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  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #1 [Digital Comic] (April 13)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    The Daily Planet sales are up since the day Apokolips appeared over Earth. At the Watchtower Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan-Queen watch the skies. Lois talks in her sleep, her hand resting on the pillow vacated by Clark. Lex Luthor also looks out his window, while his henchman Otis turns off the radio. Outside Superman flies by, and Lex notices he's changed his costume. Above Earth a Russian space platform is damaged by a strange energy and meteor shower. Superman comes to their rescue. They thank him for saving their lives, and he tells them he's just doing his job.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #2 [Digital Comic] (April 20)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    As he brushes his teeth Clark tells Lois about saving the Russian space station. They also contemplate what to do with the wedding presents they were given even though the wedding has only been postponed, while also discussing whether Superman should tell the world he's an alien. At Lexcorp Lex speaks with Sam Lane about the military's position on Superman. Later, in downtown Metropolis, Clark runs into Lex Luthor on the street. Lex doesn't remember anything about their friendship, and actually has trouble believeing he and Clark ever had anything in common. Lex criticizes the Daily Planet, and Clark mentions how Tess used to run things pretty tight before she died. Clark runs off when his super-hearing picks up an alarm, and as Lex turns around to see where he went, he's confronted by a blood-stained Tess Mercer.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #3 [Digital Comic] (April 27)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    As criminals try to steal a shipment on the Port of Metropolis, they're surprised by the appearance of Green Arrow, but Arrow is out of his depth when a rocket is fired at him. Thankfully Superman arrives just in time. Clark and Oliver talk about what Superman stands for, and Clark asks when Oliver and Chloe are planning to leave for Star City. Meanwhile in the Watchtower, Lois brings Chloe some coffee, but Chloe's busy trying to figure out what it was that shook up the Russian spacestation. Her investigations show a spaceship coming towards Earth.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #1 [Print Edition] (May)
    Collects Digital Chapters #1-3.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #4 [Digital Comic] (May 18)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Lex's MRI scans show that his brain, while wiped clean of memories, is operating at a higher percentage. It doesn't explain why he's been seeing Tess everywhere he goes. In space, Superman uses his super-vision to look for traces of the spaceship that came through the vortex. At STAR Labs Chloe and Dr. Hamilton talk about Clark's discovery of his vision-related abilities. Hamilton's Hazardous Environment Drones await further field testing. Clark gets a text message from Lois on his belt buckle about Lex's press conference. At the press conference Lois grills Lex about his "resurrection", he claims he went away for his own protection, before introducing his Guardian Defense Platforms which will orbit Earth. He introduces Commander Hank Henshaw as the man who'll make it happen.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #5 [Digital Comic] (May 25)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Oliver Queen confronts Lex about his Guardian Defense Platform project. Lex doesn't remember his boyhood relationship with Oliver from their school days. Oliver doesn't believe Tess committed suicide and suspects Lex of murder. Clark interviews Hank Henshaw ahead of the launch. Chloe and Dr. Hamilton discover that the space craft they saw in space appears to have landed in Smallville. Lex's shuttle takes off with Henshaw as pilot. Something goes wrong, and the shuttle appears to explode. In Smallville, the inhabitant of the downed spaceship looks up at the exploding shuttle.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #6 [Digital Comic] (June 1)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    The Lexcorp Guardian shuttle, having just exploded, is now burning in mid-air and leaking radiation. With Chloe's assistance, Superman uses his Arctic Breath to put out the fire and then flies Hank Henshaw's five crewmates to safety. Henshaw, remaining behind in order to pilot the shuttle away from the people below, suffers radiation poisoning but is still alive; while Lex, who seems to have planned for the shuttle's explosion, is looking forward to having Superman confront him on the "accident".

