Tom Welling as Superman
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Tom Welling Open to “Smallville” Movie

Celebrating the 300th episode of his “Inside of You” podcast, Michael Rosenbaum brought on Tom Welling as a special guest to help celebrate the milestone, and the two spoke about their careers, life stories, and their time together making the TV series “Smallville”. […]

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The Essential “Smallville” – 22 Years On

Twenty two years ago on this very day (October 16, 2001), “Smallville” premiered on television. Superman fan Douglas Meacham (with help from Trentus Magnus) put together “The Essential SMALLVILLE!”, a compilation of the must-see episodes […]

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“Smallville” Panel from Steel City Con

Steel City Con (Monroeville, Pennsylvania) took place across August 11-13, 2023, and “Smallville” stars Tom Welling, John Glover and Laura Vandervoort were in attendance, and took part in a half hour Q and A panel. […]

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Fan Favorite “Smallville” Episodes – Poll Results

In the latest Superman Homepage Member Poll we asked you the following question: What is your favorite episode of the “Smallville” TV series? Christopher Reeve’s appearance on “Smallville” is a definite favorite amongst fans, with […]

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Unleashing Doomsday – All Live-Action Versions

A Look at Live-Action Incarnations of Doomsday in Superman Movies and TV Shows Since his first appearance in “Superman: The Man of Steel #17” in 1992, Doomsday has become one of Superman’s most formidable adversaries. […]