A Night Out at the “Superman in Concert” Performance in Los Angeles

On Friday, March 14, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra performed “Superman in Concert” at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California. Douglas Meacham, long-time supporter of the Superman Homepage, shared these photos of the spectacular evening.

Superman in Concert

“Wow, what a super night! The LA Phil’s performance of John Williams’s iconic score was masterful. They even included some music from the original soundtrack that wasn’t part of the theatrical release, which is fitting because these events focus on the orchestras.”

“I got to see celebrities I’ve met in the past, and I met some new ones. I also got to hobnob with some of them before and after the show. I didn’t get back to my hotel until very early the next morning, but it was definitely worth it. I could listen to their stories for hours.”

The concert program was impressive. I particularly like the swishing star DC logo from the 2000s.

Superman in Concert

Had a pre-show drink with Aaron Smolinski (Baby Kal-El) at The Grand’s hotel bar across the street from the concert hall. The last time I saw him was at 2018’s Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL.

Aaron Smolinski

Aaron Smolinski and I caught up with Jim Bowers of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast. I first met Jim way back in 2012 at a convention here in town.

Aaron Smolinksi and Jim Bowers

Executive Producer Ilya Salkind with the author of “The Making of Superman: The Movie” David M Petrou. Ilya was the one who got the ball rolling for this film series. He convinced his producing partner and father Alexander that there was big money to be made with the Superman character. And David documented a detailed behind-the-scenes account of the filming that was published around the time of the movie’s release.

Ilya Salkind and David M Petrou

Meeting up with Ilya Salkind during intermission. I last saw him at a special 40th anniversary screening of the film in 2018 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA.

Ilya Salkind

Before the show, the attendees were invited to the rooftop garden for complimentary drinks. That’s where I FINALLY got to meet Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen in all four films plus the “Supergirl” movie. He’s also known for smaller roles as Marty McFly’s brother in BACK TO THE FUTURE, and made a guest appearance on the TV series SMALLVILLE.

Marc McClure

Moving at super speed to try to capture this shot with Sarah Douglas (Kryptonian villain Ursa from the first two films) and Aaron Smolinski, with Jim Bowers expertly photobombing. The last time I saw Sarah was at 2019’s Motor City Comic-Con outside of Detroit.

Sarah Douglas and Aaron Smolinski

Jim Bowers standing with Peter MacDonald (camera operator for the first two films and was second unit director for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) and Madelyn Most (camera assistant for the first film and second assistant camera person for the first two Star Wars films).

Group Photo

Having after-show drinks and listening to stories with Jim Bowers, David M Petrou and Katya Kolpaktchy (who assisted continuity supervisor Elaine Schreyeck). A huge thanks to my new friend Todd Phillips for capturing this moment.

Group Photo
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