"Smallville: Season 11" Comic Book Index


  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #9 [Print Edition] (January)
    Collects Digital Chapters #25-27.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #28 [Digital Comic] (January 4)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Axel Gimenez, Diana Egea
    Superman and Martian Manhunter are overseeing construction of a base on the moon when Superman gets a distress signal and has to leave. Later, Manhunter returns "home" to Metropolis and his life as John Jones, detective with the Metropolis Police. He encounters a neighbor and her son, helps her carry her groceries and gives the boy a bit of a lesson in duty and obligation. Then, alone again in his own apartment and reminiscing about his lost Martian family, Manhunter is overcome with some kind of mental/emotional aggravation and uncontrollably morphs into his true Martian form as he writhes on the floor in apparent agony. Over in Gotham City, Batman and Nightwing are busy busting up a gang called The Mutants when Nightwing encounters a large alien creature in the middle of strangling a homeless man. She intervenes and is dealt a savage blow before Batman arrives and startles the creature into fleeing. Batman returns with Nightwing to the Batcave, sedates and stabilizes her, and proceeds to try and decipher a message the alien left behind. Just as he concludes that he can't decipher the message because the language is not of this Earth, John Jones arrives and declares that the language is in fact Martian.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #29 [Digital Comic] (January 11)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Together in the Watchtower tower, Oliver wants to be Batman while budding ace marksman Chloe doesn't want to talk about why they haven't told anyone about the pregnancy. Westbound over the Atlantic Ocean, meanwhile, Bart tells Clark about the demonic creature he has been seeing while using his superspeed and how it started when he was trapped by Lex in that cage and forced to run incessantly lest he be electrocuted. Getting Clark to race him around the world, he says, was a test to see whether Clark could also see the creature and, thus, whether he is "crazy." Clark assures him he isn't and commits to finding a way to confront the creature. Meanwhile, Lois, convinced Lex is up to no good, is investigating an abandoned Luthorcorp industrial site, which has apparently remained demolished and unreclaimed all this time. At the site, where Lois has just arrived, a cleanup crew finds some kryptonite, the smashed glass walls of Bart's old cage and some weird red, yellow and black crackling energy on the ground. One of the crew members bends down to investigate and is encompassed in a kind of multi-colored-energy cyclone. Lois yells for somebody to call an ambulance and then rushes to help. But the crew member is dead... his body aged considerably!

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #30 [Digital Comic] (January 18)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Lex continues to threaten Tess. It's all in his head. Emil looks to get after-hours help from his S.T.A.R. Labs associates and Superman and Impulse are on the way in for help investigating the Speed Demon/Black Racer. Lois, in blue collar disguise complete with baseball cap, infiltrates Lexcorp and snags Otis's keys, which get her into Lex's office. But not ahead of Green Arrow. Bart flirts with one Sivanna of the research team, then he and Clark mount specially-designed treadmills in an effort to confront the Demon Racer together. They push the limits of their speed until Clark finds himself alone and face to face with the Demon Racer, who tells him his speed is not pure. Then suddenly knocked back into his normal reality, Clark tells Bart he'll find some way to save him, adding "I have to."

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #31 [Digital Comic] (January 25)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Lois Lane, eating take-out with Superman on the Daily Planet rooftop, informs him about the Lexcorp employee who was aged to death by the speed force and that similar incidents have occurred all around the world in places, Superman deduces, where Bart has been. He needs to talk with an expert. Lois's intern then arrives, scaring Superman away, and reveals that handwriting consultants have determined that the "Help" note Lex Luthor wrote and passed to Lois in his office was written by Tess Mercer. Over at S.T.A.R. Labs, Oliver Queen and Emil Hamilton prepare to attempt one of Lex's "mind dives," using Chloe and the corpse of Chloe-2. The idea is that they're going to see whether Chloe can access any of her counterpart's memories in their efforts to come to terms with what the "Crisis" is. Superman and Impulse, meanwhile, go to the Justice Society of America headquarters/museum, currently under the care of Ma Hunkle, to begin a search for Jay Garrick, the original Flash. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the mind dive works and Chloe is witness to deceased Chloe-2's startling memory of seeing Lois-2 disintegrated by the laser from an alien spaceship hovering about the city.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #10 [Print Edition] (February)
    Collects Digital Chapters #29-31.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #32 [Digital Comic] (February 1)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Axel Gimenez, Diana Egea
    Bruce Wayne and Detective John Jones are in the middle of a stand-off. They battel back and forward, before Jones extends a friendly hand to Bruce. Below Gotham in the sewers, Bruce, now as Batman, takes Jones to meet Commissioner Jim Gordon and to see where his fight with the White Martian took place earlier that night. Batman reveals that this specific glyph that appeared during the fight has shown up throughout the country dozens of times in the last 18 months. Jones reveals that the symbol is a representation of his true name, J'onn J'onzz. Batman states that it is good that Jones lives alone; otherwise the White Martian may come to attack those he cares about. Realizing that he's not the only one who lives in his apartment building in Metropolis, he quickly flies back to check on his friends. Batman, caught off guard by Jones's sudden leave, calls Chloe at the Watchtower and asks for Superman to help with the situation. Unfortunately, Clark is currently in Utah, so Alfred sends the Bat-Jet in to take Bruce to Metropolis. In Metropolis, John's neighbor Billy hears a noise in Jones's apartment and goes to check on him, only to be attacked by the White Martian. John arrives just in time to save Billy as Batman, who has also arrived, rushes everyone out of the building. John beats on the Martian until it pins him, calling Jones a "murderer". Batman throws a grenade at the creature, which blasts it outside. Bruce asks why the alien called him a "murderer", to which John replies, "Because I am".

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #33 [Digital Comic] (February 8)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    A boy in Mumbai reaches to retrieve his wayward soccer ball, which lies in the grass amid crackling speed force. In France, that same crackling finds a police car, and then the policeman leaning against it. At the Watchtower, Oliver and Chloe are monitoring these fatal "speed incidents," which are apparently increasing. Oliver gets Superman on the line to keep him posted while he and Impulse are out in the Utah desert in search of original Flash, Jay Garrick. Meanwhile, Chloe slips into a kind of trance, reliving Chloe-2's six-year-old memories of Ultraman/Clark Luthor slaughtering meteor freaks in the hallways of Smallville High School. Back in Utah, Bart explains he has no memory of having stolen Jay's identity or anything else before gaining his super-speed. Bart asks Jay if he knows about the "Black Racer." Jay, it turns out, has an intimate familiarity with the "monster," to the point where he stopped running (presumably by allowing a broken leg not to heal correctly) to avoid the encounters. Superman tells Jay that "speed storms" are breaking out everywhere Bart has been, killing people in the process. Jay says he survived the Racer by stopping running. When Bart says that's not an option, Jay tells them the answer is simple: "The boy has to die."

