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Mild Mannered Reviews - Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited #15

Justice League Unlimited #15

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 2, 2005

Cover date: January 2006

Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Walden Wong
Cover Art: Kelsey Shannon

"Urban Legend"

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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League Roll Call: Vibe, Ragman, Gypsy, Black Lightning, Black Canary & Batman

The El Lobos once upon a time ruled their neighbourhood. But times change and they lost the grip of power as corporations moved in and redeveloped the area. The El Lobos were even more hurt when a core member - Paco aka Vibe left them to join the Justice League.

Drafting in Vibe's younger brother to boost their numbers, El Lobos plan to reclaim their 'hood' by robbing local science facilities for rare equipment. Vibe returns to Detroit when he discovers his brother was arrested during initiation to the gang and confronts his ex-homeboys.

They boast that they have a new 'friend' that will give them power to rise to the top of the 'hood again if they provide him with certain electrical equipment. Vibe is unimpressed - moreso when his brother declines his help and protection in favour of his new brethren.

Vibe returns to the JL satellite and ponders his next move - take down the El Lobos AND his brother or ignore it and risk his brother's decline into a criminal plot...

Being a hero there was really only one choice. Drafting in a team of heroes they trail the El Lobos to their secret hideout and wait for the gang's helper to be exposed; Captain Marvel's foe Dr. Sivana and his android Mister Atom appear. In exchange for Misters Atom's electrical repairs from the stolen machinery Sivana gives the hoods atomizer guns that can turn cars and buildings to dust.

The JL crash the party and throw down with the El Lobos and Sivana and Mister Atom. One of the rogue El Lobos aims a gun at Ragman's back aiming to kill the hero. Vibe's brother knocks the shot off course and argues that it wouldn't be honorable to kill a man from behind - something the El Lobo's would NEVER have done in the past.

Vibe uses his earthquaking power to destroy Mister Atom and the El Lobos are all captured by the other Leaguers - except one.

Jaime, the rogue takes Vibe's brother, Armando hostage.

None of the League can get a clear shot to take down Jaime and all suddenly looks lost, even Vibe is scared that he can't protect his brother...

...until Armando breaks free and knocks out Jaime alone, proving he can make the right choices and look after himself after all.

Vibe turns to his brother and explains though he has to pay for his crimes, because he aided the League and made the right choice in the end that they would support him and he'd only be put on probation.

Armando is ashamed that he let himself get into this mess but Vibe snaps him out of it explaining that everyone makes good AND bad choices but every day is a new choice, yesterday he made a bad choice, today a good one and tomorrow...?

5Story - 5: To use characters as lame as these (with the exception of Batman and Black Canary) and pull off a halfway decent story needs some kind of award! Kudos Mr Beechen.

5Art - 5: The artwork of Mr Barberi has continually evolved and improved, I just hope some of the core leaguers will get more book time with these pencils - it's a shame to waste it on lame-o characters like Vixen and Vibe.

5Cover Art - 5: Its always a bonus when the artist of the interior actually supports his own art by splashing a great example on the cover and it's a pretty good eye-catching one.

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