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Superman Homepage “Meet & Greet” at 2021 Superman Celebration

The annual Superman Celebration is taking place across July 30, 31 & August 1 in Metropolis, Illinois and the Superman Homepage once again invites members and fans to our 13th annual “Meet & Greet”, where […]

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2021 Superman Celebration Celebrity Guests Announced

The Metropolis Chamber of Commerce Greater Metropolis Convention & Visitors Bureau has announced the 2021 Special Guests attending this year’s Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois. Scheduled to take place across July 30, 31 & August […]

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“Support Metropolis: Saturn to Super Run” Fundraiser

Superman fan Nicholas Mastramico is once again organizing the #SupportMetropolis: Saturn to Super Run, a 289 mile virtual run from his home town in Huntsville, Alabama to the Superman Statue in Metropolis, Illinois. Nearly one […]

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Superman Themed Water Splash Park in Metropolis, Illinois

A Superman-themed Water Splash Park is set to open in Metropolis, Illinois. Metropolis, already home to a giant 15-foot Superman statue, the Super Museum and the location of the annual Superman Celebration, will now play […]

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Metropolis, Illinois Superman Celebration 2021 Dates

The Metropolis Chamber of Commerce has announced the dates for the 2021 Superman Celebration. Usually celebrated on the second weekend in June, the 2021 Superman Celebration has been pushed back to the weekend of July […]

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Superman Statue Restoration in Metropolis, Illinois

The 15 foot Superman statue, which stands in the middle of the town square in Metropolis, Illinois, has undergone a complete makeover, with work now completed on giving the statue a complete new paint job.

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Superman Statue Brick Fundraiser for Metropolis, Illinois

Superman fans once again have an opportunity to be a part of history in Metropolis, IL. The Metropolis Chamber of Commerce is re-launching a popular fundraiser of engraved bricks on Superman Square which surrounds the […]

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2020 Superman Celebration Canceled

The Metropolis Chamber of Commerce, in agreement with the GMCVB and The City of Metropolis has made the heartbreaking decision to cancel the 2020 Metropolis Superman Celebration. “This was an extremely hard decision to make, […]