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #34 [Digital Comic] (February 15)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    A few things have gone missing from the Lexcorp building, including Lex Luthor's "mind dive" device, security tapes and even the security guards. Lex suspects Oliver Queen. Switch to Earth-2, two years prior. Oliver is target practicing in the Watchtower while Chloe drinks whiskey on the couch. Oliver is dating Lois, says he plans to propose, and is obviously also very intimate with Chloe, who is better at archery than he is. Back on Earth-1, Chloe tells Oliver about the memory. In Utah, Superman and Jay Garrick discuss Bart's limited options for avoiding or defeating the Racer. The speed incidents are the result of the Racer trying to create a new speedster on which to feed. Bart gets angry at Jay for not having confronted the Racer himself. Chloe calls Superman about a large speed storm in Las Vegas. Emil Hamilton has created a special containment suit designed to augment Superman's speed so he can catch up with the Racer. The suit is blue, and glows. In his new blue suit Superman arrives in Vegas to take on the Black Racer.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #35 [Digital Comic] (February 22)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Lois Lane finds Otis at a Metropolis watering hole. Psimon had called Lois to tell her that Tess had asked him not to "dig around" in Lex's mind. But Otis says he neither knows Lois nor trusts her, and isn't about to talk. Lois phones Barbara Gordon and asks her to come to Metropolis and try to get the information out of Otis. Meanwhile, out in Las Vegas, Superman is busy saving citizens affected by the speed storm, the effort charging his new special suit so that he will be able to move fast enough to confront the Racer. When he finally can, the Racer acknowledges his presence and says that while Superman is not "of speed" he will be consumed anyway. They charge each other and bystanders on the outskirts of town are witness to the force of the collision. At Jay Garrick's house in the Utah desert, Bart decides to head to Vegas. Before he leaves, Jay tells him he had the same experience as Bart when he got his powers: he woke up and had five names in his head - his own, Barry Allen, Max Mercury, Wally West and Bart. Jay tells him the same thing happened to them all, and that Bart is not alone. Bart says he's always alone but that "the only kind of family" he has needs his help. And off he races toward Vegas.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #11 [Print Edition] (March)
    Collects Digital Chapters #33-35.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #36 [Digital Comic] (March 1)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Axel Gimenez, Vicente Cifuentes & Diana Egea
    Long ago on Mars the Green and White Martians were at war with one another. J'onn J'onzz fought against the White Martians, but is now the last of the Green Martians to survive. He tells Batman that Jor-El of Krypton found him after this was and give him a purpose again. Back in the Batcave, Alfred gets a call from Bruce asking how Barbara is doing. Batman is relieved she's doing fine. The two discover that the first murder by the White Martian happened at a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, which is conveniently close to Checkmate's base, the Castle. When Batman and Martian Manhunter arrive, they find it still in ruins from when General Zod destroyed it. Batman then throws his Echobats into the Castle and they build a map based off of their scans. They find a launch pad with a rocket inside. But that's not all they find as John stumbles on a dead man's body and Batman upon a child's doll. Batman deduces that when Zod brought the Castle down, that it trapped the man in the launch bay with no way to get out. They find the man's phone and play a message. In the message, they find out that the man is Doctor King Faraday and in his final moments he begs whoever is watching to take care of his daughter.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #37 [Digital Comic] (March 8)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Axel Gimenez, Diana Egea & Coral Martinez
    The White Martian lunges off its platform at Batman and John Jones. John shapeshifts back into his Martian Manhunter form as Batman tells him to keep the White Martian busy and zips to the platform above. John then, while fighting the creature, has a telepathic conversation with the White Martian. Batman finds the Martian's "nest" and finds Faraday's key-card with a picture clipped to its back. It's revealed that Faraday had a daughter and because of that loss, he bonded with the White Martian over their loss. John then goes into the Martian's mind and sees her memories. We see how she was sent away during the Martian Civil War, we see her landing on Earth and being found by Faraday, and we see how she shapeshifted into Faraday's daughter to help him grieve. Batman disarms his weapons and John proceeds to comfort M'gann. Later at the Batcave, Bruce and Barbara begin to train in the Cave once again, with Alfred smiling at the sight. Back in Metropolis, John and his "niece" Megan go back to his apartment before later flying together in space, John and Megan shift into their natural martian forms of J'onn J'onzz and M'gann M'orzz and fly off to Mars to learn more about their family history.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 Special #1 [Print Edition] (May)
    Collects Digital Chapters #28, 32, 36 & 37.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #38 [Digital Comic] (March 15)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    On Earth 2, in Chloe's memory, Oliver has called a press conference to reveal that Ultraman is really Clark Luthor and to announce that Queen Industries is going to provide every citizen of Metropolis with a personal amount of "meteor rock" with which to defend themselves from the villain. Meanwhile, Chloe-2 is waiting with a sniper rifle and a Kryptonite bullet with which to shoot Ultraman, whose appearance on the scene is fully expected. And appear he does, fully aware that it's a trap, and snapping Oliver's neck when Chloe fails to shoot for apparent fear of hitting Oliver. On Earth 1, Chloe sheds a tear from the flashback and doesn't want to talk about it with Oliver. She's too busy tracking Bart, who is running faster than he's ever run before, around and around the world, gathering up the speed from every speed force outbreak. At one point, he seems to have some speedster companions who want to talk with him, but they are not identified. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Superman continues to fight the Black Racer, who seems to be gaining the upper hand just as Bart arrives, prepared at last for the final showdown and his reckoning with the speed force.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #39 [Digital Comic] (March 22)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Bart races Superman away from the Black Racer and explains he knows how to end the fight. As Bart then races back into the city, Superman tries to catch him. Superman shouts for Bart to slow down but Bart, tears streaming down his eyes, says "Not this time, amigo!" The Black Racer sees Bart heading his way and is ready for the battle. But Bart stops suddenly, giving all of his speed to the Racer, which causes an explosion that effectively obliterates both the Racer and Bart. Flashback to Smallville, two months ago... Chloe has just shot the mysterious pilot she and Oliver had been tracking and is knocked clear upon physical contact. Then we see the full conversation between the pilot (Chloe-2) and a Monitor before the Monitor kills her (which we saw in Chapter 11). Chloe-2 is "roiling with bleed" from having been touched by her Earth-1 counterpart, and while the Monitor is impressed at the lengths to which Chloe-2 travelled to warn Earth-1, he's not about to spare her life. "The Monitors maintain order. Existence is chaos. And so all existence shall be brought to an end." Back in the here and now, Chloe rouses from the memory as news of Impulse's sacrifice comes in from Superman. How, she asks Oliver, are they going to raise a child considering the lives they lead? Oliver says he doesn't know. Later, at the JSA brownstone, Jay Garrick and Superman talk about Bart, about Hawkman, and about how everything ends. Then Emil shows up and reveals that the excess Speed Force that Bart exposed Clark to "might have done more than just save the world..."

