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Mild Mannered Reviews - "Young Justice" Comics

Young Justice #2

Young Justice #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 16, 2011

Cover date: May 2011

"Monkey Business"

Writer: Art Baltazar & Franco
Penciller: Mike Norton
Inker: Mike Norton
Cover: Mike Norton & Alex Sinclair

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Superboy is tied up and hidden in the shadows unable to warn Flash, Martian Manhunter and Hawkman as they arrive silently to be greeted by a giant gift box. An oversized trap set by the Joker. Puzzled as to why Snapper would call for help and vanish, they decide to open the box that he must have left them.

Batman appears too late to stop Flash from lifting the lid to Joker's Monkey Clowns! The monkeys dash around causing havoc and Joker appears to marvel at his comedy. He reveals the captive Superboy and Snapper before activating bombs that the monkeys have been dropping from their backpacks. Batman releases the pair while Flash disarms the monkeys before falling foul of Joker Toxin. When Manhunter tries to telepathically stop Joker by entering his mind he is overtaken by insanity and hurled into Hawkman incapacitating them both.

Superboy leaps at Joker but passes through him and is punched in the mouth for his bravery. As Superboy experiences his first cut, Snapper too leaps at the Joker only to suffer the same fate. Joker is just about to battle his nemesis when Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern arrive to duke it out with him. Not unprepared Joker activates the re-equipped Monkey Clowns.

Superboy is hurled into the security hatch in the force of the explosion and in the commotion he realizes something. The Zeta Tube technology the Mount uses audibly announces every visitor so to test his theory, he turns on the Justice League and throws Aquaman into the hatch. Nothing.

Theory tested, Superboy smashes the floor with all his might. The illusions stop and in their place, a G Gnome. Not just any G Gnome, but one that has been with Superboy since he was a 'baby'. The G Gnome missed his brother, he missed not being able to share his knowledge and being telepathically linked.

Later Red Tornado arrives and returns the G Gnome to Cadmus. Miss Martian asks Superboy if his teacher G Gnome had taught him anything.

Superboy frowns "I hate monkeys".

4Story - 4: A great climax to the first arc in Young Justice.

An insight into League history coupled with an insight into how Superboy came to be.

I like the G Gnome concept, sad to see the little guy go but with all he's learnt while hiding in the base returning him to Cadmus might be a very bad idea.

If you have seen Independence Day, you'll really appreciate the character development elaborated on here that the show skims over. I hope it continues to be a strong book.

3Art - 3: Hit and miss this issue. The intensity of the art seems lost in the digital coloring, especially with all the explosions. Would have liked to see the art lean more towards the style last issue than the 'all out battle' style this issue. Nothing wrong with it honestly, just felt it was lacking compared to the first part.

3Cover Art - 3: Proportions are out of whack here. Both the Joker and Superboy look fantastic separately but together they don't seem to fit together.

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