Mild Mannered Reviews – Superman vs. Lobo #3

Superman vs. Lobo #3

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Superman vs. Lobo #3 [of 3]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 8, 2022
Cover date: May 2022


“Book Three”

Writers: Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie
Artist: Mirka Andolfo
Cover: Mirka Andolfo
Variant Covers: Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer

Reviewed by: Tony Parker

Superman, Lobo, and Dr. Flik attempt to defend Numen from the Numen Revenge Squad, and after a hard battle, and Superman’s words convincing the more understandable of the squad (plus Flik managing to convince Numen his life is worth saving), it seems as if all is going to be okay.

But Lobo’s anger at Superman’s successful analysis of him leads to disaster, as he kills Numen and Flik, and using Dr. Flik’s technology, creates his own universe, where he is Superman (“Main-Man”) and Superman is a fascist dictator hellbent on killing him.

Of course, this unravels fast once Lois Lane realizes it’s all just Edgelord storytelling, and Lobo, realizing that the only person who ever liked him was murdered by him, sobs and reverses his decision, even giving the members of the Numen Revenge Squad a second chance in a new combined universe.

Superman returns to being Superman, Lobo hosts his own talk show, and Dr. Flik posts her article, finally realizing the difference between good guys and bad guys.

The End.

5Story – 5: This was a genuine blast from start to finish, and after I gave a zero rating in my most recent review of a different comic book, I feel like this was exactly what the doctor ordered!

There isn’t that much to say, to be completely honest. When a Superman story gets it right, it gets it right. And here, it gets it really right! Superman’s kindness and good heart shine here even brighter than in previous issues, from his facial expressions, his soft speech even when confronted with killers, and his sympathy for Lobo, Superman is perfectly in character.

And, alas, so is Lobo. Lobo is arguably at his worst here, now creating his own universe to be the hero, only not really. The commentary on how bad Edgelord Superman takes are was most appreciated in a post Snyder and “Injustice” world (not that those takes have zero merit, at least, the latter, but my point stands, there can only be so many times we must sit though that take), and Lobo’s realization of how selfish and horrible he is was something quite intriguing to behold.

Really, there isn’t that much to say. It just works. It’s funny, it’s witty, it never takes itself too seriously, but it doesn’t shy away from moments of tragedy, pathos, heart, and love, and it’s a fun story offering a great explanation as to why we love Superman.

A massive recommend from me, this 3 issue mini-series is a must have for any Superman fan, and really, any Lobo fan too!

5Art – 5: Best of the series so far, the art manages to make you laugh and tear up at the same time, somehow both soft and rough, fitting the titular characters. I especially love the space battle, as it never felt abstract, a problem that can trap space battles in my humble opinion. Superman’s colors are excellent, and Lobo looks every bit grotesque as he should. Very impressive, would like to see Mirka Andolfo’s take on Apokolips, or perhaps Green Lantern!

2Cover Art – 2: Decent, nothing that amazing though. Not bad by any means, but not that good, it feels a little anti-climactic for a final issue cover, I hate to say.

1Variant Cover Art – 1: Overly harsh, perhaps, and for that I do apologize. The cover fits the story, but it feels a little… Ugly in the wrong way. Too rough? Perhaps I’m just being foolish, but what can I say, I find it a little pointless as a variant cover.

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charles david haskell
charles david haskell
March 8, 2022 9:04 am

I love the way the writer develops the main character in the series in a believable manner. I would love to see Lobo pop up in a future episode of the Superman/Lois series in a multi-part episode team-up.