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #40 [Digital Comic] (March 29)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Lois Lane isn't expecting the knock on her door while talking on the phone to Superman, who says he doesn't think he'll be doing the flybys anymore. That's Clark Kent at the door. They embrace and Clark explains about Bart's super-speed eliminating the radiation. Lois offers thanks to Bart but tells Clark to change back into the Superman costume as they have work to do. At Lexcorp, Lex Luthor finds the lights aren't working. He calls out to Otis but is greeted instead by the red glowing eyes of Superman. Green Arrow is there, too, and remarks that Lex used to buy nicer scotch. The two heroes have come for Tess, whom they now know to be alive and well. But it's Lois who does the dirty work of rendering Lex unconscious. When he wakes, Lex demands to know where his sister is. He finds a note, which features Superman's S-shield and the words "thanks for the memories." Meanwhile, Emil Hamilton has developed the means to upload Tess into a hologram projector. She proves grateful to be free of Lex at last. Clark then notices that Chloe isn't around, and finds her on the balcony. They talk about the Crisis and Chloe tells Clark about the pregnancy and how she and Oliver have to leave Metropolis at least until the baby is born. Clark understands, as usual, and everyone but Lex is happy.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #12 [Print Edition] (April)
    Collects Digital Chapters #38-40.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Smallville: Season 11 Vol. 3: Haunted [Paperback] reprints Smallville: Season 11 #9-12]

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #41 [Digital Comic] (April 5)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Cat Staggs, Carrie Strachan
    Lois Lane is flying over the Atlantic Ocean on an assignment for the Daily Planet when she is spotted by a little girl. When the girl starts asking Lois about Superman and what he's like, she starts answering her questions up until she is asked if she is in love with him. Lois then, after hinting at her answer, walks to the lavatory and is stopped by two flight attendants who recognize her. They also bombard Lois with questions about Superman. In London, Mr. Perry White, a member of England's own Daily Planet, gets a call from Lois (who has now arrived in Africa) telling him that she got into a fight with both a flight attendant and an Air Marshall. Lois reassures Perry that she's not yet on the "No-Fly" list before getting in an army transport vehicle. In the vehicle, Lois is questioning the troops about the mysterious "Angel of the Plateau" who has been taking down African warlords bare-handed. But before Lois can get more information, they are ambushed. Lois is told to stay in the car, but she does just the opposite and as a truck is blown, Lois is trapped under it. As she pulls herself free, her Superman signal watch is removed. As her and a soldier are running away from the war-zone, another truck is blown up and is headed toward Lois. Suddenly, the truck is caught and Lois is saved by none other than... Lana Lang?

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #42 [Digital Comic] (April 12)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Daniel HDR
    Something is chasing a group of men across the Antarctic tundra. Booster Gold arrives to save them, but his Legion ring decides not to work for him. Blue Beetle arrives to save the day. In Metropolis, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are showering together before Clark hears a distress signal, finishes putting on his Superman costume, and flies off. Later, at the Daily Planet, Cat Grant is not happy that Clark hasn't returned any of her calls - she's been trying to let him know that Booster Gold has been waiting for him. Clark and Booster head to the roof to talk, Clark annoyed that Booster is finding him at work. Skeets is happy to meet "Mr. Superman" and Booster admits he knows about Clark's "hiatus" but is eager to discuss the Legion ring. He tosses it to Clark, whereupon its "voice" is heard again, declaring "Authorized user present. Prepare for mandatory recall." There is a lot of purple light, neither Clark nor Booster knows what's happening and then, with a "Pop," they are brought forward in time to the 31st Century, leaving Skeets behind and finding themselves standing before a giant - and toppled - statue of Superman.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #43 [Digital Comic] (April 19)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Daniel HDR
    Skeets misses Booster. At Watchtower, Digital Tess is at a loss. Skeets has informed her of his situation and sayd he needs to purchase land with a thousand-year lease. Clark and Booster, in the 31st Century, are confronted by Skeets who has been waiting in a time capsule in that very spot for 1,000 years. Clark wonders where the Legion is. An enflamed spaceship is falling down on top of them. Meanwhile, aboard that very ship, Lightning Lad and Brainiac 5 are trying to escape from agents of Earthgov. Superman catches the ship, but Booster's efforts to evacuate the area meet resistance from a few people who question whether Booster is even human. Until they see the ship nearly on top of them. Then they run. Safely on the ground, Lightning Lad and Brainiac come up and Superman. They ask him what he's doing in the future and he says he was hoping they could tell him. Just as they're clarifying the circumstances of their involvement with the crashing spaceship, a group of armed and masked men arrives and commands them all to submit themselves to custody. Superman asks whether the Legion is at war with Earth, to which Brainiac responds that it's not quite that simple. Earth is at war with the new planet in the solar system. New Krypton.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #44 [Digital Comic] (April 26)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Daniel HDR
    Booster Gold tosses Skeets like a football into the air above the group of EarthGov agents surrounding Superman, Lightning Lad and Brainiac 5 - Skeets gives off some kind of electric pulse and down go the agents, allowing the heroes to go free. Brainiac recommends a disguise for Superman - different hairstyle, glasses and a red jacket. They discuss the Legion Ring protocol message, and Brainiac tells them that the protocol doesn't exist. Brainiac then wants to know who Booster is, but Superman interjects and forces the conversation over to the matters of his accidental time traveling and this so-called New Krypton. Turns out the Kandorians have returned - in the form of their descendants, who have flourished on the planet Clark sent them to, Argo, for the past thousand years. Their struggle with Earth began when they were denied membership in the United Planets, but has since escalated thanks to certain other actions EarthGov has taken... Meanwhile, over on an EarthGov Holding Facility, Minister Kirt Niedrigh is demanding of the governing council that the prisoner be moved to a more secure location. Just then, Superman rips through the facility's wall. They use a red sunlight flashbang on him, but that only delays him momentarily. He's just there to free the prisoner, he says. He's just there for Supergirl.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #13 [Print Edition] (May)
    Collects Digital Chapters #42-44.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #45 [Digital Comic] (May 3)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Cat Staggs, Carrie Strachan
    Lana Lang deflects a bunch of bullets shot at her by child soldiers. She stops the bullets and tells them that they don't have to live the way they are living and don't have to be soldiers. She then proceeds to take them to her Sanctuary as Lois Lane follows, trying to get her story. That night, Lana explains to Lois that with the powers she has and with what happened in Metropolis, she had to go somewhere where she could make a difference. She tries and tries to stop the bloodshed and sex trade, but she cannot stop it completely. Even with her contact, David, she doesn't always succeed. Lana explains that the reason she brings the kids to the Sanctuary is because she wants them to have a childhood, something she herself didn't fully have in Smallville. In Tinasha, a bunch of the warlords are meeting together to discuss destroying the Angel of the Plateau. After a brief fight and the murder of one of the warlords, one of them brings up an easier solution. In order to destroy a threat from the west, pit it up against another from the west. In this case, they have hired a mercenary that has a connection to Lana, a mercenary named John Corben aka Metallo.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #46 [Digital Comic] (May 10)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Cat Staggs, Carrie Strachan
    At Lana's Sanctuary, Lois finds Lana's Superman scrapbook. Lana begins to ask Lois about Clark, which initially makes Lois uncomfortable. Lois tells Lana about the radiation ordeal that Lex put her and Clark through, but reminds her that they "made it work". Lana moves on and offers Lois some stew that one of the kids whipped-up before talking about what her new mission in life. Just then, there's noise outside that infers trouble and Lana super-speeds out, only to be attacked by John Corben aka Metallo! Lois runs outside and exchanges a word or two with Corben before explaining to Lana who Metallo is. Corben brings up that Lois had given him a Red Kryptonite powered heart, but it didn't work as well as the Green. Corben continues to explain that when he worked for Toyman's Marionette Ventures, he was excited about his gig. Although he never fought Supergirl, he was given a new Green Kryptonite heart, which can absorb Meteor Rock aka Kryptonite. With her suit in danger of being absorbed, Lana lunges at Corben to defend Lois and the children, but then put in a choke-hold by him as he starts to absorb her Kryptonite laced nanites. Lana, shoved to the ground, is lifted up by Lois as they watch the Kryptonite nanites reform and upgrade Corben's body into a new and improved version of Metallo!

