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Superman Homepage Live!

The Superman Homepage hosts a live broadcast every week for Superman fans to come chat about the Man of Steel. Now that tonight’s show is over, you can watch it back in full below: Our […]

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Looking Back at the Superman Pinball Machine (Atari 1979)

A Superman Pinball Machine was released by Atari in March of 1979 and designed by Steve Ritchie. Type: Atari Pinball Machine Title: Superman Produced by: Atari Inc. Date: March 1979 Description: 1 to 4 player […]

Merchandise/Miscellaneous News

New Book – DC Greatest Events

DK Publishing brings together some of DC’s Greatest Events, the most epic stories that shook the DC Multiverse over the years. DC Greatest Events [Hardcover] by Stephen Wiacek (Author) The sagas and stories that shook […]

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Retro Review – Fleischer Superman – “The Bulleteers”

Superman Homepage reviewer Micah Pickering reviews the Fleischer Superman animated shorts for those nostalgic for the 1940s. Check out his review of the cartoon titled “The Bulleteers”. This is one of my personal favorite installments […]

Merchandise/Miscellaneous News

Ray Middleton – First Actor to Portray Superman in Public

“Superman Day” occurred on July 3, 1940 at the New York World’s Fair. Superman was featured at the World of Tomorrow exhibit as the “Man of Tomorrow”, where Ray Middleton donned the costume and served […]