Sideshow Collectibles “Superman: The Movie” Premium Format Figure

Starting tomorrow, Sideshow Collectibles will start taking pre-orders for their “Superman: The Movie” Premium Format Figure.

“I’m here to fight for truth and justice and the American way.”

Sideshow presents the “Superman: The Movie” Premium Format Figure, bringing hope to your lineup of DC Comics collectibles.

The “Superman: The Movie” Premium Format Figure measures 20.5″ tall, lovingly crafted in the iconic likeness of actor Christopher Reeve as Superman. His portrait features stunning blue eyes, a confident but humble expression, and the signature kiss curl in his hair, capturing Clark Kent’s incredible alter ego. Superman stands on a base inspired by the poster for the 1978 film, depicted here as a black circular platform with a raised silver recreation of the hero’s unique shield emblem.

The “Superman: The Movie” Premium Format Figure is a mixed media collectible featuring a fully fabric costume carefully tailored to his muscular physique, recreating Superman’s on-screen appearance. The figure wears a blue suit, red trunks, and a red cape with internal wiring for posing. The symbol of the House of El is imprinted on the chest of his suit, and his cape features a yellow embroidered logo on the back. Superman also has sculpted red boots and a yellow belt accent around the waist, completing his unforgettable look.

You’ll believe a man can fly when you bring home the Superman: The Movie Premium Format Figure. Add him to your DC Comics collection today!

Pre-orders for the “Superman: The Movie” Premium Format Figure will begin on Thursday, April 1st between 12pm-3pm PT and the figure will be priced at $585 USD.

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March 31, 2021 5:29 pm

I wouldn’t pay this much money for something like this even if I was interested in it, but I have to admit, they’ve done pretty good work here if the screenshots are to be trusted. Impressive stuff.

March 31, 2021 10:33 pm

What an impressive looking Christopher Reeve Superman figure. If only it were a few hundred dollars less, I would consider buying it. $585 is just too much money to ask for, for a figure. Even if it is a Christopher Reeve Superman figure.

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