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #47 [Digital Comic] (May 17)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Daniel HDR
    Clark and Kara, reunited in the 31st Century, embrace in space as they get caught up on developments since she disappeared from the 21st Century on Jor-El's orders mere days before the arrival of Darkseid and Clark's transformation into Superman. She tells of how she was welcomed into the Legion upon her arrival in the current time and of how the discovery of Argo gave her hope she might finally have found somewhere to fit in. But then EarthGov sabotaged the Legion's diplomatic mission to Argo, precipitating war. Kara reveals that she wasn't a prisoner of EarthGov, after all, but a spy. And then she flies off. On the EarthGov holding facility, Minister Niedrigh and the council debate their response to Superman's infiltration and abduction of Supergirl. The council is eager not to initiate a conflict with the Legion, which they fear would bring unwanted attention from the United Planets. More aliens telling them how to deal with other aliens, they fret, xenophobically. They tell the Minister to focus on intelligence gathering for the planned assault on New Krypton, and he assures them his agents are already in place. Meanwhile, on the Worldship New Krypton, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl are tracking the EarthGov agents, who appear to be trained to withstand Saturn Girl's telepathy. But they can't make themselves invisible and Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl soon find them in the midst of planting a bomb. The agents are apprehended and the bomb is disarmed just as the New Krypton cops, led by Eradicator Beh-Osk, arrive and arrest them all. The Legionnaires declare their innocence and try to assure Beh-Osk that they are there only to ensure peace, but Beh-Osk is not convinced and orders them brought "to the rings." Just then, Superman and Supergirl arrive, attesting to the truth of Cosmic Boy's defense. "The last son of Ancient Krypton!" shouts Beh-Osk. "Kneel before Argo's salvation!" And, much to Clark's surprise, kneel they do.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #48 [Digital Comic] (May 24)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Daniel HDR
    Booster Gold wants his flight ring repaired. He reckons he isn't quite the same without it, less worthy. And Brainiac is only too happy to mock him for it - for having stolen the ring to begin with and for being less than heroic without it. On New Krypton, Superman - the "Liberator" - is getting a history lesson from Chancellor Pa-Vel, where he learns that these Argo-Kryptonians do not worship Rao the way that the Kryptonians that appeared on Earth had. They worship a god that Superman himself once knew. Meanwhile, a discussion between Saturn Girl and Brainiac on peacekeeping status leads to the suggestion that they might eventually need to activate Legion Protocol Six, recalling Legionnaires from all corners of space and time - the same Protocol that brought Booster and Clark to the 31st Century. Cosmic Boy reveals to Supergirl that he and Saturn Girl have become amorous, but Rokk is more interested in what Supergirl has to say about her time infiltrating EarthGov. Just then, Superman appears and says he knows what's going on. New Krypton is searching for a burial site. The tomb of Faora.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #49 [Digital Comic] (May 31)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Daniel HDR
    Booster Gold and Skeets both lament their circumstances. On the street, agents of EarthGov are pursuing an alien, a young girl crying out in "Dumakan" for somebody to save her. Booster intervenes and the EarthGov agents are undeterred by the girl's age. Meanwhile, Clark and Kara are flying over the Amazon, talking about the situation. Clark thinks New Krypton has a right to Faora's remains and Kara decides she's no longer going to be a soldier. As they begin to approach their destination, Kara is hit with some kind of energy blast. EarthGov aircraft have arrived and demand that the two of them stand down. Superman says no, and the fight begins. Just then, it ends as Supergirl vision-blasts one of the two aircraft out of the sky and she and Superman have to save the pilots from certain death. The pilots, completely ungrateful and unimpressed, immediately begin shooting at the two heroes but Superman puts a final end to the kerfuffle with his "Arctic" breath. Next stop: Zod's Kryptonian fortress, deep in the Amazon, where Faora's body lies at rest entombed in crystal at the bottom of pit located in the center of Zod's throne room. Then Kara finds a cartridge from a "DNA extraction device." What, they wonder, could EarthGov want with DNA from Faora's unborn child? At EarthGov, scientists reporting to Minister Niedrigh exclaim that they have "successfully integrated the child's genetic material into Subject Zero." Niedrigh is exultant, convinced they've made history and that "the xenos will be undone by a weapon of their own design." It's Doomsday.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #14 [Print Edition] (June)
    Collects Digital Chapters #47-49.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #50 [Digital Comic] (June 7)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Cat Staggs, Carrie Strachan
    Catching their breath from the last cliffhanger, Lois Lane and Lana Lang are relieved when they see US Air Force helicopters headed towards John Corben aka Metallo. However, instead of them taking out Corben, he uses his new-found nanites powers to add the helicopter blades to his body, making him even more of a threat. Chasing after Lois and Lana, Corben taunts the two with threats that after Africa, he will take Superman head-on. Some soldiers come to the rescue allowing Lois and Lana the chance to slip away, only to have their own guns added to Metallo's arsenal. Corben shoots at the two as Lois, wearing her bullet-proof vest, jumps in front of Lana, taking a bullet or two for her. Hot-wiring a truck, Lana runs over Metallo as a distraction for Lois to get a bazooka ready to fire. But instead of firing the weapon, Lois allows Metallo to take it only for her to shoot the warhead causing an explosion right in Corben's face, knocking him out. The "Dynamic Duo" then proceed to take Corben's Kryptonite heart out of his chest in order to prevent him from being a threat. Later, D.E.O. comes to pick up Corben and take him to an undisclosed location. Lois reassures Lana that the "Angel of the Plateau" will be put in good lighting in her article. Lana tells Lois that she is indeed happy for her and Clark and that she has found her place here in Africa with people who need her, even without her superpowers.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 Special #2 [Print Edition] (July)
    Collects Digital Chapters #41, 45, 46 & 50.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #51 [Digital Comic] (June 14)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Daniel HDR
    Minister Niedrigh is torturing Booster Gold for information on the Legion. Booster isn't very cooperative, but unfortunately Skeets didn't really have a choice and both Booster and Skeets are scheduled for "re-purposing." Meanwhile, the Legion are preparing for an impossible battle in which neither side - New Krypton or EarthGov - wants but both likely needs the Legion's help. The assembled Legionnaires renew their oaths both to the Legion and to "preserve life at all costs." Also meanwhile, Brainiac has discovered that the Earth spies seen previously planted an ancient technology on the Worldship New Krypton that will "put simply... let them win." As the Kryptonians prepare to launch their gravity bomb, a "spatial distortion" causes energy begins to spoke across the Worldship, and the war has begun. Back in the Amazon, Supergirl retrieves for questioning one of the EarthGov agents that Superman trapped with his Arctic breath last issue. She seems poised to kill him with her heat vision when Superman intervenes. They fight and Superman calms her with promises of how he has a better way and will make everything all right. Just then, Brainiac alerts them both of a developing situation. New Krypton, about to launch its assault on Earth, is being attacked by Doomsday.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #52 [Digital Comic] (June 21)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Daniel HDR
    Rendezvousing with the Legion in space above Earth, Superman and Supergirl learn that Doomsday is back and has been unleashed on New Krypton. Just then, New Krypton's gravity bomb arrives. Supergirl tells Superman to go to New Krypton because he has fought Doomsday before, and she leads the Legionnaires to the situation on Earth. Meanwhile, Booster Gold and Skeets escape from their EarthGov captors. On New Krypton, Clark has Saturn Girl provide him with a telepathic link to its citizens so he can speak to them, explain what Doomsday is and his past experience with the monster, and finally encourage them to use their abilities and rise up in self-defense. But it doesn't seem to work and Superman asks Chancellor Pa-Vel to redirect the gravity buoys toward the sun. Pa-Vel warns Superman that not even he can escape the sun's gravity. "I know," says Superman. Back at Earth, the gravity bomb explodes and Brainiac exclaims "we have lost Metropolis" as the city's citizens are sucked up into the explosion's resulting vortex.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #53 [Digital Comic] (June 28)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel HDR, Daniel HDR
    Booster positions the EarthGov frigate he has hijacked in the center of Metropolis' gravity calamity and Supergirl, quick to spot his intentions, advises the Legionnaires to get the people they are saving on board. Another EarthGov ship arrives, but insists that it, too, is only looking to help. Just then, Chancellor Pa-Vel raises Supergirl via communicator to let her know that her assistance is needed elsewhere. Superman, having had the Chancellor direct the gravity buoys toward the sun, is battling Doomsday along the line. In telepathic connection with Saturn Girl, Superman, not expecting to survive, asks that somebody tell Lois what happened to him and that both Booster and Kara "find their places." But just as Superman unleashes a final blow that sends Doomsday to his fiery end and leaves him at the mercy of the sun's gravity, a hand reaches out and catches him - the Legion has arrived and have formed a chain of hands sufficient to resist the pull of the sun and keep everyone alive. Later, back on Earth, a young child running away from his mother bumps into Superman on the street. Apparently young Bartholomew Allen is "always running off." Superman notes the name, and sheds a tear for a good friend lost. Then Brainiac arrives and advises Superman that EarthGov has disavowed Minister Niedrigh and that Krypton and Earth are working together to repair one another's damaged infrastructure. Brainiac returns Superman's Legion ring, the one Booster stole in the 25th Century, so that it can make its way back to the museum for Booster to steal it. Time travel headaches ensue. Finally, Clark and Kara say their goodbyes in space. Clark invites Kara to join him back in the 21st Century, and Kara indicates that she probably eventually will, but not before enjoying her latest mission, one that is entirely her own.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #15 [Print Edition] (July)
    Collects Digital Chapters #51-53.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #54 [Digital Comic] (July 5)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Beni Lobel, Rainer Petter
    Waking up from "standby mode," the newly digitized Tess Mercer immediately is met by Dr. Emil Hamilton who begins to ask her a series of questions, including if she dreams. Tess pulls up some memories of her life before her "death" and some of Lex's memories as well. Being interrupted by Watchtower's Seattle team of Black Canary and Speedy, Tess moves her attention from Hamilton to them to help them with their predicament. Once the heroes have their situation under control, Hamilton resumes the conversation by presenting Tess with some upgrades, including one to make her look more human, to which Tess believes she is no longer. At LexCorp, Otis wakes Lex up from his own sleep to show him some new information the R&D department learned from the failed Guardian Platform launch. Otis shows Lex that a spaceship, which is actually Earth-2 Chloe's Queen Industries ship, crash landed during the launch. Lex orders Otis to get him a meeting with the R&D department as he rushes out the door. Back at Watchtower, Tess is having a conversation with Superman about some place that he's scoping out. However, Clark has to leave as a situation develops on both ends of the line. Tess sees Lex and Otis walking out of LexCorp Plaza as she stops the revolving door on Otis, only letting Lex out. Lex is immediately met by ex-LexCorp employees who are upset about their termination and decide to beat him up. Watchtower's computer asks Tess if she wants to dial 911 for help, to which she replies, "no".

