No Peace in the Middle East for “Superman: Legacy”

Superman: Legacy

Debunking a rumor circulating around the internet, director James Gunn has confirmed that Superman won’t be taking on terrorist threats in the Middle East in the upcoming film “Superman: Legacy”.

In response to one fan’s plea on Instagram, Gunn put to bed the rumor that “Superman: Legacy” would focus on the Man of Steel going to the Middle East to tackle terrorists.

“Please tell us the ‘terrorist threat in the Middle East’ storyline rumour isn’t true.”

Gunn responded saying, “it isn’t true,” ending the long-running speculation that had been a hotly debated topic on social media platforms.

Fans are taking Gunn’s response to mean that “Superman: Legacy” will likely see the film set firmly within the city of Metropolis, however, there’s nothing to indicate that the film could venture far and wide, on earth and beyond. Time will tell…

Director by James Gunn, “Superman: Legacy” will star David Corenswet as Superman/Clark Kent and Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, and is scheduled to be released July 11, 2025.