger and others hiding out in the church to make a run for it. Her doppelgänger says there's no hope, however, and this is just the next in line of numerous attacks on Earth's cities. Outside, Superman prevents an army of Manhunters from attacking the refugees. The Manhunters suddenly evacuate in preparation for the "purge," and Superman hears gunshots in the church. He returns and finds everyone but Lois dead - all as a result of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. They then set off in search of this earth's equivalent of a Fortress of Solitude. Back on our earth, at the Antarctic facility, Lex - backed by his army of Yellow Lanterns - is demanding access codes for the equipment. He insists his actions are to save the world. Booster Gold and Skeets listen in on the conversation, and Skeets tells Booster the fate of all reality now rests in his hands.

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #5 [Digital Comic] (July 4)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Augustin Padilla and Daniel HDR
    As Eclipsos continue their assault on STAR Labs, Professor Emil Hamilton and his team of scientists begin plotting their escape. Elsewhere in the building, Hank Henshaw determines he has to do something to help with the situation. He manages to sneak past them into a storage room filled with armored robots, then set Hamilton and his men free from the room in which they'd confined themselves. Meanwhile, on what has been termed "Earth-Majestic" in this issue, Superman and Lois reach the Fortress of Solitude, but this world's Jor-El is less than welcoming. Superman hoped to use the technology there to send themselves back to their home universe, just as he'd previously done to Clark Luthor at his own Fortress, but Jor-El calls him an impostor and imprisons him in a golden crystal. With Superman out of commission, Lois steps up to try and reason with Jor-El.

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #6 [Digital Comic] (July 11)
    Bryan Q. Miller; Agustin Padilla, Daniel HDR and Marcelo Di Chiara
    Lex Luthor continues his hostile takeover of the Antarctica facility, convinced his actions are for the greater good of the universe. Otis Berg reminds him that, so far, no other Lex Luthors from alternative universes have tried contacting him. Lex says he's done trying to reach them and intends to contact someone else. Elsewhere in the facility, Booster Gold overcomes two of Lex's Yellow Lantern Corps members and escapes to the outside. Unfortunately, he's ambushed by more Yellow Lanterns waiting for him. Meanwhile, on Earth-Majestic, Lois manages to convince Jor-El to release Superman and help them travel to another parallel world. Jor-El warns her he cannot guarantee which earth they'll arrive on but agrees. He asks only that they take him with them. Jor-El downloads himself onto a crystal, and they teleport away just before the Fortress is destroyed. They arrive on another earth, one that's not in much better shape than the one they left. This earth was attacked by Apokolips just like the Smallville TV series finale, except this one didn't have a Superman to save the day, and the fire-belching planetoid has collided with earth.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Chaos #2 [Print Edition] (September 10)
    Collects "Smallville: Chaos" Digital Chapters #4-6.

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #7 [Digital Comic] (July 18)
    Bryan Q. Miller; Agustin Padilla and Marcelo Di Chiara
    Our story opens on Earth-Omega, with Superman and the Jor-El of Earth-Majestic delivering some exposition. According to Jor-El, Kryptonians sought to travel the stars, making use of wormhole technology, and stumbled on evidence of parallel worlds. Specifically, they discovered the Bleed, but they couldn't study it or explore it because everything it came in contact with was destroyed. Unfortunately, Superman notes, the Monitors cannot only travel through the Bleed, they can wield it as a weapon, which they've been doing to destroy countless parallel universes. However, Earth-Omega wasn't destroyed by the Monitors; it was destroyed by something else. Lois allows herself a moment of depression. Seeing the devastation of these worlds, she says, is almost too much. Superman hears a faint sound, and they set out in search of its source. Meanwhile, back on our earth, a Mephisto-possessed person wreaks havoc on a passenger plane headed for Tokyo. Digital Tess monitors its descent but warns other heroes to stay away from the city in order to prevent them from being possessed by the entity. However, there are still a few heroes left in town. Superboy rescues a family from a group of attacking Mephistos, and Supergirl catches the aforementioned falling plane. On Earth-Omega, Superman discovers the source of the noise he heard. A dark figure calls to him from the rubble, saying on his earth, Superman was known as Clark Kent. When Superman asks the figure how he know this, the figure turns and says "Darkseid never forgets a face."

