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Supergirl #66

Supergirl #66

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 20, 2011

Cover date: September 2011

"This is Not My Life" - Part 2 of 3

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Penciller: ChrisCross
Inker: Marc Deering

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Bridges

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Henry's friends think he disappeared down a secret passageway, and lead Kara through it. Once inside, they find Henry's robe.

Lois gets caught snooping through the office of Dr. Gardner, the president of Stanhope University, tries to talk to her about Charlize and the missing kids and gets thrown out.

Professor Ivo leaves Henry tied up in a cell where he's watched by robotic rats. Gardner calls Ivo and tells him he has to "complete the upload" that night, and he then sees Kara and Henry's friends walking through the passage.

Kara and Henry's friends explore a large chamber as the robotic rats attack them. Kara throws a bucket of water on them and pretends to knock someone's flashlight down, and then flies around the room exploding all the rats with heat vision.

More rats approach and so they block the passageway, but then have no means of escape. Kara dives into the water to search for a way out.

Ivo puts Henry in a tube and promises him life everlasting, but the price is death.

Supergirl then flies out of the water to confront Ivo.

4Story - 4: The things I had issues with last issue all seem to have been corrected here... and while I'm not crazy about Ivo or his robot rats, no background on which is given (Ivo, I mean, not the rats), the story moved along nicely and there were some nice dialogue exchanges.

I'm not sure Lois had any reason to be snooping in Dr. Gardner's office, and the scene would have worked just as well had Lois simply knocked on her office door. It's a minor quibble, but that's really the only thing that didn't work quite right in terms of the writing. Good stuff.

1Art - 1: Yeah, this is... I'm sorry, it's just bad. Last issue I rated the art a 1, but this issue was definitely worse for me. I'd rate it lower if I could.

There are a few panels that are nice, but by and large it just doesn't work. The entire Lois/Dr. Gardner conversation being the best example, where again it seems like a completely different woman is talking in every panel, with their ages and facial features changing wildly.

This stuff just isn't for me.

3Cover Art - 3: Not bad. I suppose it's about as good as Supergirl punching robotic rats could be...

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