2020 Superman Celebration Canceled

Superman Celebration

The Metropolis Chamber of Commerce, in agreement with the GMCVB and The City of Metropolis has made the heartbreaking decision to cancel the 2020 Metropolis Superman Celebration.

“This was an extremely hard decision to make, and many variables were considered,” reads a statement issued online today. “Our primary concern is, and always will be, the safety of our visitors and guests. At this point we simply could not guarantee this, nor do we know if restrictions of large gatherings will be lifted by that time.”

“We also had to make this decision based on the business climate today. The Superman Celebration is the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce’s primary fundraiser. Many non-refundable payments would need to be made now, which if we were forced to cancel at a later date, would put a large financial burden on the Chamber of Commerce. The event is also primarily sponsored by local businesses. Knowing that our businesses are primarily locally owned and have gone into an extremely unforeseen hardship, we would not expect them to have the discretionary income to support this event at the previous level.”

“We hope that you understand this decision and make plans now to be at the 2021 Superman Celebration that will return bigger and better than ever!”

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March 20, 2020 11:26 am

I think the town is doing the right thing though I know many fans will be disappointed. This has always been one of those bucket-list things that I’ve never gotten around to doing. I’ve heard pretty much nothing but good things about it from Superman fans over the years. I hear often that it’s sort of like a combination of a comic-con and a state-fair. Like if the town of Smallville itself was celebrating Superman. Once we get through all of this I may have to get serious about going to Superman Celebration 2021. We’d had plans for DragonCon but… Read more »