Mild Mannered Reviews – Action Comics #1037

Action Comics #1037

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Action Comics #1037

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 30, 2021
Cover date: January 2022

Reviewed by: James Lantz

“Warworld Saga” – Part 2

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Penciller: Daniel Sampere
Inker: Daniel Sampere
Cover: Daniel Sampere
Variant Covers: Julian Totino Tedesco

The United Planets is debating their next move while Superman and The Authority battle the son of the original Mongul – the Mongul-Who-Is – and his forces. While even in his weakened state Kal seems to be holding his own against the warlord of Warworld, a planet now running on radiation similar to that of a red sun. Much of The Authority has been defeated, and Lia has been killed in combat. When Superman checks on her, Mongul impales him with a Kryptonite blade.

Meanwhile, Martian Manhunter is investigating the theft of pieces of the Idol Head of Diabolu in Shawn Aldridge and Adriana Melo’s back-up feature. There’s even J’onn’s cat Double Stuff in it.

5Story – 5: I’ve chosen not to review Martian Manhunter’s back-up as I feel, like “Justice League Dark,” it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Superman and the supporting cast of characters in his comics. I have read it in the event that it somehow connects to a future adventure. For now, let’s focus on Kal’s part in this issue.

Some might say that history is repeating itself with Superman going to Warworld, and in some senses, they may be right as this does have some influences of the classic “Exile” story. However, there are also nuances that are different from that serial. For example, I never thought I’d see Superman leading a group like The Authority. Yet, it’s something that surprisingly works well considering what has been going on in recent comics. I love Warworld, Mongul and science fiction stories, and Phillip Kennedy Johnson has put these three things in a pleasantly exciting comic worth its weight in gold.

5Art – 5: The “S” shield looks off in the very first panel. That’s normally something for which I’d remove a point. However, that mistake is corrected in the rest of this chapter. Had it been a regular occurrence, I would have complained more. Daniel Sampere is perhaps the best artist for this saga. Anyone else would not do as well with the alien settings, characters and so on.

5Cover Art – 5: This cover tells readers everything without giving too much away. I was sincerely impatient to read the comic when I saw it.

5Variant Cover Art – 5: Julian Totino Tedesco would be the perfect artist to do a painted Pre-Crisis Earth-2 Superman special. He blends the Golden Age so well with modern comics. He’d be a natural for such a project.

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Action Comics #1037