Comic Book Reading: Digital or Physical? – Poll Results

In the latest Superman Homepage Member Poll we asked you the following question:

If physical comic books don’t come back for a while due to COVID-19, will you switch to digital comics?

Interestingly, more than half of you have said that you won’t go digital… at all. That you would rather wait until physical copies are available, regardless of how long that might be. That could quite possibly be months! I would have thought fans would prefer something rather than nothing.

Here’s the complete voting breakdown:

If physical comic books don't come back for a while due to COVID-19, will you switch to digital comics?
  • No, I'll wait for physical comic books to come back 56%, 71 vote
    71 vote 56%
    71 vote - 56% of all votes
  • Yes, I'll switch to digital temporarily 22%, 28 votes
    28 votes 22%
    28 votes - 22% of all votes
  • Yes, I'll switch to digital permanently 14%, 18 votes
    18 votes 14%
    18 votes - 14% of all votes
  • I don't read comic books at all 6%, 8 votes
    8 votes 6%
    8 votes - 6% of all votes
  • No, I'll quit reading completely 2%, 2 votes
    2 votes 2%
    2 votes - 2% of all votes
Total Votes: 127
April 8, 2020 - April 15, 2020
Voting is closed

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April 16, 2020 8:39 am

I don’t think that there is a reason to worry about for physical copies of Superman. Yes in the short run things may be slow for comics for a while, but judging from what the results of this poll says, in the long run things will get better because fans want to have actual physical copies of Superman comics.

April 16, 2020 11:36 pm

It’s not inconceivable that they could move to a digital first/trade later model. Basically treat the trades like they were the print equivalent of blu-rays complete with extras and bonus material. This would though eliminate the standard 22 page pamphlet, floppy, comicbook whatever you want to call it. But having worked in a bookstore chain that tried to go all-in on e-readers I can tell you that there is a inherent tactile factor to the reading experience for human beings that is grossly under estimated in the digital age. Because of that I think digital can’t really replace print anymore… Read more »

April 18, 2020 10:52 pm
Reply to  MattComics

I’d be okay with this, I usually wait for trades anyway. Even as a creator I can say that it is cheaper to print that way as well.