Who is the Mystery [Redacted] Singer on “Action Comics #1050” Variant Cover?

In December DC will be celebrating the milestone release of “Action Comics #1050,” and Superman’s return to Earth from Warworld, with over 25 variant covers from some of the biggest names in comics.

One of those variant covers is by Dan Mora, but the version released in the December Solicitations has been redacted, with a character on the cover blacked out until the book’s release.

It’s clear that the redacted person is a singer, possibly a real-world celebrity, whose identity will remain a secret for the time being. On the cover Superman, with is arm around the singer, also has a microphone in hand, singing a duet with the performer.

Who could the singer be?

Action Comics #1050 Variant Cover
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September 18, 2022 9:27 am

I’m going to take a guess. I’m thinking it’s Bruno Mars.

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