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #55 [Digital Comic] (July 12)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Beni Lobel, Rainer Petter
    Waking up in Metropolis General Hospital, Lex Luthor is greeted by his new therapist, Tammy. Tammy begins to question Lex, but he beats around the bush and avoids them like the plague. After getting dressed, Lex walks out of his hospital room and tells Otis to tell Tammy how well LexCorp stock is doing that day. Otis reveals that it went way up and Lex tells Tammy that it's "Sympathy for the Devil". At Watchtower, Tess is watching Lex and Otis in his hospital room, and begins to order Lex some Oxycodone, with sinister motives. However, a situation develops in downtown Metropolis and Tess calls Superman, who is currently handling another situation somewhere else. Tess has no choice but to get involved and save a father and daughter from a burning building. Tess takes control of a rescue chopper and a crane by remote and uses them to save the family from being burned alive. Elsewhere at LexCorp's R&D Department, Lex encounters his scientists who tell him that they have been collecting meteor fragments from the ship that appeared when the Guardian Platform malfunctioned. They reveal that the meteorites they picked up have traces of Earth metals and minerals in them, as if Earth had exploded. However, the atomic charges are the exact opposite of what they should be, which causes Lex's curiosity to rise. They then tell him that the ship had landed in Smallville and has been transferred back and forth between Queen Industries and S.T.A.R. Labs. Lex decides that they need to steal it.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #56 [Digital Comic] (July 19)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    It's twenty years ago and a young boy has washed ashore on some tropical island. Face down in the surf, he is greeted by a sharp rap to the head from a spear wielded by a young girl who tells him that males are not allowed on the island. The boy introduces himself as Steve Trevor. The girl is alerted to the sounds of galloping horses and urgent voices. "My name is Diana of Themyscira," she then says, taking his hand and running into the water, "and you, Steve Trevor, will be my secret boy!" Fast forward to today. A dog, looking through a window, barks at the limousine that has just pulled up. Senator Martha Kent, gets in the car, where she meets Director Bones of the D.E.O., who commends her on getting the Vigilante Registration Act overturned and on her clear connections with the "supers and capes" community and offers her a job on his team when her term in government is up. She makes no promises. Just then, the car screeches to a halt because a hooded figured has appeared in its path. Gun-toting companions, at the figure's command to "Converge," emerge from the shadows and open fire on the car. Bones shouts at Martha to get herself to safety and that his team can handle this, but before Martha can even move a woman in white arrives on the scene, fells the hooded figure with a manhole cover hurled like a Frisbee, blocks the bullets from one of the figure's companions with her bracelets, and otherwise ensures Martha's safety. Bones escapes, which prompts the hooded figure and his companions to leave, via mass teleportation. Soon after, Martha calls Clark in Metropolis, who levitates with Lois curled into him while he sleeps. Martha is clearly shaken, but she is not hurt. No, she is more surprised at having been saved by someone she does not recognize.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #57 [Digital Comic] (July 26)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Lois and Clark visit Martha in Washington, during which they discuss logistics, the ethics of having had Lionel Luthor forge Clark's birth certificate, the woman who saved Martha from The Cultists, and the D.E.O.. Clark also retrieves the teddy bear of a little girl who left it at home in Florida but seems only just now to have realized it and to begin to cry. At the D.E.O., Director Bones is angry and annoyed but his team stands firm: their response time was exceptional and they extracted Bones and his driver from danger before the authorities arrived, even if The Cultists did manage to escape. A consultant in London is playing games with them and Bones is just generally not impressed with the current state of agent work. Just then, a certain Kent arrives at the entrance to D.E.O. headquarters. Bones thinks it's Martha, and when he's told it isn't, he says to send Agent 47. For his part, Clark thinks he's in the wrong location, if the pristine inlet he's at is any indication. It isn't, as the water roils and a lift emerges from its depths, out of which walks Steve Trevor to greet Clark.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #58 [Digital Comic] (August 2)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Back on Themyscira, 15 years ago, Diana gives Steve Trevor a football she made from the skin of the largest boar on the island and they engage in some eventually riparian horseplay that ends with Steve falling into the water and Diana jumping in with him. They get close. Just then, Diana's mother and sisters appear. They scold her for violating their laws and one of the women insists that the "little man" must be put to death. Though Diana tries to fight them off, the women are successful in capturing Steve, leaving Diana behind in the shadows. Zip ahead to now. Lois Lane steps onto the roof of an historical building near the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to encounter the mysterious "woman in white" who saved Martha Kent from The Cultists. Lois tries to get the woman to explain who she is and what she wants, but they are interrupted by a pair of attacking harpies. Cut to DEO headquarters, where Steve Trevor is giving Clark Kent a tour and explaining the DEO's purpose. They, too, are interrupted by an alert that calls Steve away and compels Clark to remove his glasses... Back at the Mall, Lois and Diana are fighting the harpies and Diana is impressed with Lois's skills. Superman arrives and makes quick work of the harpies. Steve Trevor and the DEO appear and take official ownership of the situation. But as Diana recognizes her secret childhood playmate, so does Lois recognize a former lover, surprising Superman. Elsewhere, Lord Faust, leader of The Cultists, makes a cauldron offering of a henchman's severed hand and renews his pledge to his master to plunge the world into darkness!

