Video – “Dawn of DC” Comic Trailer

DC has released a 30 second video trailer promoting the “Dawn of DC” publishing initiative.

Released during MegaCon 2023 the advertisement will play on HBO Max and AEW TV.

Welcome to the Dawn of DC! In this yearlong storytelling initiative, DC is forging the future one hero at a time with new epic series, new creative teams, and new battles to fight across the DC Universe, in comics including Superman, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, and many more. Experience the action in this trailer, featuring the incredible art of Jeff Spokes!

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March 31, 2023 8:30 pm

I’ve been reading comics since the 1980’s and I have no idea what this means, who this is for and what the deal is this time. It feels like another Rebirth. But I can’t even keep up when we finish a Dark Crisis and roll directly into a Lazarus Planet into a Dawn of DC. This is just bonkers. It fees DC has been in continuous event mode since Levitz was shown the door.