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #8 [Digital Comic] (July 25)
    Bryan Q. Miller; Agustin Padilla and Marcelo Di Chiara
    Our story begins with Lex Luthor torturing Booster Gold with the help of his Yellow Lanterns. Booster remains defiant, despite his obvious pain. He tells Lex the two of them aren't all that different. They both want to be heroes, he says, but Lex can't shake his greed and ambition. Lex answers that, since losing his memory, he's yet to take a single life. He suspects he'll have to someday, and he doesn't want Booster to be the first. He orders the Lanterns to take Booster's technology and goes to speak with Ted Kord and Michael Holt, who say the proper adjustments are in place with the super collider to accommodate Lex's alien tech. Lex's Lanterns imprison them once again, and Lex order Otis to throw the switch. Meanwhile, on Earth-Omega, Superman and Lois talk with Darkseid. The ruler of Apokolips tells them he is, in fact, the same Darkseid Clark Kent faced down not long ago. There is only one Darkseid, he tells them, and until recently, he traveled to many universes to bring death and destruction. However, the monitors, he says, broke him. Superman asks for help boarding one of the Monitor ships flying overhead. Darkseid agrees but says he'll need someone to stay with him for entertainment - and he casts his eyes on Lois. Superman says he has a better idea. Later, Superman, carrying Lois on one arm, follows the Monitor ship into the atmosphere and enters just before the ship enters the Bleed. They lay low while Monitors investigate the duo's forced entry, unaware that stowaways have entered the ship and fearing Bleed contamination. Back on the planet's surface, Darkseid holds the crystal shard that contains the presence of Jor-El from Earth-Majestic. He says this feels like a second chance and throws the shard into the distance. A fortress of solitude forms, and Darkseid says it could be a new beginning, or a "New Genesis."

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #9 [Digital Comic] (August 1)
    Bryan Q. Miller; Agustin Padilla and Marcelo Di Chiara
    Professor Emil Hamilton and his cohorts from STAR Labs work with Digital Tess at Watchtower to locate the original person under the sway of Eclipso - Bryce Gordon. Superboy, Supergirl, and Hank Henshaw volunteer to find him, and luckily enough, Tess has a lock on his position. Gordon stands atop the Daily Planet and declares that Eclipso will visit his wrath upon the earth at the setting of the sun. Meanwhile, in Antarctica, Lex's Yellow Lanterns are eager to start offing prisoners, ditch their boss, and relish their newfound power. Skeets watches their interactions and flees into the shadows, saying it's all up to him now. And in Bleed Space, Superman and Lois search for their earth among a large number of dead ones. They find it, still unharmed, just before being confronted with something calling himself a Weaver and, just before confronting Superman, is joined by three more similar beings. Together, they render Superman unconscious. They take him and Lois to a holding cell. Then, they receive an interdimensional transmission from none other than Lex Luthor, who suggests the Monitors, rather than razing his universe, simply "reboot" it.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Chaos #3 [Print Edition] (October 8)
    Collects "Smallville: Chaos" Digital Chapters #7-9.

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #10 [Digital Comic] (August 8)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Agustin Padilla
    Superboy and Supergirl take down an Eclipso atop a building while a news chopper covers the action - and the reporter inside is apparently arguing with her producer over whether or not to comment on the fact Supergirl isn't wearing a skirt. The chopper is caught in the crossfire, and Supergirl rescues the reporter and the pilot. She also makes a point to thank the reporter for her "solidarity" on the skirt issue. At street level, Hank Henshaw battles another swarm of Eclipsos. He utilizes probing cables that are part of his body to probe the minds of the Eclipsos and get a better idea of what they're dealing with. He learns that Eclipso has existed for many generations, many times as a deity both worshipped and feared by ancient cultures. Henshaw suggests that Superboy and Supergirl offer themselves to Eclipso, which will likely draw the entity out of all the normal humans in order to manifest itself in super-powered beings. While it attempts to do that, they believe they can stop it. Supergirl goads Eclipso, and he takes the bait. And in the Bleed, the Monitors listen to Lex Luthor's proposal to reboot the universe. Superman and Lois interrupt his proposal, calling him a monster. Lex insists he's the only one actually trying to save the world by reasoning with the Monitors. The Monitors end the transmission, saying they have much to discuss. First, however, they intend to kill Superman and Lois by jettisoning them into the Bleed. Superman says he can get them out of this situation, but Lois will have to trust him and let the Monitors kill him first.

