When Did Superman and Lois Lane First Kiss?

Lois & Clark, Superman & Lois, together they are one of the comic book world’s most iconic couples.

Superman and Lois Lane both first appeared in 1938’s “Action Comics #1” and from the very beginning the love triangle was established. Clark liked Lois, but Lois wanted Superman.

Over the years their relationship would bloom, and the pair have been depicted kissing time and time again in comic books, on television, in live-action films, and animated movies.

We all remember Superman’s “memory erasing” kiss at the end of the movie “Superman II,” where, with the weight of Superman’s secret identity weighing heavily on her, Superman decides to unburden her of that information by somehow erasing her short-term memory with a super-kiss.

You might be surprised to learn that the idea of a “super-kiss” isn’t unique to that movie. In 1963’s “Action Comics #306” Clark finds himself under the mistletoe with Lois at the Daily Planet Christmas party and decides to shock the daylights out of her by giving her a super-kiss, instead of the mild-mannered kiss she might expect from Clark.

But when was the first time Superman and Lois Lane shared a kiss?

When it was launched in 1938, “Action Comics” contained a number of different stories about different characters within its pages. As we know, Superman featured on the cover of “Action Comics #1” (with a cover date of June 1938), and while the Man of Steel would prove popular from the very start, he wouldn’t appear on the cover of “Action Comics” again until issue #7.

However, their first kiss can be found within the pages of “Action Comics #5” (with a cover date of October 1938). Superman saves both Lois and a town from a flood. Lois says, “You did it! You saved all those people – OH, I could kiss you.”

Next frame she wraps her arms around a startled Superman’s neck and says, “As matter of fact, I WILL.” To which Superman replies, “Lady PLEASE.”

Next frame sees a smug Superman cradling Lois and saying, “WOW! – What a kiss.” In which she replies, “A super-kiss for a Super-Man.”

This story was later reprinted in “Superman #3” in 1940.

So, now you know. Superman and Lois Lane first kissed in 1938’s “Action Comics #5”.

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