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #2 [Print Edition] (June)
    Collects Digital Chapters #4-6.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #7 [Digital Comic] (June 15)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Oliver and Chloe search the Smallville cornfields for signs of the mysterious space ship and its pilot. They talk about their marriage befor finding the craft which has a Queen Industries logo on it. In Metropolis, Lois visits Mrs. Henshaw at S.T.A.R. Labs, where her husband lies in a kind of conscious coma, over which she, Mrs. Henshaw, is seriously distraught. Superman confronts Lex Luthor and is himself confronted by three military helicopters. They think Superman is responsible for the recent incidents in space.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #8 [Digital Comic] (June 22)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Lois calls her father, General Sam Lane, asking him to stand down and not attack Superman. He's just following orders however, and the helicopters continue chasing Superman over Metropolis. Lois calls Clark, and while he talks to her he stops, catches a rocket fired at him, and destroys it. The military fire again, to test how much Superman is capable of withstanding. The bullets bounce off him, endangering Lois below (the rest of the area is people free). A stray bullet brings down one of the helicopters, and it plummets towards the car Lois is hiding under. Superman swoops in and saves her, much to General Lane's relief. Tess reappears behind Lex, who informs her that the toxin she used on him has the added side effect of absorbing her conciousness inside him when he killed her. He has a plan to remove her by first testing his theory on Commander Henshaw using one of Dr. Hamilton's robot drones.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #9 [Digital Comic] (June 29)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Superman kisses Lois Lane amidst the moonlit clouds. Oliver and Chloe search the cornfields in Smallville, talking about moving to Star City. Somebody is apparently stalking them. Lex and Tess chat about what he's doing to Henshaw. Dr. Hamilton is refused entry as Mrs. Henshaw prepares to see her husband after his consciousness has been transfered into a robot drone. Henshaw awakens and is extremely angry at what has been done to him by Lex Luthor. Dr. Hamilton uses the device Superman gave him on his wrist to get the Man of Steel's help.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #3 [Print Edition] (July)
    Collects Digital Chapters #7-9.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #10 [Digital Comic] (July 13)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    When firefighers arrive after the military's attack on Superman, they find everything already cleaned up, with an apology note from Superman. Superman meets with General Sam Lane in Liberty Park and the discuss the need for an agreement of sorts between the army and Superman. A signal watch distress call from Dr. Hamilton sees Superman flying to the scene at STAR Labs where the now-robotic Henshaw is attacking Lex for what has been done to him. His wife tries to calm Henshaw down, but the sight of his now dead body enrages him further. Mrs Henshaw blames Superman for not being able to save her husband in time, Lex agrees. Superman arrives and his appearance causes Henshaw to fly into a rage. Superman dismantles him with one throw, but Henshaw's robotic body repairs itself and takes the fight to Superman once more.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #11 [Digital Comic] (July 20)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Robot Hank Henshaw and Superman fight in the Metropolis streets before Superman is able to get through to him and talk him down. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Terri Henshaw, no longer seeming to hold Superman responsible for Hank's accident, thanks Superman as she visits with her husband. Hank, now just a robotic head without a body, apologizes to Superman. Out in Smallville, Chloe and Oliver finally locate the mysterious space pilot, who turns out to be Chloe's Earth-2 counterpart. She is assailed by a still-not-completely-identified second visitor who sticks to the shadows. Upon the revelation of her identity, Chloe-2 declares that Earth-2 is "gone."

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #12 [Digital Comic] (July 27)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Pere Perez, Pere Perez
    Superman confronts Lex Luthor in his office, where Lex reveals that the accident in space was all a ploy to irradiate Superman with a level of radiation that allows Lex to track him wherever he goes. Angry, but at a loss what to do next, Superman flies off. On the rooftop of the Daily Planet he informs Lois what Lex has done, and how he'll be unable to come home as Clark Kent until he can work out what to do next. Back in Smallville, the Chloe Sullivan from Earth 2 dies, but not before telling Green Arrow to tell Superman that "The Crisis" is coming. While Lex sleeps the phantom Tess manages to move one of Lex's fingers by force of will. Lois looks up in to the night sky, telling Clark (who hovers over America) that she loves him.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #4 [Print Edition] (August)
    Collects Digital Chapters #10-12.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Smallville: Season 11 Vol. 1: Guardian reprints Printed Editions #1-4]

