Lois & Clark Extra for #Creators4Comics Fundraiser

Author Gwenda Bond has released a little Lois & Clark extra to benefit the #Creators4Comics fundraising effort.

Last week Bond, the author of three “Lois Lane” young adult novels, auctioned a set of signed copies of the three books, along with the outline she did for a potential fourth book to raise funds for #Creators4Comics, benefitting the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, which is providing direct aid to comic shops and independent bookstores and their employees who’ve been hit hard by COVID-19.

Bond promised to write a new Lois and Clark chat scene – the first one after the end of book three – if her auction hit a certain number. A generous donator by the name of Michele Tepper hit that number and gave Gwenda permission to share that scene online at GwendaBond.com.

IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOK THREE, THERE ARE SPOILERS. Fans of Clark Kent and Lois Lane should definitely check out all three of Gwenda Bond’s “Lois Lane” books: “Lois Lane: Fallout”, “Lois Lane: Double Down,” and “Lois Lane: Triple Threat”.

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