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #16 [Print Edition] (August)
    Collects Digital Chapters #56-58.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #59 [Digital Comic] (August 9)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Beni Lobel, Rainer Petter
    Franticly entering S.T.A.R. Labs, Tess Mercer initiates a conversation with Hank Henshaw, who is currently a disembodied head. Tess begins to vent to Henshaw about what her obsession with revenge is doing to her, to which Henshaw reminds Tess of his doings as the Cyborg-Superman. Henshaw then tells Tess to remember that she can still move about and see the world, and that she is also doing right by herself and those who she cares about. Elsewhere in the complex, Dr. Emil Hamilton speaks with some of his employees about new "Zeta Beam" technology when Security contacts Emil to let him know that there has been a breach. Outside, a group of men enter the compound and it is revealed that they are working for Lex Luthor himself, who assures Otis that he controls his own destiny. In the control room, Emil has his group encrypt and transfer all of his files on Superman and his team to a beta site. After they're finished, they head for a panic room, but on the way there Emil takes on a guard, which results in him getting shot at point-blank range. Tess's panic turns to anger as she puts herself in control of a robot to face the intruders and avenge Emil's pain.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #60 [Digital Comic] (August 16)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    DEO Director Bones and General Same Lane discuss mutual concerns at the church where the Harpies attacked Lois and Diana. Lois and Steve Trevor discuss their past and the new "Wonder Woman" on the scene. We see the moment ten years prior when Diana first left Themyscira to find both her mother and Steve, despite the efforts of Artemis to prevent her departure. Back in the present, Clark finds Diana at the Marston Home for Wayward Girls and lets her in on the secret identity; they talk about her mission until Tess contacts Clark and directs them to the site of Faust's recent ritual, where Diana decodes a message that reveals her mother is still alive.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #61 [Digital Comic] (August 23)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    In his true form, Director Bones really is all bones, and he's not happy about the return of Felix Faust. Lois and Clark are on Faust's trail, Martha lends a hand, and the trail leads back to Diana. Off goes Superman to talk to her. Bones and Faust meet in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capital Building and Faust makes it clear that he has the upper hand, injuring Bones and demanding that he arrest Diana who, meanwhile, has snuck into Steve Trevor's apartment while he's taking a shower. After the brief violence of a misunderstanding, they cheerfully and tearfully reunite, just as Bones shows up outside Trevor's apartment building to place her under arrest.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #62 [Digital Comic] (August 30)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Superman sees smoke in the distance at Steve Trevor's apartment and knows that's where Diana is; he also sees that the DEO and the military have her surrounded. And off he goes, Lois in hot pursuit on the road below. For her part, Diana is impressed with that tank's craftsmanship but still sees it as a beast that must be slain, which she promptly does, using a pair of chain lengths to snare and flip it end over end as Superman swoops in to clear the soldiers inside from the ensuing blast. Trevor emerges from the apartment and refuses a direct order to hand Diana over, earning himself a "burn order." A sniper opens fire but our boy is there to catch the bullet inches from Trevor's face. Superman is not impressed with any of this and says as much to General Lane, who urges him to choose his battles. Diana gives herself up on the agreement that she will be taken to see her mother. Superman tells Trevor he should run, given the burn order while, off in one dark corner, Felix Faust bleeds to strengthen his magic and, in another, Diana's mother, looking every inch a Wonder Woman, is trapped behind glass.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #17 [Print Edition] (September)
    Collects Digital Chapters #60-62.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #63 [Digital Comic] (September 6)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Beni Lobel, Rainer Petter
    Bursting out of S.T.A.R. Labs, a Tess Mercer-controlled robot lunges to attack LexCorp's hired guns. At LexCorp R&D, Lex and Otis are immediately attacked by Tess. Grabbing Lex, Tess is about to kill her half-brother, but decides against it. Later in Watchtower, Emil confronts Tess about her almost-murder of Lex Luthor. Tess tells Emil that she wants to make the better of her second chance at life and decides to get back to helping Clark track down some harpies. At LexCorp, Otis arrives to greet Lex, but Lex has other things on his mind. Recounting the Earth-2 Lionel Luthor, Lex decides that the ship that crash landed in Smallville when the Guardian platform malfunctioned has to have been from another Earth.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 Special #3 [Print Edition] (October)
    Collects Digital Chapters #54, 55, 60 & 63.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #64 [Digital Comic] (September 13)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    When she first arrived in the "new world" ten years past, Diana's first glimpse of Lady Liberty standing tall in New York Harbor was a hopeful inspiration. Today, Director Bones doesn't like having to torture her, somewhere there in DEO Headquarters, but the deal he and Felix Faust made with Hades back in the day is not so easily broken. Plus he's got a national security interest in understanding what makes Diana "tick" - a preemptive strike against Themyscira appears not to be out of the question. Meanwhile, Clark is on-site and speaking just loudly enough for Diana to super-hear him - he's in search of Diana's mother, a task really not at all complicated by Special Agent Cameron Chase, who replaces Steve Trevor as Clark's guide on this tour, first aborted when the harpies attacked Lois and Diana in Washington; this leg of the tour features a monkish pair of "celestial specialists" who take shifts casting a continuous spell to protect the facility from "magick." Clark soon excuses himself to the toilet and then infiltrates the "Black Room" he had super-spied, where he finds Diana's mother alive but in suspended animation. Just then, an alert is sounded: DEO Headquarters has "incoming," something giant in the water. Enter a sea monster and Faust, wondering if he's interrupting anything...

