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Mild Mannered Reviews - "Young Justice" Comics

Young Justice #1

Young Justice #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 16, 2011

Cover date: April 2011


Writer: Art Baltazar & Franco
Penciller: Mike Norton
Inker: Mike Norton
Cover: Mike Norton

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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We jump back into the Independence Day finale, where the boys meet M'Gann, Miss Martian. The meeting is short-lived as Wally, Dick and Kaldur have to head to their respective homes. Martian Manhunter suggests that M'Gann and Superboy acquaint themselves with the base before his niece has to return home too. The two teens look around the living quarters with M'Gann advising the more spacious rooms. Superboy however can't seem to shake his Cadmus past and his time in an amniotic pod. His choice of room? A closet. Although M'Gann tries her best Superboy is still very hard to bond with and before long she has to leave Superboy alone with Red Tornado.

Superboy asks about Superman and Mount Justice history, Tornado unfortunately isn't one for heavy human interaction and instead ends up making Superboy feel even more lost in a sea of questions, worse still he has to leave the Mount to collect data and programs from the Hall of Justice. In the lonely silence, Superboy's mind wanders back, he remembers vague events at Cadmus, how the others found him, his meeting with his genetic 'father'. The phrase, "DNA stolen from Superman" swims around in his head, the fact he was created without Superman's knowledge or consent tortures him. But as he begins to wallow in pity he notices someone in The Mount.

Superboy follows the trail of racing shadows and laughter that echo through the halls until he comes to the communications terminal and meets a young boy there who warns Superboy to leave, before disappearing into the shadows again. Superboy's short fuse gets him nowhere and the laughter just keeps getting ever louder. When Superboy looks round again the boy is back frantically punching buttons desperate to call the League. Superboy questions him and finds out the boy's name is Snapper. At first thought, Superboy deduces that he's seeing ghosts from The Mount's past, a reasonable assumption if not for drugged darts flying through the air and hitting both himself and Snapper.

A maniacal voice echoes from the shadows telling Superboy he will be the downfall of the League, before he is slugged to the ground. Nursing his head Superboy looks up to see his assailant revealed...

...The Joker!

To Be Continued...

5Story - 5: Expanding further on the pilot movie Independence Day, we fill in the gaps for fans with what happened between that and Welcome To Happy Harbor. It's a great story that explores Miss Martian more and expands on Superboy's character, his feelings and reactions in a way the animated episodes would struggle to do to the same extent. Not only that, but this issue offers fans of DC history a bonus, if you know Snapper and the history of the League it's a fantastic nod to DC's rich legacy of stories, but if you don't it offers a fantastic interlude between episodes that offers a bit more adventure - also it pre-empts the first series villain Mister Twister with a far more formidable foe, the clown prince of crime! A great exploration of the show that doesn't just tie-in but offers far more.

4Art - 4: It isn't the artwork that I have an issue with, it's as visually stunning as ever, but the coloring and effects to hide blank backgrounds or large non-detailed areas to 'liven' up panels just seems a bit too excessive. They often detract from the artwork or worse drown it so the characters don't stand out. Personal taste of course but if the scenery and backgrounds were just slightly faded or washed out and the characters remained vibrant I think it would work better.

4Cover Art - 4: Great cover conveying the mystery inside, using a tried and tested 'big reveal' style, to keep you guessing. Not sure I like the font the credits are in as it doesn't seem to compliment the title logo. All things considered, however, this is an exceptional cover for the first issue.

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