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Superman’s Most Popular Eras Ranked

In 2023 Superman will celebrate his 85th anniversary. So let’s look back at the various periods of Superman history since 1938 and see if we can determine which era of Superman content has been the […]

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Nick Nolte Recalls Sabotaging His Superman Audition

In an interview with, actor Nick Nolte recalls being called in to audition for the role of Clark Kent/Superman for the 1978 film that became “Superman: The Movie”. Not wanting to take on the […]

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Christopher Reeve Superman Costume Sells at Auction

A complete Superman costume, worn by Christopher Reeve during the filming of “Superman: The Movie,” has sold at auction for over US$350,000 during the ongoing Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction at One of the headline […]

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Gene Hackman Autograph Signing

Official Pix has teamed up with to bring Superman fans the largest autograph pre-order and send-in ever offered for two-time Academy Award winning actor, Gene Hackman, with 180+ photo options in multiple sizes that […]

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“Superman: The Movie” Screening in Chatham, Massachusetts

“Superman: The Movie” will be screening at the Chatham Orpheum Theater in Chatham, Massachusetts on Tuesday, September 6 at 5.00pm. Admission is $12 for adults, $9 for children and seniors. Purchase tickets online through the […]

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“Superman: The Movie” Watch-Along Free Online Event

Lives in the Pictures is holding another free online event for Superman fans – A watch-along of “Superman: The Movie” with special guest, cameraman Peter Macdonald. Join host Philip Hawkins and special guest Peter Macdonald […]