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #11 [Digital Comic] (August 15)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Agustin Padilla
    Supergirl, Superboy, and Hank Henshaw continue battling Eclipso, now in his *altogether* form after emerging from his numerous hosts throughout Metropolis. Supergirl and Superboy discover that their respective abilities aren't stopping Eclipso, and they look to Henshaw for suggestions. Henshaw says sound vibrations might just force Eclipso to condense himself even further into a single diamond, and Supergirl grabs two giant church bells and bangs them together. It works, and she tosses a bell to Superboy, who follows the same strategy. Eclipso reverts to a single diamond that Henshaw and Supergirl catch. Henshaw says there's only one way to make sure the diamond never falls into human hands again. In Antarctica, the Yellow Lanterns prepare to execute Ted Kord, Michael Holt, and Booster Gold. Luckily, Skeets saves the day by arriving just in time and distracting the Lanterns with a set of cables that spring from its "body," so to speak. Kord, Holt, and Gold use the opportunity to incapacitate the men. And in Bleed Space, Superman allows himself to be expelled from the Monitors' vessel into the Bleed. However, despite the rigors of Bleed Space, Superman manages to return to the ship and force his way back in. He reenters just as Lois is about to be expelled from the ship. She races for the lifeboats, but meets a group of Monitors on the way. Upon seeing her, the Monitors comment, "It would seem we underestimated the prisoners." Lois raises her fists and responds, "You bet our ass you did."

  • Smallville: Chaos Chapter #12 [Digital Comic] (August 22)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Agustin Padilla
    Hank Henshaw checks in on his former wife, who appears to have a new man in her life. Henshaw keeps to the shadows and relays to Tess that he just wanted to be sure his wife would be okay before he left. Henshaw says he hopes his actions will in some way make up for how things initially turned out between him and Superman, and with the help of Green Lantern's power ring, he soars into the unknown of space, taking Eclipso away from Earth. And in Bleed Space, Superman and Lois commandeer an escape craft and leave the Monitors' ship behind. They return to their home universe and crash land in what appears to be Antarctica. Lois cradles a badly wounded Superman in her arms and calls for help, but they're alone. Meanwhile, in the Antarctic facility, Lex's Yellow Lanterns decide to turn against their employer. However, Lex reveals his contingency plan, that his subordinates' rings were slaved to his own ring and programmed to self destruct on command - and that command is given. That done, Lex and Otis make their exit. Finally, at D.E.O. Headquarters, the President is briefed on the situation. The Monitors are beginning their assault, officials say. The Crisis is here.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Chaos #4 [Print Edition] (November 12)
    Collects "Smallville: Chaos" Digital Chapters #10-12.

