“Superman & Lois” Takes Another 3 Week Break

Superman & Lois

After episode 9 of Season 2 of “Superman & Lois,” the show will take a three week break before new episodes return.

Elizabeth Tulloch, who plays Lois Lane on the series, explained via Twitter that the delays were forced by COVID complications.

Tulloch wrote, “I fully understand people’s frustration with these breaks, but they are due to Covid-related production shutdowns. We are all doing our best to keep shooting during an ongoing pandemic and appreciate your grace and understanding.”

The CW will air the next new episode of “Superman & Lois” (S02E10) on Tuesday, April 26.

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March 30, 2022 9:51 am

This is just speculation on my part. And their reason for another 3 week break is most likely true. But what if the real reason for the 3 week break is so that Tyler could be in a scene in the upcoming Flash movie next year? They have pushed back that film for another year, so there’s plenty of time for Tyler to be in a cameo for that movie. Possibly a scene where Brandon,Tyler, and Henry meet? I’m just saying it would be very interesting if that’s what’s going on.

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