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #13 [Digital Comic] (August 17)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Chris Cross, Marc Deering
    Lois and Clark finally are able to get intimate with each other in the Fortress of Solitude, thanks to some help from Queen Industry satellites that momentarily blocked Lex Luthor's ability to track Superman's radiation signal. With the Jor-El A.I. shut down, Clark is hard at work using the Fortress's technology to rid himself of the isotope to which Lex exposed him. In Gotham, a gang of criminals, working with Metropolis' Intergang, are foiled in their machinations by Nightwing and Batman, who decide to go to Metropolis upon learning of the involvement of one Joe Chill in the criminals' plans.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #14 [Digital Comic] (August 24)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Chris Cross, Marc Deering
    Otis finds Lex Luthor asleep at his desk. Both of them are surprised to find Lex waking there. They discuss recent events and how they have led Lex to mistrust Superman. At the Daily Planet, a former intern of Lois's stares at a photo of Lois and Clark, ruminating out loud about Clark's eyes and the secrets they hide as Lois arrives on the scene in a super-whoosh before coyly talking about absent Clark in terms of his "powers," calling on the Planet to write about something other than Superman. Superman, meanwhile, with the brief help of a boy named Billy, saves a school bus load of children, the bus suspended high above the street and, it turns out, only to distract Superman from the real crime. Not even a bad guy with Lexcorp teleportation technology can escape a Superman who can super-suspend your animation.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #15 [Digital Comic] (August 31)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Chris Cross, Marc Deering
    Superman hands the teleporting bad guy over to the police while the children from the suspended bus look on and boo the captured thug. As Superman flies off, Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon discuss the shades of light and dark that define the space between Metropolis and Gotham. Over lunch, Bruce invites Lex Luthor to join him in a joint venture energy project. Lex declines, which Bruce says is a relief - his knowledge of the Veritas "cult" (an invitation from Lionel Luthor to join which Bruce's father declined) has evidently led Bruce to mistrust the Luthors. Superman arrives and wants to talk with Lex. They examine the control chip from the teleportation suit, and Lex says that Lexcorp designed the chip but not the suit. Superman has reason to think the suit's mastermind could be Toyman, but he's been under constant supervision in "hyper-solitary" at Stryker's Island prison. Meanwhile, Batman has infiltrated Stryker's and apprehends Bruno Manheim, leader of Intergang and Batman's best bet to find Joe Chill. Already on site, Superman intervenes but Batman attacks him.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #5 [Print Edition] (September)
    Collects Digital Chapters #13-15.

[Trade Paperback collection: Smallville: Season 11 - Volume 4: Argo collects Smallville Season 11 issues #13-15 and Special #2]

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #16 [Digital Comic] (September 14)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jamal Igle, Marc Deering
    Chloe and Oliver discuss the limited progress S.T.A.R. Labs is making in their investigation into Chloe-2's spaceship and the "Crisis," as well as Chloe's ongoing unease with having watched Chloe-2 die. Oliver offers her the distraction of figuring out where the "gibberish" emails he has been receiving on his phone are coming from just before hearing about the episode over at Stryker's Island and dashes off as Green Arrow. At the penitentiary, Batman and Superman fight. Batman reveals that his glowing chest symbol is not just a design feature, it's red sunlight. Batman started the fight to misdirect Superman's attention away from Bruno Manheim and Nightwing (whom Arrow intercepts). Superman promptly ends the battle and flies off to find Manheim and pluck him away.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #17 [Digital Comic] (September 21)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jamal Igle, Marc Deering
    Green Arrow is pursuing Batman away from Stryker's Island and learns that Batman has a stealth "hovercraft." On that craft, Batman tells Nightwing he is relieved to have survived his run-in with the Man of Steel, on whom he has placed a tracking device. Superman, meanwhile, has flown with Bruno Manheim up into the sky for an interrogation, which leads to verifiable information about Joe Chill, the killer of Bruce Wayne's parents. Lois finds a new lead in the hunt for the designer of the teleportation suit, one Oswald Loomis. Batman notices a Bat Signal in the sky.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #18 [Digital Comic] (September 28)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jamal Igle, Marc Deering
    Superman's makeshift Bat Signal gets Batman to a rooftop, where they talk about the situation with Joe Chill and agree to join forces to bring down Intergang. While watching surveillance video of the Stryker's Island incident, Lex Luthor is interrupted by Oliver Queen, who has traced the unusual emails he has been receiving back to Lex. Luthor denies he is involved, but the late-night time stamps on the message log pique his curiosity. Superman and Batman discuss tactics, but Batman disappears while Superman is in mid-sentence. Superman beats Batman to Chill's cell. Chill, it turns out, is enfeebled in his senior years, confined to a wheelchair and hooked up to an oxygen tank. Back at Lexcorp, Lex rises and walks, seemingly still asleep, to his office, where Otis records Lex's actions into a tape recorder and Lex, we are shown, is revealed to be acting under Tess's control, who is indeed sending emails to Oliver. Chill issues an apology for his crimes against Batman's parents, which Batman refuses to accept. As the two question Chill about the advanced weaponry in walks Oswald Loomis (aka The Prankster) with Mr. Freeze at his side.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #6 [Print Edition] (October)
    Collects Digital Chapters #16-18.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #19 [Digital Comic] (October 12)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Chris Cross, Marc Deering
    Lois Lane confronts Toyman in his cell, demanding to know about Oswald Loomis. Toyman shows little respect for the man and suggests that if Loomis is copying him, there's a chance he's been using meteor rocks. Back at the government building, chaos has ensued, brought about by Loomis's deployment of his advanced weapons. Superman tells Batman to get Joe Chill to safety, and Batman tries to do just that, but neither hero is prepared for the variations Prankster has built into his arsenal, including bullets with "heat-seeking" capabilities and others that glow ominously green...