  • Smallville: Continuity Chapter #1 [Digital Comic] (August 29)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Ig Guara, JP Mayer
    In the 31st Century Dominators are praying about a spacecraft at the edge of the source wall. Thinking they were to meet their end they are shocked to be rescued by the Legion. Lighting Lad questions the Legion's rescue if they wanted to die. Brainiac 5 points out that Kal-El would have done the exact same thing. They are interrupted by the Source Wall beginning to crack and expel a strange 'nothing' of energy. To avoid destruction the Legion, with the Dominator craft in tow, escape into a hyperspace jump back to Earth. Horrifyingly the 'nothing' has followed them and is still gaining. It is an entropy wave that is now travelling in space and time erasing the past, present and future. The wave is reaching a focal point in the present day 21st century and so the Legion race to intercept. In the present at the D.E.O headquarters Steve Trevor and Agent Diana Prince are trying to explain to the President exactly what the blue cloud is that was released by the Monitor ship and how Zatarra's magic is all that is keeping them safe. Chloe Sullivan is nursing her baby bump after suffering phantom cramps trapped in the facility inside the bubble. Oliver vows that he will find a way for Chloe and the baby to escape with something from a previous mission if they survive the 'trans-reality extinction event'. On the other side of the globe Clark wakes up fully healed but with a shredded costume. He overhears Lois calling the Watchtower, Tess Mercer informs them of the crisis in motion. The cities around the world are all being affected and Lois is saddened that they are too late to stop it. Clark is optimistic and holding Lois, vows to stop this soaring 'Up, up and away'.

  • Smallville: Continuity Chapter #2 [Digital Comic] (September 5)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Ig Guara, JP Mayer
    Lex is on a flight back to Metropolis with Otis. Luthor watches the reports as the Monitors' plans come into effect, hoping that he will emerge as a good man when it is all over after suffering a bout of amnesia that has left him a stranger to his chosen city. Lois and Clark watch as Lex Luthor's deal comes into effect. As the two soar over the Atlantic ocean then see the very elements breaking down ready for rebuilding themselves in the ideals of the Monitors. Lois asks Clark if the Monitors' 'reboot' of the Smallville Universe or whether it is just better for them to be erased. They have no time to grieve for the loss of life before their 'reboot' as an army of Manhunters are launched from the Monitors' crafts and attack them in mid air. In Norad, Green Arrow and Diana Prince arrive along with Chloe to retrieve Zatanna. Before they leave Diana gives Steve Trevor a parting kiss. The heroes arrive at the Watchtower in Metropolis and are greeted by Lois and Superman arriving having defeated the Manhunters. Clark presents Batman with a Manhunter head hoping the detective can discover the secrets of the crisis. Batman is not alone as others such as Conner, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Blue Beetle and Jay Garrick are all ready amongst others to fight in the resistance. Batman asks how much time they have left and Clark tells the heroes more ships are on the way ready to attack the entire planet...

  • Smallville: Continuity Chapter #3 [Digital Comic] (September 12)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Ig Guara, JP Mayer
    Lois and a heavily pregnant Chloe visit the Daily Planet and share some emotional moments about some of the hardships they have endured over the past few years and wonder if this crisis could be something even Clark and his friends cannot stop. Meanwhile Oliver and CGI Tess are also talking about what they now know from the Manhunters. Tess points out Henshaw left and the DEO and STAR Labs haven't been able to gain any more information than they already knew. Without a body she feels at a loss but Oliver points of that Tess can be tangible again if she wanted to. She has access to a 3D printer and can fashion a body out of it much like he does for his Green Arrow armor and the base they now have on the moon. Tess' fear of dying again is revealed at this point. If she dies again after becoming physical she might not be able to come back again - ever. Meanwhile Bruce and Clark sit in the Kents' apartment to figure out a game plan. Bruce is angered when he finds out about Lex Luthor's machinations but he distracts himself by revealing what he has extracted from the Manhunter head. Bruce points out that the Manhunters can be hurt but the Crisis is not something Superman can just punch away. Clark asks Bruce if they will be able to stop the crisis without either side having any casualties... but the billionaire remains uncomfortably silent. Soon Clark gathers all of the heroes onto his rooftop and gives them the lowdown. They can distract the Manhunters with physical attacks while Watchtower leads an evacuation to the heartland. If the distraction they provide fails everyone will die or be 'rebooted', but if they win everything will stay as it was and how they all remember the world. Clark tells them to say goodbye to their loved ones and suit up ready for war.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Continuity #1 [Print Edition] (December 17)
    Collects "Smallville: Continuity" Digital Chapters #1-3.

