Nick Nolte Recalls Sabotaging His Superman Audition

Nick Nolte

In an interview with, actor Nick Nolte recalls being called in to audition for the role of Clark Kent/Superman for the 1978 film that became “Superman: The Movie”.

Not wanting to take on the part, but also not wanting to turn them down, Nolte recalls coming up with a strange suggestion on how he would play the dual role.

“Oh, they were interested in me,” recalls Nolte, “but I turned them off by saying that I would only do it if I could play him as a schizophrenic.”

When asked if that was his way of ensuring he didn’t get the role, Nolte admits, “That’s sabotage. It would have been very strange to play that.”

Other actors considered for the role at the time included Robert Redford, Burt Reynolds, Sylvester Stallone, amongst others. Thankfully Christopher Reeve was chosen and the rest is history.