Video Clip From Last Night’s “Superman & Lois” Episode “O Mother, Where Art Thou?”

The CW has released a video clip from last night’s episode of “Superman & Lois”.

Morgan Edge Backstory:

Titled “O Mother, Where Art Thou?” this episode aired on The CW in the USA on Tuesday, June 15 at 9.00pm ET/PT.


Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) reaches out to Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) when Kyle (Erik Valdez) starts behaving strangely. Meanwhile, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) opens up to Jordan (Alex Garfin). Lastly, Sarah (Inde Navarette) storms out after accusing her mom of always covering for her dad. Dylan Walsh and Wole Parks also star.

The episode was directed by Harry Jierjian and written by Adam Mallinger.

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June 16, 2021 8:27 am

Don’t really like the idea of Edge as a Kryptonian or having him showing up before Kal-El’s rocket to be Brightburn Boy let alone being Superman’s brother. It almost feels like they beer-slammed MOS Zod with Lex Luthor from that Flyby script.

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June 16, 2021 5:45 pm
Reply to  MattComics

This is the very first clip I’ve watched from this series, AND it’s exactly why I’ve chosen not to watch it. The CW series writers pilfer everything they can from previous story lines. I’m just hanging onto the Flash as it’s (pun) “running” out of material.

June 17, 2021 3:24 pm

Well, could we at least have the big bad of the season NOT be another Kryptonian, another Luthor (or Luthorish type), and not someone who has powers just like his. No wonder people think Superman has no rouges gallery.

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June 17, 2021 3:57 pm
Reply to  MattComics

I saw Brightburn a little while back (I’m still regretting seeing that movie), and I consider this episode as a somewhat follow up( granted not entirely accurate when compared to the film’s story of events)to that film. I just needed to see someone with equal super powers to challenge that child monster from that movie, and this is as close as we’re going to get. I still regret seeing that film………

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