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #20 [Digital Comic] (October 19)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Chris Cross, Marc Deering
    Oliver and Chloe call Lex in an effort to hack Lex's satellite and advance their investigation into the emails Lex has evidently been sending to Oliver. In the process, Tess appears and distracts Lex while Chloe notices that Superman seems to have been neutralized. At the safe house (where Lois has been unable to find out what's happened or to get inside), Prankster and Mr. Freeze make their escape, having encased Batman in ice, wounded Superman with the Kryptonite bullets and seemingly killed Joe Chill. Batman manages to break free and finds Superman, unconscious and probably dying. Eager both to protect his new collaborator's identity and save his life, Batman beats a double retreat, calling in mechanical back up. Enter (and immediately exit) the Batmobile, with Metropolis's Finest and Lois Lane alike in hot pursuit.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #21 [Digital Comic] (October 26)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Chris Cross, Marc Deering
    Lois, Green Arrow and the police are all in pursuit of Batman, now considered the lead suspect in the death of Joe Chill thanks in no small part to his having seemingly absconded with Superman (who tells Batman his name is Clark). As the vehicles speed through the streets of Metropolis, Batman proves he's one of the good guys by contacting Lois via Nightwing in order to figure out how to save Superman, who has four Kryptonite bullets in his abdomen. Lois tells Nightwing (who tells Batman) they have to remove the bullets and then expose Superman to yellow sunlight. As Nightwing takes remote control of the Batmobile, Batman performs the necessary surgery and then uses the sunlight technology in his armor, now recalibrated to shine in the yellow rather than the red spectrum. Meanwhile, thanks to Green Arrow, the Batmobile has eluded the authorities and arrives at Leviathan, Batman's shipboard base of mobile operations. But it seems Prankster put homing devices in his bullets; he knows where the heroes are.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #7 [Print Edition] (November)
    Collects Digital Chapters #19-21.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #22 [Digital Comic] (November 16)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Kevin West, Marc Deering
    Lex reveals to Tess, still trapped in Lex's head, that he's figured out that she's trying to control his body while he sleeps and that he will be taking measures to prevent her from continuing to do so. Clark wakes up from his bullet wounds on Batman's Leviathan, with Lois at his side. They discuss the implications of Clark having outed himself as Superman to Batman and meet Barbara Gordon, aka Nightwing. Bruce and Clark discuss next steps, whereupon Bruce reveals he has built armored suits for himself and Clark. They decide to "step out for a bit," leaving Lois and Barbara behind on Leviathan. Meanwhile, Oliver Queen is trying to convince the police that he was not aiding a criminal operation but it's not going well until Chloe arrives with proof. Back at the port, a group of thugs descends on Leviathan, intending to pay Superman a visit while, over at Prankster's and Doctor Freeze's hideout, Prankster reveals he has a final prank in store for everyone...

