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Mild Mannered Reviews - Krypto The Superdog

Krypto The Superdog #1

Krypto The Superdog #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 20, 2006

Cover date: November 2006

Writer: Jesse Leon McCann (Based on Krypto's Scrypto by Alan Burnett & Paul Dini)
Penciller: Min S. Ku
Inker: Jeff Albrecht

"Here Comes Krypto"

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Krypto was just a puppy when he was sent into space for a day trip.

Something went wrong and Krypto's ship wasn't able to return to Krypton - it wasn't there! Instead the ship prepared for the secondary destination - the planet Earth!

When Krypto awakens he discovers he's aged many years during his hibernation and is eager to explore this green new world, what he discovers is under Earth's yellow sun - he's become super!

Realizing Kal-El is long gone Krypto decides to bond with a new master, an earth boy named Kevin!

Introductions are made when Kevin falls from a tree and Krypto rescues him. Kevin is astounded by the flying dog and discovers Krypto is Superman's dog. Krypto is confused with the discovery that another Kryptonian was here on Earth, and a champion of truth and justice. He tells Kevin that he no longer belongs to anyone as Kal-El is long gone.

Kevin naturally took in the strange visitor from another planet and they became the best of friends.

They even hid the Kryptonian rocket under the backyard as their secret fortress. And when they activate some equipment they discover Superman is away on a space mission and that a ship transporting a zoo is sinking.

The animals might die!

Adopting a disguise (a red cape! And S shield dogtag) Krypto dashes to the rescue - debuting to the world his new identity as Superdog!

When Krypto returns home, Kevin's parents are watching the news and point out the dog must be Superman's. Melanie, Kevin's baby sister realizes straight away that Krypto and Superdog are one and the same!

Later as the two friends get ready for bed Krypto recognizes a scent of someone he held very dear - Kal-El, or rather - Superman!

Superman greets his oldest friend and discovers drawings Lara and he had done that Krypto had kept safe.

Just as Kevin prepares to give up his new dog Superman interjects that as he was frequently out saving the world Krypto would need a long term companion to which Kevin eagerly agrees to.

As Superman flies away Kevin and Krypto fly around the back yard in celebration but unknown to them Melanie has confirmed her baby intuition!


"The Dark Hound Returns"

Joker and Harley's 'babies' are enjoying Gotham's bad weather and Joker's boisterous laugh. Waiting outside Joker's window, Bud & Lou retrieve gas masks and gas tanks for some sinister plan.

Bat Hound interrupts Krypto ands Streaky's lazy day with a request for help. Earthquakes are ravaging Gotham every 15 minutes.

The cat and dog we love go straight into detective mode searching for clues to the bizarre earthquakes. Instead of a lead they meet Ace's back up team - the Irregulars, young kids who fight crime under Bat Hound's tutelage.

Following a tidbit lead from an irregular team member, they discover that the Joker's babies have been gassing up the rats on the city (there are 2 rats for every human living there.)

They realize millions of the rats laughing at the same time cause the quakes, causing the mass damage. They discover Ace had already confronted the perps. During a gas attack on the trio of heroes, Bud and Lou escape! Krypto overhears a subway car hurtling into danger and rushes to the rescue leaving behind a paralyzed Ace and a weakened Streaky.

Krypto saves the train and using his powers is able to confront Lou and Bud. The cocky hyenas laugh off the threat until Bat Hound reveals that there is an antidote for the gas and that even as they speak Krypto and Streaky have cleaned up and inoculated the city rats.

Joker is furious when the babies arrive and have failed. And while the villainous cats are reluctant to be moved, Streaky and Krypto arrive home and are preparing for their gift from Kevin.

What do they get? Shakes! Homemade shakes!

5Story - 5: So it isn't brain surgery but boy this is one of the best "fun" issues I've read in a long time! - despite the main story is an adaption - I really can't fault it!

4Art - 4: Characters and locations look beautiful! My only complaint is the low grade paper DC printed on. The art begins to bleed in the poor paper stock.

5Cover Art - 5: This is a fantastic cover. I can't really fault it. Grabable, slick, stylized and true to the property!

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