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #65 [Digital Comic] (September 20)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    In a parking garage, Lois complains to her father about the D.E.O. arresting Diana, names her "Wonder Woman" and gives Steve Trevor grief for trying to appear as though he was defending a woman who can "take down" a tank. Meanwhile, D.E.O.'s underwater headquarters are under attack from Faust, the sea monster and armed SCUBA divers. Bones recognizes that Faust manipulated him and rushes off to face him while at least one celestial specialist takes a bullet, further contributing to a weakening of the D.E.O.'s defensive magicks, allowing Diana to break free of her restraints. Bones and Clark confront Faust, who is able to both keep Clark at bay and kill Bones before taking the jewel from the trapped Hippolyta's tiara and summoning Hades, who promptly remarks on the beauty of the stars. Diana then punches Faust in the jaw and Clark tries to slow him with heat vision but Faust escapes in a swirl of mystic energy. As the sea monster closes in for the kill, Clark asks Diana to decide quickly whether she's going to help him as Superman flies (and/or swims) up, up and (using his heat vision again) through the sea monster on his way "topside" to confront Hades.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #66 [Digital Comic] (September 27)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Walking through the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool with the Washington Monument in the distance, Hades marvels at humanity's ongoing efforts to achieve godhood. Faust tells him that humans continue to be legion, at which Hades says that's why he brought a legion of his own: the dead of Arlington National Cemetery suddenly become undead. Meanwhile, Lois, her father and Steve Trevor, all together in a Humvee, discover that telecommunications are not functioning just as they smash into the first of the zombies. Lois whispers to Clark for a sign that he can hear her, which is promptly delivered in the form of a hovering Superman's "Arctic breath" stopping the zombie horde in its tracks. A military chopper descends on Hades, raining bullets, and Faust transforms nearby military personnel into harpies, which then take down the chopper. Superman appears, unfamiliar to Hades, who raises a cyclone, alarming Clark. Next thing everybody thinks they know, the cyclone has turned into a gigantic, zombified arm. Back at DEO headquarters, Hippolyta has tired of her post-escape medical attendees and tries to convince Diana that they should both return home, that the affairs of this land are not their concern. But Diana knows that Hades will eventually take his war to Themyscira and tells her mother, whose armor she has now donned, that she will do as her mother once did: fight.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #18 [Print Edition] (October)
    Collects Digital Chapters #64-66.