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #23 [Digital Comic] (November 23)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Axel Gimenez, Diana Egea
    Loomis's grand prank is set in motion at Nellis Air Force Base, where a tampered Captain Carrot action figure from an air traffic controller's "happy meal" triggers the launch of a trio of stealth bombers. Over at Fries' hideout, Superman and Batman are confronted by a mech-suited Prankster who reveals that he has taken control of Freeze and set him loose to wreak havoc in Metropolis. Meanwhile, Leviathan's security system has alerted Lois and Barbara to the approaching thugs. Superman battles with Loomis, defeating him. Loomis, held aloft in Superman's grip, then gloats that "their blood" will be on Superman's hands, not just his, and that he, Loomis, has won. The stealth bombers from the Air Force base have just fired on Leviathan.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #24 [Digital Comic] (November 30)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Kevin West, Marc Deering
    Batman, protected in thermal armor, arrives on the scene of Freeze's "cold nuclear" meltdown and rips the power cells out of Freeze's suit, thus averting sub-zero disaster. Soon after, Superman flies through the scene on his way to the port, where Leviathan is taking on water from having been struck by Prankster's missiles. Inside the sinking ship, Lois and Nightwing are dishing out some irony by rescuing their would-be assassins, who cannot swim, from drowning. As they plan their escape, Superman arrives and lifts the ship out of the water, saving everybody. Batman is impressed. Later, Superman flies to Gotham to see Bruce Wayne, whom he finds at the location of Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder. They shake on a deal to help each other out in future, if necessary. Back in Metropolis, Chloe tells Oliver she's pregnant and Lex tells Tess he's no longer worried about getting her out of his head. He's got other plans to use her to his advantage. Like discovering who Superman really is.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #8 [Print Edition] (December)
    Collects Digital Chapters #22-24.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #25 [Digital Comic] (December 14)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Lex is using his mind exploration technology to learn about Superman's true identity from Tess, still trapped in his mind, when Otis interrupts the session to advise him of a problem. Out in the streets of Metropolis, a Dr. Jones who wants to be called Psimon is looking for Lex, whose Project Ares has apparently given the diminutive doctor his purple skin, an oversized and glowing-through-his-skull brain and some kind of indeterminate psycho-molecular power. Psimon is not convinced a peaceful resolution to this situation is possible and shoots a purple blast at Lex, whom Superman saves and proceeds to lecture on the perils of not being prepared to defend himself from the ghosts of a past he can't remember. Superman then returns to finish with Psimon, who proves to be able to act more quickly than Superman thanks to his enhanced synaptic firing. But there's no time for gloating, Psimon, "There's always been someone faster." Impulse is back. First round (of ice cream) is on him.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #26 [Digital Comic] (December 21)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Otis greets Lois Lane at the Lexcorp offices, where she has come to interview Lex Luthor. They banter about what Lex is really all about until Lex, hearing everything through his open door, interrupts. Lois confronts Lex about Doctor Simon Jones and the Ares project. Lex recites Lexcorp boilerplate about the company's stance on the matter while sub-conscious Tess compels him to scrawl "Help!" on a scrap of paper and hand it to Lois, who reads it with surprise on the way out the door. Meanwhile, Superman and Impulse are enjoying a rematch of their race from years past, with Superman admitting he can no longer run as fast as he used to since he learned to fly. They race through Africa and pause to play soccer with some children in India. Over lunch, Superman tells Impulse about the radiation Lex tagged him with and the complications it has brought to his life while the two generally wax sentimental about what each means to the other. Soon, Chloe at Watchtower interrupts and alerts them to trouble in France. Superman proposes yet another race, Impulse offers a head start, and they are off into the sunset.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #27 [Digital Comic] (December 28)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Lex visits Dr. "Psimon" Jones in his hyper-solitary prison cell and asks him to use his telepathic abilities to see whether Lex still even has his lost memories. The doctor, however, detecting Tess's presence and quietly taking her side, declines to help Lex, calling him an animal and a monster that will never atone for what he's done. In Paris, where Watchtower sent them at the end of last issue, Superman and Impulse intervene against Monsieur Mallah and The Brain, who, along with a battalion of monkeys, are trying to make off with priceless paintings from The Louvre in order to finance the creation of their own state. The outward force of Superman's power clap makes short work of the monkeys, but not before Bart has a brief but close encounter with his version of a personal demon.

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When the television series concluded after 10 seasons a new comic book titled Smallville: Season 11 was introduced in April 2012 as a weekly digital comic book series. The online chapters are also collected in a print periodical released weeks after the digital issues. The series ended in 2015.

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