  • Smallville: Continuity Chapter #4 [Digital Comic] (September 19)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Ig Guara, JP Mayer
    Bruce has formulated a plan but for it to succeed only non-metahumans can ensure its success as Manhunters are geared to defend the reconstruction ships from metas. Thus Lois Lane has enlisted for the mission and is having a heart to heart with Clark before gearing up and discussing the plan. With Lois sneaking onboard, Bruce has crafted a virus that will reprogram the reconstruction ships to reverse their reboot of the Earth, the only problem is that for this to succeed Clark can't help. Clark then reveals he has to turn to the only human on Earth capable of helping their plan succeed... Lex Luthor! Confronting Lex he makes a correct assumption that Luthor had quietly mapped the Monitor and Manhunter systems during his machinations with them. Lex is impressed with Superman's intelligence and points out he has done just that. Due to his dealings, instead of a Red bleed (Crisis from DC proper) his organizing a reshuffling Blue bleed has bought them time and that the Man of Steel has to agree to a temporary truce in order for everyone on Earth to succeed. It is a powerful moment but they shake on it, Lex revealing he knows that if Lois is harmed it will likely mean his undoing either from the reboot or at Superman's hands. In deep space the Monitors have converged for a meeting discussing the goings on planet side. They know from monitoring that Superman and the other metas are converging to create an army. One leader requests that they launch deconstructors and end the planet however he is outvoted by another who suggests for their defiance towards the Monitors Superman and the others should experience oblivion as a punishment before the reboot. Superman delivers a rousing speech to the heroes. The other Earths might have been erased or rebooted but they are determined for their Earth to survive and their continuity to continue. With that, Luthor, Superman, Tess and all of Earth's heroes attack incoming Manhunters!

  • Smallville: Continuity Chapter #5 [Digital Comic] (September 26)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Ig Guara, JP Mayer
    The plan goes into overdrive and the attack is immediately full on. They may be on a zero fatality mission but the Manhunters are not and Superman makes it clear if they are hit, they die. All the heroes are fighting valiantly, Arrow, with his long range weapon races across rooftops trying to get a vantage point and is rescued from a deadly fall by Speedy. Chloe and Tess in the HQ try to get them assistance but everyone is busy. The powerhouses are stuck with their specific missions - Superman and Supergirl are clearing a path for Lois and Lex while Wonder Woman is trying to clear a path to a manufacturing ship, none would be able to succeed and return to help Arrow in time - but out of nowhere the cavalry arrives. Green Lanterns John Stewart and Aya shield the archer while Blue Lantern Saint Walker uses his ring to blast away their attackers. John reveals that all other space sectors are now erased and rebooting but with no time to relax they all race to help Wonder Woman. A bickering Lex and Lois manage to get on the ship with their Skeleton Key and a little luck in the form of Superman. They aren't the stealthiest and are quickly discovered. Lois preps her nightsticks but is horrified when Lex kills the crew. Lois is disgusted but the plan must go ahead and she uploads the virus. Chloe and Tess confirm access, with 15 minutes to complete the process they can stop the entire attack but of course this is when Lois realizes Lex is not on their side. He keeps his promise to Superman that he wouldn't harm Lois but picks her up and slings her out of the ship towards the ground. Otis asks Lex if he has killed Lois, but a smiling Lex points out the sky is filled with superheroes. Lex then points out that though the heroes want to stop the reboot altogether, he on the other had wants to use it to reshape the world to his particular tapestry.