  • Smallville: Titans Chapter #1 [Digital Comic] (October 4)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Cat Staggs, Carrie Strachan
    In San Francisco, a villain by the name of Doc Phosphorus escaped from Alcatraz and proceeded to terrorize a carnival. Just then, Conner Kent aka Superboy comes seemingly out of nowhere and punches Phosphorus in the face. Blasting the Ferris Wheel in an attempt to get the Boy of Steel off his back, Phosphorus tries to run until several other teenagers with powers enter the scene - Mia Dearden aka Speedy, M'gann M'orzz aka Miss Martian, Jamie Reyes aka Blue Beetle, and Zan & Jayna aka the Wonder Twins! Fighting their foe, the group each take their turn at the villain while Superboy catches the wheel. That is until Phosphorus sends flaming pieces of wood at Miss Martian. But before Superboy can get to her, she is quickly removed from the scene in a flash by the kid's mentor: Jay Garrick aka The Flash of the Justice Society of America. Immediately after Blue Beetle and Speedy send Phosphorus into the water, the Flash tells them that they failed their mission explaining that they should have first put out the fires and then sent Phosphorus directly into the water instead of fighting him first. Elsewhere as Phosphorus is being fished out of the ocean, it is revealed that Rose Wilson set the entire ordeal up just to see how the group of teenage heroes would respond.

  • Smallville: Titans Chapter #2 [Digital Comic] (October 11)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Cat Staggs, Carrie Strachan
    Back at base camp, former Flash Jay Garrick gives the Titans a lecture on Bart Allen aka Impulse and his sacrifice which inspired this team, he tells the kids that they are not yet ready for field work. Connor, Superboy, argues with Jay that they are ready to go and help people, but Jay disagrees and races with Connor to another part of the room where he asks Connor a serious question, will he be a Luthor or a Kent? Later, Mia (Speedy) reveals to Jayna that the only reason she joined the team was because Chloe and Dinah (Watchtower & Black Canary) told her that she should, also revealing that Oliver (Green Arrow) hasn't really been there for her thus far in her superhero journey. Jayna tells Mia of when her father kicked her and Zan out of the house when they were young and that they have been living on their own ever since, reminding Mia that what they have here isn't so bad. Jay shows up and tells Jayna that if Bart could outrun his past, that they can too. Before Jay leaves, he makes a promise to Bart that no matter what he would not give up on this team. Elsewhere, on the bridge, Connor catches up with Megan (Miss Martian) who talks about missing her home on Mars and reminds Connor, after a kiss, that once she's done here on Earth, she plans on rejoining Martian Manhunter on their home world. Connor confides in Megan that things weren't working out the way that he planned as he was being raised by Martha Kent, until he was given the opportunity to be a part of something bigger here. Back in the compound, Jamie (Blue Beetle) walks into Zan's room and to his surprise finds Zan bleeding all over the floor. Then, from behind Rose Wilson uses a sound weapon on Jaime, preventing him from turning into the Blue Beetle and sending him to the ground.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #67 [Digital Comic] (October 18)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Superman fights Hades' Washington Monument Monster! Harpies attack Air Force One! Superman beats the harpies, uses Morse Code to explain they're transformed humans not in control! Diana saves the DEO lady! The Monument Monster puts the hurt on Superman! Hades is gentle, maybe because he's more an other-dimensional being with mommy issues than a god! Faust alerts Hades to Diana's approach! Hades calls down the harpies! Oh no, they got Steve Trevor!

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #68 [Digital Comic] (October 25)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    Hades uses the statue of Lincoln as his throne. Wonder Woman makes her bloody way to him and is told upon her arrival that she cannot defeat him alone. That's when Superman shows up from underneath the giant zombie, toppling it. Hades summons harpies and zombies to defend him and Wonder Woman and Superman fend them off as Wonder Woman explains to Superman that Faust has to die in order to sever the "blood bond" with Hades. Superman says no and instead flies off with Hades into space, where he threatens Hades with "an eternity tumbling through the void." A terrified Hades yields and Superman hurls him back to Earth and down into the depths. Wonder Woman captures Faust with her lariat, the zombie creature falls, and Wonder Woman embraces Steve Trevor. No one knows what's coming next.

  • Smallville: Season 11 Chapter #69 [Digital Comic] (November 1)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Jorge Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez
    The U.S. President delivers a televised address in which he acknowledges how "out of depth" everyone is with the recent terror and destruction wrought by Felix Faust and Hades, connecting those events with "Contact," when Darkseid and his minions nearly destroyed the Earth in Season 10, and thanks the "rising generation" of heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman for saving everyone. In Washington, D.C., the very same Superman and Wonder Woman talk about godhood and future plans. Wonder Woman is staying "stateside" to act as envoy with Themyscira and to prove that "any who act on their beliefs in pursuit of truth and justice can make a difference." She also plans to see more of Steve Trevor. At Andrews Air Force Base, Hippolyta prepares to return home in what, "for all intents and purposes," is an invisible airplane. Diana, now a DEO agent, arrives to say good-bye. Whether she or Steve Trevor are more "ready for this" than the other will have to wait for another time. Clark and Martha walk alongside the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and discuss the time when Clark visited D.C. on a school trip. The conversation turns to xenophobia and how people are afraid of what they don't understand. Clark says showing his face to the world wasn't enough and that he has a big step to take. Martha is supportive as ever. Later, Superman repairs the Washington Monument to cheers and flashing cameras before flying off. Clark then joins Lois on the ground. Lois asks whether things are going to be different tomorrow; Clark says yes. They kiss. Later still, Superman arrives at The White House and tells the President that he, Superman, is really Kal-El of Krypton - an alien.

  • Notable Issue: Smallville: Season 11 #19 [Print Edition] (November)
    Collects Digital Chapters #67-69.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Smallville: Season 11 - Vol. 5: Olympus [Paperback] reprints Smallville: Season 11 #16-19]

  • Smallville: Titans Chapter #3 [Digital Comic] (November 9)
    Bryan Q. Miller, Cat Staggs, Carrie Strachan
    Finding a collapsed Jayna, M'gann realizes that something has happened to Zan in order for Jayna to feel this way. Connor hears Rose Wilson, the Ravager, in the Tower explaining to Jamie why she's doing what she's doing. After taunting them enough, Superboy shows up and blasts Rose out of the building with his heat vision. On the ground, she meets with Speedy, Miss Martian, and The Flash. After quickly taking Jay out with a gravity bomb, Mia attacks Rose until she gets vertigo and can no longer fight. Rose descends upon M'gann with gauntlets of fire and sends her into the ground. Upstairs, Jayna sees Zan, bleeding out, dying, and tries to get Jaime to transform into the Blue Beetle and fly Zan to a hospital. Unfortunately, there's a bomb attached to Jamie's back that will detonate if he tries to transform. Outside, Connor tells Ravager that he will gladly fight her if she doesn't harm the rest of the Titans. Pulling out a Kryptonite sword, Rose reveals that he's the reason she's there in the first place.

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