Ana Nogueira Writing Script for “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” Movie

Ana Nogueira

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor and writer Ana Nogueira has been hired to write the movie script for “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow”.

While no director has been assigned to the project, Nogueira is writing the script for the standalone film focusing on Superman’s cousin Kara, aka Supergirl.

On Instagram co-CEO of DC Films James Gunn wrote, “A hearty public welcome to Ana Nogueira to the DC Studios family. Ana is an amazing writer whose screenplay adaptation of Woman of Tomorrow is above and beyond anything I hoped it would be. We’re excited to be moving forward on this unique take on Supergirl in this beautiful, star-spanning tale.”

Nogueira was reportedly already attached to a previous Supergirl project in 2022 when Warner Bros. was courting the idea of a Supergirl spin-off coming out of “The Flash” movie which would have starred Sasha Calle in the lead role. That ideas was scrapped in favor of the studio’s new direction fashioned by James Gunn and Peter Safran.

“Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” is expected to be based on the 2021-2022 comic book miniseries written by Tom King with art by Bilquis Evely, but the exact nature of the film remains unknown.

No release date for “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” has been announced as yet.