  • Smallville: Continuity Chapter #6 [Digital Comic] (October 3)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Ig Guara, JP Mayer
    As Lois falls to her death, who should rescue her? Superman? No, with the aid of Pegasus, Wonder Woman grabs her and leads her to safety. Aya, John Stewart, Saint Walker, Supergirl and Superman continue to battle the Manhunters. The Monitors automatons suddenly change direction and race to reboot Smallville. If they succeed Clark, Watchtower, Tess... everything will be lost. Superboy has gathered all of the youngest of heroes to form a team of Titans and they prepare to stop the tide. Superman orders him to stand down but another team arrive to help - the leaders of the Legion. Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy and Dawnstar. With the Legions arrival as back up the Titans with Superman's blessing rush to stop the reboot in Smallville. Superman races over and picks up Lois from Pegasus to take her to Watchtower. Wonder Woman now free of her passenger vows to fight with no inhibitions. Pods land in Metropolis releasing Monitors as all the older heroes form an army to fight them, Superman arrives with Lois and asks Tess if their backup plan worked. Tess confirms that a second virus was planted in Lex Luthor's battlesuit. Lex hears a recording of Tess and is shocked as his armor falls apart. Lex Luthor is nothing if not resourceful and hunting around the dead Monitors on the ship he activates a self destruct on one of them. As the hull rips open Superman is there to aid his escape and Lex is relieved that at least they are honorable. Aya asks John Stewart if this battle echoes the Parallax Wars as they battle powerful Monitor soldiers. John tells Aya this is far, far worse but the distraction is enough that Saint Walker is captured and killed, despite a delayed bombardment of emerald energy on the Monitor army. The two Green Lanterns are heartbroken as the blue ring leaves orbit for a new owner. The Monitors meanwhile realize their computer network has been compromised and that the Monitors on Earth are dying. The leader orders that the forces of Manhunters and Monitors pull out to be replaced instead by Deconstructor ships. The female Monitor vows that this Earth will no longer be part of the reboot and live in the brave new world, while the heroes think they have won the day. Instead of a fresh start the Omega Monitor will be launched on them to usher in oblivion...

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Continuity #2 [Print Edition] (January 14, 2015)
    Collects "Smallville: Continuity" Digital Chapters #4-6.

  • Smallville: Continuity Chapter #7 [Digital Comic] (October 10)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcelo Di Chiara, Marcelo Di Chiara
    Superman spots the pod approaching Earth, feelings of sheer horror aside, he, Kara and J'onn try to stop the pod from hitting its target. Even with their combined might the pod overcomes them and speeds beyond them breaking the sound barrier. Arrow and Batman are thrown backwards by the sonic boom's force but stare in horror as the pod speeds up and aims itself at Watchtower. Ollie begs a pregnant Chloe to get out of the base before it is destroyed, but a tearful Chloe tells him there is no time left as she can't outrun the pod. Ollie refuses to give up, ejects his armor and with the help of Batman's bat-grapple he tries his hardest to get to Watchtower. In the meantime Chloe hears Ollie's 3D printer activate and Tess steps out in physical form. All the heroes race to the Watchtower but are too late to stop the destruction as the pod crashes into the side and it begins to crumble to dust. A tearful Clark pours on the speed as Ollie cries out. Superman is shocked to see a red tornado explode from the rubble landing Chloe safely on the ground. John and Aya protect everyone with an emerald bubble shield as Superman approaches with a devastated Ollie... but as the dust clears Chloe is unharmed and joined by a new ally in the form of Tess, the Red Tornado. Lois and Ollie hug Chloe while Tess takes Superman aside to explain how she manufactured her new android body also telling Superman about how the Monitors had sent the pod to deliberately sever the virus they had and the link to their network. Superman asks Tess what was in the pod just as something smashes its way out of the rubble. Clark utters some rousing words as the heroes swear to fight together now... and forever... against this threat.

