Todd Helbing Talks About Supergirl on “Superman & Lois”

Thanks to Daniel Alvarez, we have a 45 minute video of the “Superman & Lois” Q&A from WonderCon Anaheim 2022, which took place at the Anaheim Convention Center on Saturday, April 2 at 2.00pm.

Showrunner Todd Helbing, and Superman & Lois themselves, Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch, answered questions about the show, including (at the end) what the situation is with Supergirl.

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charles david haskell
April 3, 2022 7:00 pm

Superman/Lois would encounter Supergirl down the road again. I still hope that DC Comics will reboot Supergirl in her own monthly title again.

charles david haskell
April 3, 2022 7:08 pm

I would love that the show would fill in the gap when Clark left Smallville and finally land in Metropolis to become Clark Kent the reporter.

charles david haskell
April 3, 2022 7:26 pm

I still hope that Superman/Lois will use lesser-known Superman Rogue villain down the road.

charles david haskell
April 3, 2022 7:35 pm

I would love Lois Lane/and Lucy Lane to team up together down the road in a multi-episode.

April 3, 2022 10:32 pm

Honestly I don’t see how a crossover with the other CW superhero shows could work. Not unless Superman and Lois takes place on an alternate reality. The continuity just doesn’t match the other shows. The fortress of Solitude being in shambles by the end of season one of Superman and Lois and was perfectly fine in Supergirl’s final season for starters. Plus how is it that there is no mention of Morgan’s attempted take over the planet in any of their other shows? Like how come Barry didn’t turn on his tv and see news reports on the attack in… Read more »