Mild Mannered Reviews – Superman: Man of Tomorrow #13

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #13

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow #13

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 27, 2020
Cover date: July 2020

“Who Pranks the Prankster?”

Writer: Robert Venditti
Penciller: David Lafuente
Inker: David Lafuente

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

The Prankster is being transferred, and Lois has been asked to ride along for an exclusive interview. While en route it is discovered that the Prankster didn’t send Lois the invitation. A giant hammer slams into the prison van and the Prankster escapes with Lois as a hostage. Four giant coloured marbles roll along the highway, with the Prankster and Lois in one of them. Superman tracks each marble down while Prankster slowly realizes his ex-wife sent Lois to thwart his escape. Realizing this, Lois cries for Superman who rescues her and sends the Prankster back to prison.

4Story – 4: This was a zanier story. I am not very familiar with the Prankster, but he seems like he could be an interesting villain. That’s a major problem with Superman, he has so many villains that many fall between the cracks and are heavily underutilized. Superman and Lois’ marital dynamic is on full display here, and you get a real sense of his desperation when Superman realizes that he can’t find Lois. Overall a fun issue, but more of a fluff story, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think, more than anything, the art really hindered my enjoyment of the story in this one.

1Art – 1: I did not like this art style. The colours, the body poses, the body proportions. It all just seemed off. Superman’s feet looked like bricks. I don’t like to disparage someone’s art style, but this was not right for Superman.

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