  • Smallville: Continuity Chapter #8 [Digital Comic] (October 17)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Ig Guara, Ig Guara
    Lex is confronted by the Monitors and Manhunters, for the first time ever with no back up plan to exploit, no way out. Before Lex is killed a truck slams into his attackers crushing them, and out climbs Otis from the wreckage. Lex is for once pleased and grateful to have Otis as a friend only then to see the hapless friend incinerated by a laser of a barely functioning Manhunter. In a rage Lex crushes its skull dropping to his knees in sadness at his loss. Batman is proving a weak link in the fight with the Monitor warriors. Clark orders him to fall back, get Lois and Chloe to safety and try to re-establish the link to the Monitors' ship. Bruce is reluctant and asks about Arrow, but Ollie points out he would be a better protector for Chloe and Lois as he has a better skill set for it. Bruce melts a hole in the sidewalk into a basement safely out of the way of the battle, then with Nightwing at his side they fire their Bat Grapples to get to the rooftops. John and Aya try to hold back the Omega Monitor and Aya lets slip 'John' rather than 'Lantern John' and John realizes they really must be at World's End. Wonder Woman leaps in, sword swinging viciously, while J'onn gets close enough to try a telepathic attack. The feedback sends J'onn hurtling backwards but Diana signals Superman to join the fight. With might of astounding levels Clark soars upwards then smashes the warrior to a wheezing wreck. Clark tells him to pass a message on to his masters than no more blood will be shed. The Omega Monitor launches a series of cables that capture Superman. The warrior points out that if Superman is broken then the will of his 'Justice League' will too. Instead of passing the message Superman instructed the Omega Monitor orders the orbiting ship to triangulate his position and fire with all their might. Clark cries out refusing to be rebooted but the Omega Monitor laughs wheezily that he no longer has a choice.

  • Smallville: Continuity Chapter #9 [Digital Comic] (October 24)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Ig Guara, Ig Guara
    Otis isn't quite dead. As Lex tends to his friend's wounds, blinded and fading fast, the well meaning sidekick tells Lex he doesn't have to be a bad man. Watchtower calls through to Batman to tell him Clark has been beaten. Aya and Nightwing try their hardest to fight off Manhunters. Batman voices his regrets in involving Barbara in this war but she points out if she hadn't been fighting she would have been obliviously reset. Barbara tells Bruce that the fundamental difference between them is that she believes in hope. Suddenly a flash of blue energy envelops her and she is gifted with Saint Walker's Blue Lantern ring. With a burst of energy, 'hope constructs' destroy all nearby Manhunter robots. At that same moment Chloe and Lois have escaped in to the sewers away from the danger above. Lois however is left gasping for breath as she has an inexplicable feeling that Clark is in danger. Superman is indeed in trouble as he becomes a pixelated phantom watching events of his life play backwards all the way back to his arrival on Earth. As he is tormented and tries to fight off the effects Arrow, Wonder Woman and Supergirl arrive to see him reflect the reboot energy back at the craft it came from. The force of Superman's counter disrupts their network enough for Tess to reconnect. Superman orders Tess to control the Deconstructor crafts to fire on everything except the collector and reconstitution ships. The Monitors realize that everyone in the universe is opposed to their reboot plan and everyone waits to see what happens next...

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 - Continuity #3 [Print Edition] (February 11, 2015)
    Collects "Smallville: Continuity" Digital Chapters #7-9.

  • Smallville: Continuity Chapter #10 [Digital Comic] (October 31)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Marcelo Di Chiara, Marcelo Di Chiara
    The League stands in the Fortress standing judgement over the female Monitor. The universe has been restored completely - though those that lost their lives are still gone and the female Monitor asks to join them. J'onn steps in and points out that the majority of Kal-El's, Clark Kents and Supermen never kill, therefore with the Phantom Zone gone stasis for the criminals is the only choice. Arrow asks Clark what they do now the threat is over, Clark smiles and tells him that we should, endure, survive and live our lives and with that though on their minds they all race off. Batman says goodbye to Barbara as she leaves to learn from the collective Corps but not before leaving Batman a new sidekick to take on her former mantle. Three weeks later Lexcorp holds a major press conference and Lex introduces the citizens to a brand new monument built on the former site of Watchtower. In a massive turnaround Lex publicly admits that if it weren't for the heroes of Earth the fate of the universe would have been lost. Then Superman takes to the podium to deliver a speech himself, one broadcast all over the world. Perry comforts a tearful Martha worried something has upset her but as the mother listens to the public address, staring at a photo of Jonathan and Clark, all she feels is tremendous pride. Martha in the White House isn't the only one watching, as the Teen Titans are in a new base and even the Legion of Superheroes watch from the future as their existence is solidified. As the tarp falls away it reveals a stunning bronze statue of Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter, Arrow, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman and of course Superman!

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