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JLA: Classified #23

JLA: Classified #23

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 28, 2006

Cover date: Late July 2006

Writter: Steve Englehart
Penciller: Tom Derenick
Inker: Mark Farmer

A Game of Chance - Part Two: "Bet"

Reviewed by: Michael Bailey

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The Justice League recoup after their battle with the Royal Flush Gang with Vibe musing on how he came to be part of the group. Meanwhile the two remaining members of the gang meet up with Amos Fortune, whom they know from their childhood. Amos reveals that he has put together a new version of the gang and that, led by him, they will do what the originals only ever dreamed about. Later the newer version of the Royal Flush Gang attacks the League again. At first they appear to be winning but the jilted members of the original Gang show up to make trouble. The two gangs begin fighting which results in the forest catching fire, trapping the League behind a wall of flame.

2Story - 2: Remember in my last review when I mentioned that I was looking forward to Englehart getting into the heads of the other Detroit League members?

You do?

Well forget I said anything. This book was horrible.

It's the plot that is giving me the most trouble. Sure it's kind of neat to see the different teams (the League and the Gang) work through their personal problems but the fact this book has broken down into a bunch of whiny super-villains arguing among themselves and getting into petty bickering matches is giving me fits.

"We're going to take out the League."

"No, we're going to take out the League!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

Wow, that's exciting. Not as exciting as Aquaman telling Sue Dibny that he can't waste any time waiting for Ralph to show up to help but he can waste time telling her that he can't waste time. That was amazing.

Then there was seeing the inner Vibe. Boy that was a real treat. I didn't think the character could get more vapid. There is nothing endearing about this character. Yeah he came from nothing and yeah it's kind of interesting that he views the League as just another gang but at the same time who cares?

I was expecting more from this storyline and, as always, there's always a chance that Englehart will pull it out in the end. He's a talented writer so it is in the realm of possibility. I just don't have all that much faith that it will.

Is the quality of story that DC really wants to put in this title?

4Art - 4: I have no real complaints here. Tom Derenick and Mark Farmer are talented and I like the meshing of their styles. Like last issue the action plays out well and the quieter, more character driven moments are equally appealing. Thus far the art is the only thing about this story-arc that I am enjoying.

3Cover Art - 3: The cover wasn't terrible but it wasn't spectacular either. The composition is dynamic but with the characters involved who really cares? Like last issue's cover this one had a certain level of shock value stemming from the fact that Vibe takes up so much of the art but that only works if you know who the character is. Like the interior art I have no real complaints from this cover.

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