Mild Mannered Reviews – Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen’s Boss, Perry White #1 (One Shot)

Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen's Boss, Perry White #1 (One Shot)

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Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen’s Boss, Perry White #1 (One Shot)

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 21, 2022
Cover date: August 2022

“Metropolis Saves Superman”

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artists: Steve Lieber, Nathan Fairbairn and Clayton Cowles
Cover: Steve Lieber and Nathan Fairbairn

Reviewed by: Marc Lax

Perry White recounts a story when Superman was off world and Metropolis was invaded by aliens. Lex Luthor took control by creating robots that would hurt aliens but not humans. Of course the robots are fueled by Kryptonite so when Superman returns he’s attacked and must be saved by the good people of Metropolis. Meanwhile Perry reminiscences about his time at the Daily Planet.

3Story – 3: I liked this story but it just seemed to be focused on Superman’s greatest hits. I would have liked to get a story focusing on Perry and his past exploits which we get later in the book ( I’ll explain in a minute). We’ve seen this story many times and while it’s well told it does not give us a Perry White story. Always great to read a Matt Fraction Superman story but I wanted more Perry.

Now as for the rest of the of the book. It’s a series of reprints. We get an excerpt from Fraction and Lieber’s “Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olson” series. Out of context it’s not much of a story. Plus I’m not thrilled with its depiction of Perry. Next we get two Bronze Age stories which I really enjoyed. One where Perry tells a story to his grandchildren about being a newsboy. And the infamous super cigar story from “Action Comics #436”. Both stories by Elliot S! Maggin and Curt Swan.

We then get an enjoyable story about Perry and Wildcat sitting in a bar reminiscing about the time Wildcat saved Perry’s life as a kid. We’re then treated to an excerpt of Brian Michael Bendis’s one shot “Truth”. Just a quick glimpse when Clark reveals his identity to Perry.

This whole book, new story, reprints and all deserves a 4 out of 5 score. But the main story is a bit weak.

4Art – 4: I’m not familiar with Marco Failla but I really like what he’s done here. The characters are well defined and character’s actions are well drawn. Liked to see more of his work elsewhere.

3Cover Art – 3: Lieber is a terrific artist and does a good job especially with that splash page but with the story being so short he doesn’t get the chance to shine. The rest of the art in the book is a mixed bag though I’m a sucker for Bronze Age Curt Swan.

3Cover Art – 3: An amusing cover of Perry holding up the Daily Planet globe between his shoulders like an elder version of Atlas while the floating heads of Clark, Jimmy and Lois look on. Cute but I expected a little more from Lieber. Though it does convey Liebers sense of humor.

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